Here are pictures of my new home and I need yall's help!!

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

Suggestions when you get time....there are a few pictures [either very detailed or really obsessed not sure]! :)

I want to make plans for each side of the house and then later into the yard and surrounding area.....I am keeping notes on all my [and yalls] ideas. Money and time will determine what gets done this year and what gets done later.

You have to sign into picasa to make comments directly but the pictures are numbered at the top so you can just reference them here. THANKS so much!!! I put captions under most of them but you may have to scroll down.

Did I forget anything? I really dont know what I am doing.....I know I ♥ daylilies and want my garden to be my entire yard......and beautiful!!

I just love DG!!

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

I think I need to focus on 'foundation' plants and evergreens for sure.......most of the yard has been white since middle Nov. I can plan the beds and areas out and add as I find stuff but the foundation plantings would probably be an I want to be sure.

I have been avidly researching year round stuff.....seasonal plantings and other stuff to keep the surprises coming up all year.

Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

OK your hill pictures were making me woozy! lol.. Very nice... Have you ventured onto the Daylily forum here yet? Dangerous place..Lots of folks willing to help you spend your money on daylilies..

You were saying something about tall daylilies.. Piedmont Perrenials has lots of tall daylilies. I dont have any suggestions for you yet. It looks like a blank slate.. some nice shade for some hosta, maybe some astilbe..

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Very pretty house. LOVE the front porch.

my front also faces east.

I have Rhododendrons and Salvia in my front... though mine is smaller than yours.
I also have a removable Hibiscus in the middle, which i bring in every winter
and i've filled in with annuals each year.

Love the Creeping Phlox... that could also work well in the front bed as a ground cover... gorgeous when in bloom.

my north side is ferns and hostas mostly... though i've added some Heucheras and Jacob's Ladder.
OH yes.. i have astilbes too.

how sloped is your back yard? and in that tree line, if that is still your property, you can make a shade garden back there too, of shade plants.

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Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

Thanks for responding.....NO I have stayed away from the daylily forum, as far as posting...I am still making that list and checking it twice in hopes they dont sway me into my kiddos college fund! :)

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

if there is a Plant trading forum, like the seed trading forum... I'm sure that are some that will send you Lilies for postage.... as Jazz stated... it will save you a lot of cash.

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

So should I focus on around the house first? I want each section to look somewhat finished even though I know from our other home you are never ever really done with the outside always some kind of 'project'

The yard goes to the tree the back yard corners I had thought of a sitting area in one corner with my swing and some native plantings. In the other corner I had thought a little pond or something with native hubby wants to add some larger evergreens to form a natural barrier. BUT I am not sure that will be this year or later on.

The house just looks so naked.

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Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

First off the is one GORGEOUS House!
Beautiful front look and
I LOVE the setting.
And I'd kill for that rock!

HUGE expanse of wall there in back and on the side though for sure.
I'd say skirting under the bottom deck will really help there.
Lattice is fairly cheap and makes a good screen.
For the landscape in back.... you're in a beautiful wooded area.... I'd play off that.
Blend the backyard to the woods is what I'd do.
Azalea, Rhododendrons, Dogwood, Redbuds would all be good trees and bushes to help define the yard.
They also love it under the trees.
It also to me cries out for rock walls and terraces and for sure a water feature.

That back and side wall will be trickie.
About impossible to hide w/ anything living but trees.
I'd be thinking some kind of patio w/ a trellis or pergola to the right of the double deck.
Something w/ height and serious visual weight playing up that brick.

Here's a few ideas from Pond Tours around here.
I'll stick to severely sloping and wooded spots.

Remember these are for the most part very mature gardens.
And most are WAY over the top design-wise... or they wouldn't be on the tour.
But it's fun to steal ideas... LOL!

Hope this helps.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Do you have a 'bed' on the side of the garage? that would be the southern exposure, right?

I assuming having that side [south] and front [east] done the first year... things would look more finished.... as they are what people [on the street] see, correct?

the back is really not seen by many except for who ever is out there... so that can take a bit longer.
[since i have a pooch, i do not have any real plants in my [fences] back yard.

for your southern exposure... you have to decide what 'look' you want. wild flowers or something more 'manicured'.
you can do trellis type with vines [morning glories] or other vines that attract butterflies or hummingbirds
I always have rose bushes in my southern beds. plus your day lilies will go well there too.

Your home is beautiful! And the photos are great too. I like the color because it will go nicely with just about anything. It was also nice seeing the fresh green grass. It'll be a while before I see any of that again.

The decks on the back are nice. Perhaps a window box with a pretty trailing plant to hang down? It would be nice to have something fragrant near the bottom deck for you to enjoy when you sit out there. But that's mostly shady, isn't it? If it is, have you looked into the various cultivars of clethra? They will bloom in the shade late in the year and have a sweet scent. I have several and it's tough to pick a favorite.

Ornamental trees that can take some shade are Dogwoods and many Japanese maples. I wish I had the shade and room for a dogwood.

As soon as I saw the south-facing wall I thought about a climbing rose at the corner that would go over the doorway. Something sweet smelling that blooms all season. I love roses. There are quite a few rose cultivars that will take some shade too. Have you been to this website to look up roses?
Our rose forum has lots of enablers too.

This is a thread that I bookmarked on shady ground covers that might interest you.

This is a thread from here on DG that I keep referring back to that you might like. About half-way through the thread, woodspirit1 has pictures of her water feature that they made that's beautiful. I just thought that the thread might give you some inspiration.

On the one picture that you said not to look at the plant on the porch, I LOL because as soon as I read that I looked! It was automatic. Guess I'm still a teenager in some ways...

Is your soil acidic or alkaline? How's the drainage?

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

Henry10/Ric you are one evil fellow :) Ric........THOSE ARE GORGEOUS and really something I would LOVE eventually....and the fun of doing something each year till it is mature and glorious!! That was extremely enabling!!

We have more rock stashed around just waiting for beds. I am so excited, yall have GREAT ideas.

The bed that is on the slope with the rocks and phlox then you see a door that is the southern exposure and the side of the garage. I have the Tiger Lilies and the Sears Tower Daylily planted there.....dont really know how wide they will spread but from memory the Tiger can get pretty wild and large. Both of those will grow tall and I think for now will look fine from the street till I can work on the other side and the front.

As far as look........I am a tidy cottage garden type girl. I like the somewhat wild look BUT I dont want it looking completely un kept. I dont know if that makes sense.......I am not into manicured really but not into overgrown look either. So not sure what that would make me! :)

I know only guests and the family will see the I will probably do those things later but I want it all to look great eventually. We spend tons of time out there and well for entertaining it would be wonderful to have some atmosphere outside.

Looking and erasing........:) and rewriting and erasing!!

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

Not sure about the soil.......

The drainage is .....we are still researching it! :) The front beds drain well, when we resloped the front we made it drain better.

It does go down hill mostly........that I will have to pay attention too as we go along.

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

My mind is really loud now that yall have given me ideas.

Focusing on the Front for a minute. Would you just leave 'lawn' and the flowers and stuff up against the house or plant something off side. I cant decide if I want to stay symmetrical with the front .......that is one of the things I liked about the house it seemed to 'match'. I like to balance stuff but not necessarily match them. Also the mailbox is to the left of the I put a small bed around it.....that would draw the eye to the mailbox tough and not the house and the stars.....DL!! :)

OKAY I have climbing roses on my list and some type of Arbor ......with notes to make measurements...that would complete for now THAT side of the house. .

I had some idea about the blank expanse on the other side......I am gonna find the name of what I am thinking and then pop it in here.

Yall are great!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Dave's is all about enabling Heather! LOL!

Do you have street parking for guests?
If so I'd think a walk from the curb to the door would work well.
Not a straight one though....maybe thru a rose arbor....picket fence.... that house cries picket fence
Flank it and the DWay w/ some beds....
I love the view on 14/26 of Fall Gardening.... try to get some of that feel into the garage...
Break up the white on the door maybe..... something...trellis maybe over the door.
Coleus would give you some instant color... and they root so easily from cuttings you can fill a yard easily...


Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

Dont laugh but 'street parking'........we have a street and folks park on it but it is also the road to get in and out of the neighborhood. I have thought about the walk way.

On the side ........the massive three story North facing side, what about Japanese Holly or some other type of tall pencil evergreen? Then bring out a wider bed with plantings on the can see that side when driving in. Actually our house is on a circle so you can see the front and two sides depending on how you come in.

Yall should see my printouts of my photos.......pencil marks and arrows and some drawings only I could recognize.

Pergola..........loved loved that idea......thinking the back almost mirroring the deck BUT not exactly placed under the bonus room on the back of the house where the garage is....with a natural floor, like stones or something loose.

Thinking on the garage......

Flank driveway with beds....hmmm.

Do you like lavender? It smells so good when it is placed near a walk way. However, it needs excellent drainage. The shorter ones are well-behaved and have a nice neat appearance.

If you like fragrant plants, this is a thread that I reference back to often:

Have you thought about any spring-blooming bulbs? Some daffies down near the tree line might be nice. I love Brent and Becky's selection of daffies.
(they aren't accepting orders right now but it's fun to look).
Scheepers has the same quality bulbs but at better prices.

I agree with Ric about the idea of a picket fence. It would go well with the house.

A soil test would be inexpensive to find out the acidity of the soil. It's important. Most evergreens dislike alkaline soil. I have clay and it's a never-ending job to make acid-loving plants happy.

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

Okay who do I take the soil too? And do you take multiple samples for different areas of the yard? We we knew in our old house what kinds of soil because we had septic work done.....and the testing was part of that.

I love the fragrant plants I have had several container herb gardens [some did well others not so much]. Thanks for the link I love being directed in areas........DG is huge!

I will think on the illusion of a picket fence.........maybe in the two corners doing the corner fence.

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Heather, do you see deer around your place? The woods make me think you may have to consider that when choosing plants. Your house and lot are so lovely! I have many ideas, but I want to go back and look more closely.

I like the idea of a tall, thin tree against that 3 story wall. A Foster Holly may work well there. I believe they are self fertile (most I see fruit heavily), and the leaves aren't as painful to brush up against. At this point, since you're just getting to know the microclimates, soil, drainage, and what pests may be prevalent, I'd recommend against investing heavily in one type of plant. It would be awful to have several hundred dollars worth of Hostas mowed to the ground by deer, or hundreds of crocus eaten by squirrels. It will also be a matter of learning what areas have what issues; stuff by the tree line may be at risk from critters, but next to the house is not. This is a good time to try a variety of things and see what performs well. Some annuals in spring would be a good quick fix to get some color right off the bat. Containers of colorful annuals would be nice around the porch and walk way too. There are large annual plants, like Castor beans, Tithonias, Ornamental Millet, and Sunflowers that you could try in spots you're considering a large, permanent plant. That way you can get an idea of how it would look without making a big investment, and its instant gratification :-)

For soil testing, call your local Extension Office. They can give you the directions, and I think they provide the little boxes to put the soil in to send it off, or at least they used to do that here.

I think an asymmetrical design would suite your house nicely, both because of the architecture and the natural surroundings. I love the cottage garden look too, and that would work well with your home.

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, and I meant to add, when you're getting woody landscape plants, it really is best to start with smaller plants. Not only are they so much cheaper, but I've found they settle in to their new environment so much easier, and typically will catch up with plants purchased larger and often surpass them. Just be sure not to be tempted to plant them too close together. Its often so hard to imagine those little twigs becoming big, mature plants.

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

DEER!!! Yes, how could I forget THE DEER!!! Only I asked for a bow for Christmas so I could sit on my deck at night and 'deal with them'! :O I have asked my neighbors with pretty stuff in their yards and they mostly say avoid 'deer candy'. They came in our yard when we planted the seed for grass....they didnt eat all of the seed.

I thought of planting some 'deer hate' stuff in between and whatever else I can find to make them go to the neighbors yards instead of mine.

I want to enjoy the yard so unless the 'crates and boxes' and things are attractive I dont want to use neighbor has tons of strings and bells around her stuff but it doesnt really look pretty.

On the three story wall I was thinking......maybe three tall evergreens spaced out on the wall to break up the wall height and also show it off.....with smaller stuff in the ground.

I dont mind empty but freshly mulched beds in the winter.......I will just put Christmas decor and stuff in those areas.......but stuff that 'shines' in the winter would be great is very grey here otherwise.

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

I am fairly patient as well.....I have six kids it sortof comes with the territory. So I will take definitely think small or medium with the trees and such for purchase.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Now's a good time to start a compost pile too.
You should have plenty of leaves to work w/ LOL!
If that soil from the dump trucks is an indicator of the stuff around you you'll need plenty of organic matter added iN.
It doesn't appear you have any clay/muck in your area.
That REALLY helps!


Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

The 'fill' came from a lake [for only the cost of the dump truck] that a contractor was building......if that helps. And then the top soil [which we bought] came from the same area but was a little better......we added stuff with the grass seeds......not sure exactly what, the grass was more my hubby's project! :)

I am taking notes, yall are really helping, THANK YOU!!

morehead, KY(Zone 6a)

Hello Heather!
Glad you have joined us! We have a member on here that did a Deer resistant plant study. Her name is Roxie. I live deep in deer country and used her guide to plant beds that were far from the house that were getting hit heavy by dear. Here is the link to her thread which takes you to her study. I also am into native plants. When spring comes around and we have the round up. I can help you out with things like ferns(lots of types), trillium, blood root, dogwoods and other shade/semi shade loving plants. I will go check out your pics and see what your house looks like. From the responses on here. It sound gorgeous!
I also am a DL nut. When I first came to Daves. I went on the DL forum and those people were so nice. The DL people combined sent me over 75 plants just for postage. Most were unnamed, but all were nice. I just started asking questions and the next thing I knew. I was getting offers for the DL's.

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

Thanks so much......I am really loving this place. I already got a Dmail requesting and envelope for the 'newbie' stash of free seeds........I hope it comes with instructions. That is one thing I feel honored with the donations of seeds and bulbs and plants. I will for sure take all I can get, just hope I am worthy. And will care for them so I can donate one day too.

Not sure if I shared this story yet or not but it bears repeating. We moved here from AL......where all my extended family lives and sister/family and mom/dad. Hubby and I with the kiddos had lived there for 14 years. So 800 miles with the family and dog. LOVED and feel blessed we were able to buy a 'dream' home and begin settling. Lots of obstacles that are minor now but seemed major then. We moved in Aug daughter turned 16 in the car with not much fanfare......but was a good sport.

I had a friend who digs for a DL nursery for extra income and really for FREE DL....I had coveted them, wanted them BUT knew at the time we had our home for sale and were gonna move somewhere. As soon as I got here I called they had closed digging and were no longer shipping.........around middle Sept. SHE went out and personally dug up 25 for me...some really special ones too and sent them to me.

MEANWHILE before they arrived we got a phone call my dear precious grandmother had unexpectedly passed away. So we load all up and go to AL for the funeral and grieving with my family.

WHEN we got home my daylilies were here.........that next week I spent almost the entire week outside........I guess it is mourning and therapy but really I just couldnt stand being inside.

The part I left out.......I had called my other grandmother [she lives in Arkansas] the week before and was asking about the Tiger Lilies that had been on 'our' family land for ages. There is even a picture of my Meemaw as a young girl with those proudly in the background. Meemaw said she had a journel from my great greats that recorded them planting those Tiger Lilies from the early homesteading of the house.

Before meemaw drove all the way to the funeral from AR to AL she had my uncle dig up some Tiger Lilies for me and brought them to me. I got to put them in the ground during that week when I got home.

So all this rambling I guess is a confession ....I feel honored that I am entrusted with Gods Blessing of these beautiful living things and really LEARN so much just in the caring for them. It probably sounds dorky. :)

Dang yall got me all mushy!!

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

So many of the plants I grow and cherish are from loved ones long passed. Keeping pleasant memories alive is very entwined with the joy of gardening for me. So many DGrs have been so generous with me, I love having the chance to "pay it forward" so to speak. I've got loads of seed to share, so let me know if there are things you're looking for, or what colors and heights you like. I've got lots of perennials I'd be happy to share starts of too; we'll be sure to discuss that as spring approaches. Since you're looking for woody plants, this just came to mind. I have a bunch of forsythia bushes if you'd like some. My big ones have layered themselves, and I've been digging the babies. I call 'em babies, but they're pretty big, like need a 3-5 gallon container big, so those would be better to get in person if you can make it to the spring Round Up (ORV plant swap and social).

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

Okay I have been searching the web, and saw several 'art' displays that were gorgeous and creative but made noise.....would that help some with the deer? I have read several of those threads about the different products and since my yard is bare will more than likely plant most stuff that is away from the house as deer 'dont really like' stuff.......for now anyway.

Found some corner accent fencing that I think would really look good in the front and give me some more areas for DL and other fun stuff.....not sure I am convinced of a full fence yet. Do yall think that would look good though? I have looked for pictures of the corner fences with a garden already blooming but cant find any to look like they are real....most are just 'staged' looking.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Our friend the Hosta guy is having great luck w/ the water canon deterrent.
A motion sensor hits them w/ a blast from the hose.
Whacks the rabbits too.
Just be sure to turn it off before company comes over...LOL!


Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Meant to say earlier, I think the corner fences will look really nice. And they make really nice places to grow Clematis or climbing Roses, or both! Deer are worse in some places than others. You may want to just keep an eye out at first before investing in repellants.

Ric, I love that water cannon idea! LOL about when company comes! I need to tell Deb (tsuga) about that, her cats would be so mad, LOL.

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

My husband just looked over some of my plans and drawings.......He SUGGESTED I prioritize the projects according to which I want first. He said he is willing to give me all the time from him he can give but WOULD NOT give up groceries to BUY the stuff!! :)

I have spent the day organizing all this stuff and making a I have two new 'regional' books and a notebook to go over on the road trip tomorrow!!

Yall are really helping, although my honey may not agree!! :)

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Heather most of the suggestions can be DIY'd quite easily.
And at a fraction of what you'd think.
Arbors, Trellis, Pergolas, Picket Fence, are really easy projects.

In fact you can save enough on one project to pay for the power tools.
Then go crazy for years...
We certainly have... though I think I was crazy to start w/.......... ;-)


Yes. corner fences look nice. That's a good idea. Any idea about whether you'd prefer wood or vinyl? Since I worked in a factory making the vinyl stuff (which closed on Halloween), I know more about vinyl fencing than anyone ever should. It has a lot of downsides and the quality (durability) varies greatly between manufacturers.

Scottsburg, IN(Zone 6a)

Hey Heather - I'm not sure I can add anything to all the suggestions the folks have already without making your head swim, but I will second (or third?) the suggestion to make a list and set your priorities. Another thing that may help is to print out low-quality pictures and use those to doodle on - it will help you capture the vision you're looking for.

Also, there's another ORVG member (rox_male) who did a very thorough Deer Resistant spreadsheet as part of her "real" life (LOL!) and she may be able to provide you with some definitive suggestions. As I recall her work was very inclusive, although it wasn't something she posted on DG.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

And Heather rest assured Rox LOVES talking shop.
She is probably the most deer knowledgeable person on Dave's.
And a sweetheart!


Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

hmm I thought she posted a link to it?

Scottsburg, IN(Zone 6a)

You know, she may have...I did some proof reading for her so that's how I remember it.

Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

I found it!

Scottsburg, IN(Zone 6a)

Yay!! I had forgotten she also had a web site for it - she did a great job on that. Heather, be careful, it will make your list longer - LOL!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Oh and we haven't EVEN touched the Tropicals you MUST have! LOL!!


Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

Okay I am back from Christmas trip......three days in a car is really great for getting information sorted out. :) For one thing I couldnt get on a rabbit trail with the computer in the car so I was forced to sort through all the information I had already printed out.

I also had bought two books for this region for some details as well. AND I did print those pictures in my linky and have pencil marks all over them. I have a list of 'stuff' to buy and stuff to make.

SOOOOOOOO when does it get warm enough around here?

I am hoping my newbie seeds are at the post office on Monday too....I am sure I will have questions!!

Yall are just sweet!!

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