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Plume ginger overwintering

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Hello, I have Aussie Plume Ginger

I see in plantfiles that it is hardy to zone 8a, and I am in zone 9a. After the snow we had 2 weeks ago my ginger looks like its on its death bed. I know some gingers go dormant for the winter; is this one of them? Also, I just got a greenhouse so do you think if I took it inside now it will recover and not drop all its leaves? Right now all the leaves are yellow and shriveling. I hate seeing my plants go dormant, it makes me sad :(

Gainesville, FL

Yes, Aussie Plume is a curcuma, and curcuma are deciduous gingers. Cut the leaves off and mulch it well, and wait for warm weather and rain. Return of seasonal rain is what triggers curcuma to break dormancy; of course, Spring warmth doesn't hurt either

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

OK thanks!!

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