Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

May your holidays be as holy and pain-free as you can make them and may all your flowers be repeat bloomers! Happy Birthday!

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

Happy Belated Birthday Scraps!! and Merry Christmas to you!!

Lena, MS(Zone 7b)

Dear Carrie and Birdie I just found this LOL I responded on one link somewhere it was late but my mom has been in hospital since mid December as I explained on the fibro link. I have that link saved in the forms I am watching and just go to it when i have a few minutes. I am so sorry I missed this on my birthday. Thanks anyway. It means alot to me that I got a link just for my Bday. Heck I was so exhausted I missed it. My girls did something special for me around Thanksgiving maybe a day after because it gets so crazy during Holidays. So we spent some time together and it is a good thing we did because it has been crazy with mom in hospital. I will talk to you ladies on the fibro link soon I hope but Thanks for thinking of me. Love and Prayers, Scraps!

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

I remember you posting on the fibro thread - it's ok. Peace out.

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