Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)

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Paris, TX(Zone 7b)

Dave, I was on my way to work one morning in Hunt Co Texas, and saw a great horned owl sitting on the side of the road. he just stood there looking dazed, so I went over and looked closer. He/it never moved. He looked bad, covered with lice so bad and I knew he would, for sure, die. But I rushed back home, got a trash can, put it over him, carefully slid the lid under it and some how got it in the car and took him to a friendly veteranarrian whose place was on the way and dropped him off. It was a painfull experience seeing a once majestic such as it to be so helpless and dying and nothing to be done. But I guess dying is a part of living.

Cape Coral, FL

at least you cared enough to do something horay for you nancy

Joshua, TX

Hi!! I just had a question that maybe someone could answer? Last night we just discovered that there are 5 great horned owls just down the road from us. It appears that there are three owlets, althought not positive, and an adult mom and dad. There's just one huge problem; they are at the very top of those very very big power lines. So i guess my question is would I be safe to try and access the property, with owners permission of course, and attempt to get closer to get a picture, or would i be in danger of an owl attack? If so, is there any suggestions as to how I could closer without scaring them off and without getting attacked?

Paris, TX(Zone 7b)

Hello Raptor, I can understand how extremely frustrating that could be.
I wouldn't worry as much about being attacked as the high voltage. then the attack bit. I've sat here and sympathized with you, and searched my mind, but danged if I can come up with a no fail solution.
you might check with the Electric outfit but is doubtful they would give you permission to climb but you might check with Discover Magazine and tell them about the owls and they might decide it would make a beautiful photo story and figure out how to get it. I think they may have some pull to get something going if they become interested.
Good luck. Let me know what happens if you do.

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