cleaning out the freezer

Plano, TX

i've been bad--and my freezer burned meats show it! now i am determined not to waste all that meat (and to do better next year)--i know it is still edible but not as good tasting or looking--i just made a chili and used up lots of veggies and cans but now i want to use up frozen meats --
do you think the crock pot would be best for bringing back some of the flavor? i have a london broil and expensive steaks that i forgot all about!! i have lots of bags of frozen veggies that are looking old--i have a bag of shrimp that looks like a bag of snow and shrimp!
maybe a sauce or simmer in something?

Missouri City, TX

Shrimp gumbo

South Coast, RI(Zone 6b)

Iíll be interested in the responses because my freezer sounds just like yours!

Missouri City, TX

Beef Stroganoff for those steaks. Marinate in some good red wine before cooking.

Plano, TX

donna thanks for making me feel better!!
bubba i like both ideas--i would slice up the steaks for the stroganoff right--i know that is how stroganoff is made but i wasn't sure if you were meaning something different-like making steaks in stroganoff sauce maybe?

Missouri City, TX

Go for it, Linda -- What do you have to lose?

I would slice the steaks thin and marinate while collecting and preparing the rest of the meal.

If the shrimp are large - bet they would work on the BBQ, too. Rinse the frost off in a strainer, use 2 soaked bamboo skewers to keep them from turning, lay them in a flat pan with a rim that will hold a marinade - I use a cookie pan - and pour on a bottle of your favorite Italian dressing - one with lots of herbs. Add any other condiments you like - I would use Tabasco, black pepper, and maybe a finely chopped whole fresh jalapeno.
Light the bbq and bring to temp - should take only a minute or two per side - brush with the excess marinade.

If they are small, rinse, dry, and serve with a cheese fondue.

Lightly sauted with some chives and mushrooms, they would be great in an omlette, or fritatta.

Plano, TX

i hate to make you work so hard for me bubba but--------
marinade the steaks in what? oil and vinegar and herbs?
would the london broil work for the stroganoff too?
the shrimp are smaller so might try the gumbo or omlette idea--i make pretty good omlettes but never with shrimp--

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