WeeBalle 2009

Bohemia, NY

Happy New Year's Day 2009

Thumbnail by donasdata
Seattle, WA

Hi Donasdata! (It's me!) I love the snow shot of your Wee Balle! Is everything weathering alright? We had a freeze here in Seattle and all my trees made it through splendidly! Me? Not so much! Don't like the cold! ;-)

Thumbnail by Janit
Bohemia, NY

Hi, Janit! Happy New Year! Glad to hear your garden is braving the winter. So far so good for WeeBalle. But what a mess I will have in the spring...it was covered by a layer of leaves before the snow came. Yuk! I,too, hate the winter, but it makes me very ambitious. I was thinking of making another smaller area miniature garden in my front yard (where I had the old WeeBalle) but with 3 larger houses that I will probably have to make myself ?? (The neighbors have been complaining that I moved it into my back yard! I have to please my public! HA-HA.) I will try to get better shots next time it snows and then mail them to you, I was not thrilled how these came out. Keep warm! Talk to you soon, Donna

South, TX

That is beautiful! I saw your other pics and wondered how they were growing like that when you are in NY. The snow pics are so lovely!

Medway, MA(Zone 5b)

The snow makes it look even more like a fairy tale!

Orofino, ID(Zone 6a)

Your snow view is wonderful...Thank you, Deb

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