How Many Other Canadian Brug Lovers Are Here?

Kingston, ON

I just thought I'd ask cause I'm curious about it. There sure are a lot of interested and interesting people here.
I have been quietly reading and learning from this forum for some time.
I have some Brug seedlings 'in the ground', but it doesn't look as though there will be any blooms from them this year. So, up they'll come, sometime this month. I am planning to exchange some cuttings with RA and will be glad to do so with any other Canucks who would like to swap.
These are all Harding Hybrids, but I have no idea as to what colours they will be. Just like having babies, it's potluck!! LOL
Let me know if you're interested and I'll put your names on a list. I don't have a great number of plants (compared to some people), but I do believe in sharing what I have. That way, I know where to ask if I should need replacements!
It will be first come, first served, til I run out.
'..' (Ladybug)

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Hi Lady bug! I'm first!!! Everyone else is sleeping in! I've been up potting cuttings. I'm in Vancouver, Brugcrazy's on the Island. If you like I can point you to a few others closer to you.
Email me if you'd like.

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Ladybug: I planted two packets of seeds of LBJ hybrids. Some are 5 ' tall now and hopefully will bloom this year if the weather holds out. The versicolor x euro seeds from LBJ are great. Some have the strangest looking leaves and hopefully will also bloom soon. They'll all go in the greenhouse under metal halide 1000 watt bulbs for the winter so soon I will definitely have some blooms. Email me too.

Burlington, ON

Its so nice to see you become visible in this forum!
I have known you for over 3 years and it's nice to have another Brugmansia grower on board.
I sent started plants to Brugcrazy last week and from my door to her's took less than 48 hours by express post so this cross country trading is very 'doable'.

oshawa, ON(Zone 5b)

I am also here in Oshawa, Ontario. I would love to trade brugs with you. Nice to know there are some Canadian Brug lovers out there.

Let me know what you would like to trade for.


Pierrefonds, QC(Zone 5a)

Paul here in Quebec,hope we get a lot more canucks on this thread,would like to communicate with all of you and make some new friends.It's so much easier trading within Canada!

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North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Hi Paul, glad to see you FINALLY showed up! They're out there just kind of quiet this week.

Kingston, ON

Hello, again.
I'm glad to have heard from all of you. I'll be trying to outguess the frost and get the plants dug up and into containers (gotta buy more potting soil!) before disaster hits them. There are 21 of them in the ground, some of them taller than I am, but most of them are smaller, right down to one baby that is only about 12" tall.
However, I hope to have a few cuttings to swap with each of you. It's potluck as they are from mixed hybrids, but I'm sure some of you will know what they are when you see a leaf, etc.
In the meantime, I'm trying to get my basement all ready for its'new tenants.
RA, you may have to tell me more about your Greenhouse, as I feel the need for one coming on!!! And you know I went and bought some more seeds, too........just to torment myself some more....LOL
Yes, Pauljr64, it is nice to see more Canucks getting together here. With the events of this past week, it may be even more difficult to get plants, etc. imported from the States.
My deepest sympathies go out to our neighbours South of the Border. Even here, in my small Canadian city, there are people who have been affected and/or hurt by the events of this past week.
Take care,
'..' Ladybug.

Woodstock, ON(Zone 6B)

Hi folks, I just joined this forum and since brugs have become my new "thing" I went to the last thread and am working my way forward. Don't want to miss any of your good information. I have traded with some of you before and hope to trade with my new friends here too. I live in Woodstock, Ontario. All brugs have been brought inside for their sleep. (like skeletons, they good so awful)


Hamilton, Canada

Hi Ladybug and RA. RA you are just about 20 minutes from me. I now know Brugcrazy and Liz and OrphanAnnie. I think that Paul left the forum.

Halifax County, Canada

There are Canadian Brug growers!!How Wonderful!! Some lovely gentleman from Ontario traded me a white brug rooted cutting which actually flowered. Unfortunately it died and I have not had another. Does anyone have any seeds that they would like to trade for other seeds or cuttings? I would love Painted Lady or Maya. I have a yellow lipstick plant which I think is very unusual and could take cuttings to root as well as other houseplants. Please let me know. Happy Brugging!!! Rosa

Calgary, Canada

Me me me me me in Calgary, I am also Brug crazy! Also Epiphyllums, cacti, succulents, bougs, etc. etc.


Victoria, BC(Zone 8a)

Most of these posts are 8 years old. LOL!

Which brugs do you have Buttercup? You're not too far from me.

Calgary, Canada

Hey, I'm new to this forum, so I find it a challenge to find these threads sometimes! Yes, we seem to be the only ones here...

I have Taylor's Dawn, Salmon, Yellow, a Snowbush, a dozen or more crosses and a whole bag of various seeds I've not attempted yet because the last 2 tries died. Someone sent me instructions for Brugs, though, so hopefully this year will be better!

What have you got growing? Do you have a lot of greenhouses carrying them around you? They are almost impossible to find here. Datura only, if you're lucky. I did get some triple purple Datura seeds over the winter that I'm excited about though.


Brampton, Canada

I love brugs, and have one plant from a neighbour who cultivates and sells them. It took a year to bloom, and I was ecstatic! but putting it into the ground this summer, we pruned so much back it looked like it died, though small leaves are coming back now. I'll be back to see how all you fellow Canadians are doing with this beautiful plant! Hopefully I will get better at growing mine...

Thumbnail by janet59
(Zone 6a)

Hi All! It's nice to see so may who are brug crazy in Canada!

Here's my yellow Brugmansia suaveolens getting ready to bloom!

It has 50 buds and counting! I'm so excited!

Thumbnail by SW_gardener
(Zone 6a)

I have 6 different brugs and 7 in total.

Heres Rubirosa x Peanut getting ready to bloom for the first time. I can't wait to see what it looks like!

(Zone 6a)

helps to attach the pic

Thumbnail by SW_gardener
(Zone 6a)

And heres a varigiated brug growing with 'Bishop's Childern' Dahlias

Thumbnail by SW_gardener

Pretty Dahlias! I just "got into" growing Dahlias this year, thanks to a DG buddy of mine in Calgary ^_^


(Zone 6a)

Thanks Susan! Here's a 'Fireworks' Dahlia form T&M

Thumbnail by SW_gardener

hey Buttercup - which part of Calgary are you in?
I'm in NE, near Deerfoot & 16 NE ^-^
I'm growing Brugs for the 1st time, and only have 1, which I'll need to bring in this fall of course.....
It didn't bloom yet, but it's a baby still


st catharines, Canada

Hi everybody,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,count me in
I'm in Niagara Falls Ontario

Thumbnail by skylon
(Zone 6a)

I like your brug Maryanne! Do you know it's name? It looks like my NOID brug in the back of the pot with the dahlias.


Thumbnail by SW_gardener
Sudbury, Canada

Bumping this up, hoping to get more current information!

Count me in, from Sudbury, here!


Victoria, BC(Zone 8a)

Here's my newest bloom, Whiskers.

Thumbnail by Teresa_in_BC

Wow - what a beauty!!


(Zone 6a)

I have a large brug cutting that spent the winter in the cellar and brought it out into warmth and light nearly 2 months ago and now it has tiny buds on it! If all goes well I should have blooms by the end of April! Here's what it looked like last year.

Thumbnail by SW_gardener

Love that pretty "blush" on the petals, in the sunshine! ^_^

(Zone 6a)

Thank-you Susan! She is as pretty in person as in the photo :D

Woodstock ON, Canada

Hi all - new to Dave's Garden - I have two brugs. Would love to have more but winter storage is an issue.... Looking to get a white to go with my beautiful pink. Might be pink frost? Don't know... bought it from eBay maybe five years ago.

Thumbnail by HHSmyth

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