Greenhouse in North Dakota or close by?

Page, ND

Three years now I have wanted a greenhouse to start seeds. So far I have been turning my furnace room into a seed starting 'factory', which is okay, but when the plants start getting too big and I have plants all over the living room by the windows waiting for warm weather....well - gets a little crowded. Every winter I look at greenhouses, but get too much information overload. Does anyone live in my 'neck of the woods' that has a GH? My husband farms, so come spring I have very little time for help from him before he's in the field, but he promises me a GH this year. (crossing my fingers)

Northwest, MO(Zone 5a)

I live in zone 4/5 and when we built a new shed, I had a greenhouse attached to the south side of the shed. It is 8 x 16, has windows all across the south side, a window on the east side, and the door entryway is on the west side. There are also 3 skylights on the roof that can be opened if necessary for heat escape. When we built this shed, I had them pour an insulated concrete floor with a drain, put in a water spicket, insulate all walls really well, and put in two ceiling fans. I just love it. In fact I have a rose that I brought in the greenhouse over the winter that is now blooming.

I still have some wood trim that needs to be treated, but this will need to wait until this summer as it is to damp to treat it now with the moisture inside.

Hope this help....I just know that it helps me get through the winter months and look forward to planting seeds in a month or so from now.

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

Debsroots, please post pictures of your greenhouse!
:) Donna

Stevensville, MT(Zone 4b)

ND farm girl, what zone do you live in? Im in Montana which is zone 3b!

Page, ND


Stevensville, MT(Zone 4b)

What I have found out so far! In zones 3/4 you start planting in March in the greenhouse. Most people on this web suggest using gas for heat; propane is too expensive...use solar panels if you can afford them! I have ordered a free standing gas heater, which I plan to use in my temporary GH that I found on ebay..for 60.00 plus shipping(34.00) approx 6x10. I will need to equip the GH with an electrical fan(near the house) Also bought the heater on ebay..12.00.

Would like to have a year-round greenhouse but the heating bill would bite me.....
I know a couple in the area that have a GH that were are going to check out.....will keep you posted!

Page, ND

Thanks! I'm just looking for one to start seeds in the spring. Keep me posted!

Eunice, MO(Zone 5b)

I do not understand how solar panels will help much with a green house. Wouldn't you need a bank of energy storage cells to carry you thru the night? Even on cold days the greenhouse is fairly warm when the sun is shining. It is at night that you need the heat and the solar panels are not much use to you then are they? Or do I not understand how solar panels work?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

That's right--the solar panels will only work when the sun's out, which is not when you need heat. Systems that will store solar energy to use during the night are not going to be within the average gardener's budget.

Stevensville, MT(Zone 4b)

done more research on heating!! now I'm leaning towards getting a 20lb propane tank with a heater screwed onto the tank. Johannabanana in Alberta says she starts using her greenhouse in March.(zone 3b) I think I'm dreaming too think I can afford the heating bill for an all year round greenhouse!

Sundance, WY(Zone 3b)

Haven't heard from you, and was curious as to if it was built, how you are heating it, and what you're opinions and likes and dislikes have been. Please give us an update, since I am in the same zone as you, and would love to have your info!

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