Rutherfordton, NC

i have not worked my one hive for over 2 years.i thought they were all gone but lo and behold they seem to be stronger then ever.if i were to rob them now would the honey be safe for consumption?it appears to be quite dark. any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks jerry

Williamsburg, MI(Zone 4b)

Honey doesn't spoil, but it darkens as it ages and dehydrates. It would be pretty thick and strong by now.

Rutherfordton, NC

thanks a lot for the info. jerry

Kenosha, WI

I'm a little surprised by your timing! Can you open a hive in January in NC? While bees are in hybernation I tought it would be best to leave the hive totally sealed (as bees have sealed the boxes with propolis). Plus robbing in the winter? Isn't that a death sentence for sure?
Also, if you leave a hive alone for a whole year or more, do you have supers to rob that are just honey? I had one of my queens jump the excluder last summer and lay eggs in the super.

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