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Yardley's moisture bars (soaps)

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

My son has sensitive skin and I am thinking about using Yardley's lemon verbena shea butter moisture bar. wow that was a mouthful. It is $1.49 at walgreens and smells wonderful. Has anyone used this? Do you have a favorite moisture bar that is good for sensitive skin? I noticed it has fragrance in it besides the natural ones. I just want something that wont break him out. I would prefer a more natural product, but most have some kind of milk, wheat or coconut product which he is alergic to. Or oats.
Not sure really what shea butter is, its not coconut is it?

Lilburn, GA(Zone 7b)

Sorry nobody has responded to your inquiry. I don't normally visit this particular forum.

I would recommend you check out Cetaphil products. Just google it. I have been using their gentle skin cleaner in the bottle for years. Was recommended by my doctor.

Maybe this might work for your son?

good luck

Check out the baby aisle at your store.

I use baby products for my face and there are a variety for sensitive skin, and without fragrance etc. I used to buy the more expensive adult stuff, until I read an article that pointed out that the product my brand sold as "baby wash" at one third of the price was the exact same thing as the adult sensitive skin "cleanser." They had different brand names, but it was the same product by the same manufacturer.

Sioux City, IA(Zone 4b)

I'm concerned that anything with a scent will cause problems for your son.

I've used the Cetaphil products when having skin problems, very mild stuff. They have a bar, I would think you could find it at walgreens (also target, walmart ect.).

The baby aisle is a good idea too.

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