Request for new forum: "Kiln-Fired Arts (clay, glass, etc.)"

Gilroy (Sunset Z14), CA(Zone 9a)


If you're interested in having a new forum for "hot stuff" (kiln arts & crafts), please add your voice to this attached request on the Dave's Garden main forum. If you'd like to support the idea of this new forum, please open and add your comments to the thread attached below:

Gilroy (Sunset Z14), CA(Zone 9a)

Folks, the new forum is up and running. It's been titled "Pottery, Clay and Ceramics", but our intent is to use this forum for other art forms that involve the use of a kiln, such as hot glass and copper enameling. Thanks to those of you who supported creation of the new forum. Looking forward to lots of interesting discussions, information-sharing and pictures!

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