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Extreme Home Makeover visits my neighborhood

Fresno, CA(Zone 9b)

as crazy as life gets at times, it can always get crazier, folks! Extreme Home Makeover rolled into town this week and they are working 24X7 for the next week nearly next door . . . really! They've blocked off my street, won't let me park in front of my house, prohibit my walking my dogs on their usual path throughout the neighborhood and shine their lights on my back yard wall all night. They are demolishing and rebuilding a house about 6 lots down the street along the fence behind my house.

Cops, lights all night 20-or-so above ground lighting the neighborhood, noise, people all over the place.


Thumbnail by Twincol
Fresno, CA(Zone 9b)

This is the only other photo I was able to get. The previous photo was compliments of the officer who allowed me to rest my camera on the trunk lid of his car. Without such stability all you see is lights a'wiggling about through the pic. This particular photo was resting on the trailer hitch of the portapotty, LOL! It's just NUTS!

I must obtain a permit to move my car in and out of my street to pull into my backyard driveway.

I was not permitted to enter the street beyond the police barriers. The first visitor day is this coming Sunday. I'll try to get closer tomorrow during the day . . . see if my silver hair will get me by just to snap a photo. I'd like to get a pic of the demolition process.

Thumbnail by Twincol


Thanks for sharing. Maybe you can find some bits and parts of the destroyed house or something to hand down to future generations so they can show them on The PBS Road Show...see what my great (whatever relative fits here) collected...I can document by a picture of the house and the above pics. Then, they can hear the PBS Road Show say, "Wow...your relative even got an autograph on this old sheetrock, AMAZING and worth $125,000.00!". Then, your relative will bless you.

Hee hee.

Enjoy the 15 mins of fame for your neighborhood.


Dover AFB, DE(Zone 7a)

Bet you are glad that it is over now. How'd everything turn out?

Leicester, NC(Zone 8a)

Twincol, How exciting!!! I would love to see all this take place they build some beautiful homes that can only boost the neighborhood. Sorry for your inconvenience but they build in what a week? Think of the stories you can tell for years to come. Tell Ty I said Hi and I love him lol.

Fresno, CA(Zone 9b)

Hehehe, done! I'll try to get a pic of the house this week. An odd yellow/goldish color. Two story house, rather large for the neighborhood. But it's not too out of place.

I put together a little story in my journal you might enjoy. I got a kick out of putting it together.

Overall, it wasn't all that much of a distraction, given that it only involved 2 weeks. So, blessings to the neighbor who was given the little gem and enjoys it. We enjoyed the 15 minutes of fame.


Leicester, NC(Zone 8a)

Twincol, Wow thanks for the tour and like you think little creator was holding his own with big yellow bully lol. House is gonna be nice and am sure will go to deserving people. What a thing to witness! Love the roof. Keep us posted and wear tennis shoes the next time so you can stay longer lol.

Sydney, Australia

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Boularderie East, Canada

wow how exciting for the whole neighborhood. I love to watch that show and they do build some unbelievable homes. You will have stories to tell for years. And in only 2 weeks. I can kind of understand why they can't have cars going by, possibly the liability for one thing. Thank you for updating us and for the pics.

Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

@ Twincol: how exciting to have something like that happen in your neighborhood, even though it was a bit inconvenient for you for the 2 weeks. I watch the "HGTV" channel all the time and really enjoy all their shows. I like all of them, so it's hard to say which one is my favorite -- but I tell ya, I do learn quite a bit from watching these shows, especially "Design on a Dime" -- since I'm a DIY myself.

I just bought a handy little tool called the "Multi-function Tool" that is manufactured by 'Chicago Brand.' It comes with a few attachments that can do anything from cut wood to pIastic or even sand something. I have a few projects around my house that I've had to put off completing, since I didn't have the right tool to finish the job.

I've got a sub-floor that I'm doing under the kitchen sink area that has a piece of wood blocking one of the plywood panels from fitting just right and then the other project is trimming a 2x4 wood stud down just a bit to allow a 'drywall' patch to fit the opening left behind from the old medicine chest I pulled out. Attached is a photo showing the opening that has the wood stud [on the left side] that needs trimming. I've got center supports inserted to help hold the new medicine cabinet. Can't wait to use this tool -- the battery is all charged & ready to go!

Thumbnail by Fleur_2011
Shelton, CT

Interesting post in fact i was looking for something else but not get bore after reading your post its awesome.

Missouri City, TX

Fleur, You hijacked a thread after the first paragraph. That's not uncommon on Dave's Garden, But since you have a couple of your own projects, maybe you will want to start your own threads so we can watch the progress.

BTW: the Harbor Freight tool you have is a copy of the Fein Multimaster. When the patent expired - every tool company started making them. You can use the wood/metal blade to cut those nails flush if you want.

Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

Thanks Bubba_MoCity. I wasn't aware that I "hijacked" a thread. I'll take the comment about starting my own 'thread' under consideration. I'm not too worried about the nails that you're referring to since the drywall patch will cover it up, but thanks for the suggestion anyway.

The Multi-function tool that I bought, is similar to the one I've seen on t.v., but without the high cost involved. Only thing that I can see a difference between mine and the "Porter-Cable" brand shown on t.v. is that the one on t.v. has a "latch" you press down, slip your attachment on & then release the latch again. Mine came with a small "allen" wrench to use with the attachments.

Missouri City, TX

No worries, Fleur.

I have 2 of the Fein Multimasters and also have a Harbor Freight (single speed) - twenty dollars. Figured it would be good to clean out the weep holes on brick siding, and if it broke - no big deal. Most of the other manufacturers (Rockwell, Ridgid, Sears, Dremel, Bosch, Porter-Cable, etc,) want $100 or more. The Fein's are high dollar, but will outwork the rest - they were the first.

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