Basic Question about Nikon d-40

Emmaus, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi everyone. After reading these informative posts and looking at ken rockwell's great website (as many of you advised), I will be purchasing a Nikon D40 as soon as I find the best buy online.

However, I have one reservation before I take the plunge. I'm used to a sony point and shoot type digital camera. It has an eyepiece, but I usually just hold the lcd display in front of me and shoot the picture based on what it looks on the lcd display. I've gotten pretty used to taking photos this way. I'm sure anyone with a dslr would be able to answer my question:

Can I use the lcd on the nikon d-40 to set up my photos? Or is it for navigating the menu only? Some of what I've read has made me wonder if this is so. If the lcd isn't for photo preview I'll be pretty disappointed and may have to look into something else. I am open to suggestions. I wear glasses and my husband has pretty poor eye sight (even though he wears contacts). Looking at a lcd display instead of through a tiny eye piece is much more convenient.

Help! Thanks a lot--Stephanie in PA

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I could be wrong but on the D40 I think you have to shoot pictures through the eyepiece only. You will see the playback on the monitor and use it for menu options but not use it for taking a picture. Newer DSLR cameras are now incorporating "Live View" where you can use the monitor to frame the shot.

Emmaus, PA(Zone 6b)


I'm wondering if my glasses will get in the way?

Any suggestions? Other than taking them off? :) Maybe I should just go to a camera shop and try it out! :) Thanks for your help!

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

They usually have an adjustment for the eyepiece to work without glasses (at least myopia, not sure about astigmatism). My Canons have this feature so I'm sure most cameras do. You can also shoot with glasses on but they usually get in my way.

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