Does anyone know where to find Guyanese Thyme?

Brandon, FL(Zone 9b)

My next door neighbor is from Guyana and cooks the most delicious food, she was telling me they have a Guyanese Thyme and also a basil called "married man's pork". I would love to plant some of these herbs in my garden so that she can use it for her cooking. She said they are stronger than the common thyme and basil we have here.

Does anyone know where to buy it from over hear? Or even heard of it for that matter. I've looked around on the internet to no avail. Any help to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.

I found a picture of the Guyanese Thyme on the internet it's the bottom right hand side. I actually have a Puerto Rican Thyme that looks exactly like it but she said it is not the one.

Columbus, OH(Zone 5b)

Try Mountain Valley Growers, they sell a thyme called THYMUS GLABRESCENS
(AKA Loveyanus Thyme)

I believe married man's pork, is the same as our Sweet Basil.


Brandon, FL(Zone 9b)

Thank you Dove, I'll show it to my neighbor....I remember she said that the thyme was a small leaf and a little fuzzy.....looks like that could be it.

Columbus, OH(Zone 5b)

No prob...

Fern Park, FL(Zone 9b)

I'm curious what kind of food your neighbor cooks...I went to Guyana a couple of years ago with a group from school, but we ate mostly bushmeat and rice because we stayed out in the rainforest the whole time. Do you know what part of Guyana she's from? (sorry, kinda off topic) :)

Brandon, FL(Zone 9b)

Dovey...I showed her the THYMUS GLABRESCENS but sadly that is not the one, she said is a column type thyme. Thank you though.

Passiflora07 - My neighbour is from Coremtyne which is on the coastline. When she cooks, everyone in the neighborhood favorite is the curries, especially the crab curry or the chicken curry we use this as a bartering tool for jobs done in the thing that she has taught me is that you should never throw raw meat straight in to cook, it should always be well seasoned after soaking in water/vinegar & salt for at least 1/2 hour....the seasoning is made up of the fine leaf thyme, broadleaf thyme (cuban oregano) garlic, onion, wirri wirri peppers, parsley, celery, shallots (green onions) all ground up.

She passed on a website that has lots of Guyanese recipes if your interested.

Columbus, OH(Zone 5b)

There is a photo on this page
Although they don't give it's botanical name.
From the looks of the photo in the above article it's most likely it's not a thyme at all but an oregano.
Thyme, oregano and marjoram (sometimes called the mother of all oreganos) are all closely related.
Tall Oregano

Good luck in your search

Middleburgh, NY

Let's see, it took some searching, but I believe the botanical name of the plant you are searching for is Lippia micromera. Sometimes called false oregano or coarse-leaf thyme. Still searching for a source for you - but it should be easier now with a Latin name.

Fern Park, FL(Zone 9b)

She passed on a website that has lots of Guyanese recipes if your interested.
[[email protected]]

That's a neat website - thanks! I remember having bakes, fish cakes, and lots and lots of cassava! When we were camping out in the rainforest the food wasn't quite as nice, but it was memorable :)

Columbus, OH(Zone 5b)

Great research Betty and the herb is listed in plant files, perhaps astcgirl could get a cutting. I wouldn't mid giving it a go, it sounds like a delicious addition to the herb garden.

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