Want/Have List

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

Admin has said we can have a "sticky" thread for our Wants and Haves.

I think we should keep the rules for posting simple . . . 1. One post per member and 2. No chatting. This way, it will cut down on browsing time to find the actual list for each member . . . does that make sense? Each member can go and edit their post as many times as they'd like. Does everyone agree? If so, "sticky" away, Admin!

Jasper, AR(Zone 7a)

Want List:(leaves or plants)

Midget Silver Fox
Senks fruit fly
Senk's Carnaval
Azalea trail
Franken Copper Knob
Remembering John

Have: P=plants, L=leaves, S=stolons

Lucky Ladybug (P,L)
Serena's charm(P,L)
Bluetail Fly(P,L)
Pink Mint(L)
Ramblin Angel(L)
Ramblin Reflection(L)
Ramblin Showstopper(L)
Honey Blue Ace(L)
Bluberry Butterfly (L)
Purple Panda(L)
Other Gessies
Petrocosmea begoniafolia(P,L)
Chirita angustifolia (P,L)

more to come^_^

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Land of OZ, CT(Zone 6a)

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Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)


micro mini sinningia - plant or seeds
still looking for various Franken streps

AV plants:

Rob's Fo Fum
Rob's Magnetic Field


LEAVES started:

Cajun's Lil' Love
Cajun's Little Tizzy
Cajun's Slow Dance
Northern Seduction
Wild Irish Rose

I see the roots for these leaves thru the translucent cups, so babies should be popping up any time! I would definitely be interested in trading baby plants for other baby plants, leaves, or leaf cuttings.

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Portland, ME

My want list (all African Violets)... * indicates that I want it even more :-D

Honey Blue Ace
Lilla BlŚklockan (Little Bluebell)
Linda's Toy
Little Chippery Trail
Little Jayhawker
Little Thornbird
Midget Bon Bon
Midget Gumdrop
Midget Lillian
*Optimara Little Aquamarine
*Optimara Little Blue Topaz
*Optimara Little Coral
*Optimara Little Crystal
*Optimara Little Emerald
*Optimara Little Fluorite
*Optimara Little Jade
*Optimara Little Kunzite
*Optimara Little Lapis
*Optimara Little Opal
*Optimara Little Pearl
*Optimara Little Topaz
*Optimara Little Turquoise
*Optimara Little Violet Sapphire
Pip Squeek
Pixie Dust
Pixie Runaround
Rainbow's End
Skagit Toy Nugget
Sky Bells
Spunky Trail
Tundra Bells
Tundra Trumpets
Vallarta Campanas Moradas

My "have" list of AVs is always changing (I am ditching most all semis and focusing on minis), not to mention I have access to a lot more in my best friend Lenny's collection (what's mine is his, what's his is mine) so I'm not gonna bother trying to list them all--If there's something you want and you have something I want, lemme know and we can prolly pull off a trade.

Grand Forks, BC(Zone 5b)

I'm done...thanks gessiegail. ^_^

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Taft, TX(Zone 9a)

I have more avs and streps than I can say grace over and will be happy to share them.

I would like to grow some different gessies.....like epsicias, sinningias, chiritas, aesychanthus, nematanthus and any 'odd' gesneriad. Thanks (just in case you have a Russian av leaf, I would die for those)

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Highland, IL


Sky & Snow (at the show they wrote blue sport on this one)
Blue Dragon
Mandan Dandy
Green Dragon



Sinningia-Orange Zinger-2/09 got it!

Streptocarpus: Proud mary and Serendipity

I would like anything with orange, yellow or green blooms.

Any Russians

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Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

My Want list:

AFRICAN VIOLETS: seeds, leaves or plants

Ah Nastasia - Russian
AV chimera 'Sister Sylvia'
Emerald City - chimera
Little Darlin - mini
Love in Bloom
Scarlet Sky
Tatiana - Russia
Tiny Dance
any mini or semi-mini

STREPS:leaves or plants

MISC: Would like to try Petrocosmea



African Violet Leaves:
Nymph Fly

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(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

Lil' Snowdrift
Any orange
The rest is not finished LOL.

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Fredericksburg, VA(Zone 7a)


Helter Skelter
Space Dust
DS Polar Sumer
Any Dimitris (Russian, DS line) fantasy Streps

Gabriel's Horn sport

Ember Lace
Butter Oak
Sea Foam


Grandma Rose

Several Streps coming along...
I am happy to share when they get bigger!

Blue Nile
My Precious
(may run out temporarily until after the RR)

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Williston, ND

Im looking for
bristols black cherry
Snow rose
blue gem
bristols ice castles
I am looking for an av called petite jewel
My have list is coming and its a doozy

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Irving, TX

I am looking for plant or leaf from Chirita 'Stardust'

I have AV "affection' leaves.

Ottawa, IL(Zone 9a)

northwoods frosted moonshine
lemon curd
little egret
any hcy's sinningia
have lots of streps & some micro violets,& sinningia's.

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

Want List:
Any Streps,
Mini or semi mini Av's
Trailer AV,
and really want sinningia, any pet., and kohleria

Chocolte Cream
Blue heaven
Silver Sheen
Grey Lady

Chiritas leaves

Alsobia Cygnet

Streptacarpella Saxorum

Nemanthus-Christmas Holly

Kohleria: Marquis de Sade

OT--I have a huge plant of zig zig cactus and a huge plant of Night blooming cereus if anyone would like starts from them. They are very very easy to start. And also have a large pink blooming (Noid) lipstick vine that is easy to start and get cutting from.


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Land of OZ, CT(Zone 6a)

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Achimenes 'Mexicana'

Some other trailing Achimenes

(tish) near Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)


Wanted: Achimenes

Have: Assortment of av's and gesneriads - leaves and cuttings available

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Cypress, TX(Zone 9a)

We have several Petite Blarney plants we'd like to trade for whatever in the Houston area. We're open to ideas.


Maple Heights, OH

I am looking for "wasps" leaves or plants are fine. I am also interested in whites/near whites with green edges.

I don't have AVs for trade yet, but I do have lots of nice Daylily seed to offer.

MSU, MS(Zone 8a)

***UPDATED***2013, March 8***********************

HAVE AVs leaves:

Neon Fantasy
Blue Grass Bold Ruler
Buckeye Country Gal


Munchin Kisses
Petite Blarney
Princess Jade

Achimenes Pink Cloud ~ rhizome

Primulina Stardust ~ leaves

Kohleria Grey Feather ~ potted plant

Nemantanthus Wiehleri~ potted plant

Looking for gessies I do not have:) Episcia stolens, streps, sinningias, etc.

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Atco, NJ

Right now I can offer leaves and lots of babies for trades. I have a hugh list of semi and mini avs, way too many to list here. If there is something you are looking for, please send a dmail. I may well have the variety you are looking for. Mostly I am looking to add mini avs to my collection and would consider trading for anything that is not currently in my collection. I am especially looking for vintage mini avs.

My want list, just to name a few:

Baby Cakes
Budís Lonesome George
Comet Trail
Indigo Ruffles
Jersey Lilacs
Jolly Gem
Lil Squirt
Little Louie
Love Bug
Macís A Million
Macís Hot Ďr Ďn Hades
Macís Kismetís Knight
Macís Overly Ostentatious
Macís True Love
Macís Zany Zideka
Midget Flame
Midget Gumdrop
My Black Rose
Poppiní Hot
Shirlís Holiday Bells
Skagit miniatures

Thanks for looking!


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Naturally, both lists will be constantly changing. Sometimes I may only have one of whatever is listed. I'll try to keep them updated as best I can.


Here's a link to my complete trade list, with Hoyas and other stuff. :o) http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1045748/

What I have:

AV Plants

'Skies Over Italy'
'Merry Wood'
'Arctic Fox'
'Misty Blue Trinket'
'Rob's Dust Storm'
'Optimara Isabelle'
'Rob's Pink Buttercups'
'Morgan's Declan Duff'

AV leaves

'Star Trick'
'Rhapsodie Michelle'
'Laser Celebration'
'Winter Parasol'
'Happy Harold'

Watermelon Peperomia - a small plant and some leaves (just start them like any other leaf)
Dwarf Watermelon Peperomia - a small plant and some leaves (just start them like any other leaf)

Alsobia dianthiflora - a not particularly happy plant

Chirita tamiana - blooming size plants, about 15 of them

Petrocosmea plants -

Petrocosmea formosa
Petrocosmea minor
Petrocosmea barbata

Petrocosmea leaves -

P. sericea
P. floribunda
P. nervosa
P. 'Shortnin Bread'
P. meglingensis
P. rosettifolia

Chirita leaves -

C. 'Destiny'
C. 'Patina'
C. 'Stardust'
C. 'Jade Moon'
C. 'Little Dragon'
C. 'Vertigo'
C. USBRG 98-083

Strep 'Roulette Azur' small plant

Strep leaves (may be a whole leaf or may be a section) -

'Designer Genes'
'Shenandoah Sugar Plum'
'Roulette Azur'
'Roulette Cherry'
'Cape Essence'
'Rose Scentsation'
'Bristol's Goose Egg'
'Fancy Pants'
'Snow Rose'

Sinningia cuttings -

sp. Aurora Borealis
'Colorado Sunset'
'HCY's Fire Raindrops'
'Xanadu' x self
'Gabriel's Horn'
'Carefree Regina'
'Ruffled Wood Nymph'

Sinningia plant or tuber

'Gabriel's Horn' tuber
sp 'Florianopolis' plant
'Seminole' plant

I also have quite a few Hoyas and Rhipsalis, if you're interested in cuttings of those. I'll try to get around to making a list of them soon. Ask if you're interested. ^_^

What I want:

I love to grow anything from seeds, so if you have any you're going to throw out, I'd love them! LOL
variegated Strep seeds
fragrant Strep seeds
mini/compact Strep seeds
any Sinningia cross seeds


Rob's Miriwinni
Betty's Green Gardenia
Scuba Diver
The Sorceress
Cooper's Blaze
Foster Trail
Foster Something
Foster Child
Mac's Carnival Clown
Tea's Sea Spray
Rob's Cotton Ball
Rob's Diamond Chips
Gleeful Elf
Optimara Little Moonstone
Carnation Sprinkles (chimera)
Pony Ride (chimera)
any Sora AV

Small Streps that I don't have. I realize that's quite subjective, and I'll try to come up with a list of actual names soon.
'Little Gem'
'Blue Gem'
'Jaco's Gem'
'Hand Painted'
'Very Nearly'
'Dibley's Seren'
any of Dale Martens' small Streps she's hybridized


any that I don't have, but I'll try to give some idea LOL
any orange or coral colored flowered ones and heavily spotted ones
Out of Towhee
April Snow
Ozark Fireworks
Ozark Coral Freckles
Pink Sparkler
Amanda's Penny
Ugly Girl
China Teacup
Country Grace
Country Prayer
Heartland's Fireworks
Heartland's July Fireworks

Blue Heaven

dielsii (yes, I know I'm never going to get it, but did you SEE it in the 09 Convention pics?? LOL)
Any Chirita I don't have, and I don't have that many. Even the common ones would be great!

'Ambroise Verschaffelt'

Nautilocalyx pemphidius

And just because most of us grow Hoyas, too...

Hoya cv. Mathilde
Hoya caudata
Hoya lacunosa
Hoya burtoniae

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Nottingham, MD(Zone 7a)

Will Have
AV leaves and plantlets in Spring.

AV Leaves
--Lollipop Kid
--Rob's Outer Orbit
--Aca's Sakura
--Bewitching Blue
--Leprechaun's Daydream
--Kei Yoki
--Ek Pallas Athena
--Ek Chiffon Watercolor
EK Ladies Choice Dance
Ek Goddess of Night
Ek Lord of the Rings
Ek Blue Lagoon
Ek Blue Diamond
Ek Good Lady Luck
Ek Golden Antelope
Ek Lace Parasols
Ek Cumparsita
Ek Mikhail Lermontov
Ek Natasha
Ek Azure
Ek Heavenly Castle
Ek Autumn Kiss

Angel's Petticoat

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Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Have leaves of:

Rob's Willowong Trailer
rob's Wagga Wagga Trailer
Rob's Boolaroo Trailer
S. Grotei Silver Clone Trailer
Aly's Blizzard Bunny Trailer
Cirelda Trailer
Milky Way Trailer


Any miniature (not semi) AV leaves. NOID's are fine.
Russian AV leaves

(I'll be glad to pay instead of trade- I'm hoping this is ok to offer on DG)

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Chicago, IL

AVs on wish list:
EK Chiffon Watercolor
EK Cornflower Blue Summer
Just about any Russians though do have a few

Have leaves and starter plants of several varieties in standards and semiminis just dmail for more info.

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Danville, VA(Zone 7a)

Saving space for when I can do it the right way...LOL

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Charlottesville, VA(Zone 7b)

My first 'want list'

Any miniature leaves anyone wants to part with...

I see I have no room for standard which I find I have many too many growing 'ears'!

bbon (the other Bonnie)

Postage paid by me, of course....

Thank you (in advance) I hope I have some to trade later on..

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

My Wants are simple: Any Optimara Mini...I'll take leaves (min. 3 per trade)

I only have leaves for trade, but I'm in FL, and I don't trade anywhere north of SC from Oct. 1 - April 1. Only have one trade each of these right now. Will hopefully have more, and babies in the spring.

Rob's Fiddlesticks
Rob's Denim Demon
Ness Satin Rose
Mouse Maid
Tiger Eyes
Teen Thunder
Lucky Lady Bug


Apopka, FL(Zone 10a)

Have standard size AV overflowing my office cubicle. Mostly full-grown Optimara varieties.

Thumbnail by ApopkaJohn
Northeast, MO(Zone 5b)

Okay...thought I had better get this posted. Spring fever is hitting hard :)

Wants: Any and all that I don't have.
And others :)

Love the
Kei Yoki
Petite Jewel


I have A.V. leaves down and as soon as I know they are going to make it, I will list my A.V.'s and Episcias.

Sinns that I have (Not yet big enough to propagate)

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Upland, CA

Short Want List

Apache Gem
Apache Thunderbird
Apache Freedom
Buckeyen Ballet Master
Buckey Boysenberry
Buckeye Everlasting
Buckeye Leprechaun Charm
Buckeye Blushing
Wild Irish Rose..

I don't have any AV to trade at the time..but an willing to pay for plant and postage..

Please Help..thanks LOL


Lexington, SC

My Want List
Plum Tip
Other single Star flowers with frilly edges.

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Ann Arbor, MI

Hi All-

If you are one of the regulars here on the AV board or one of my trading buddies (from DG or elsewhere), feel free to ask about any of my plants at any time -- I have plenty and will always be more than happy to share whatever I can. For others, I'm afraid I won't be able to do "for postage" trades ( I have had a lot of requests for these). But I am an avid collector of many other types of plants and would be happy to entertain trades for plants outside of the gesneriad family -- just send me a link to your tradelist.


AVs           Russians (plants, leaves); Robs (leaves mostly); Senks and other wasps (plantets/leaves); Deans and Macs (leaves, some plants). Also, a few trailers and a lot of others. Ask if you are looking for something in particular.

Episcia       Blue Nile, Ember Lace/EL Reverse, Emerald Green, Jim's Canadian Sunset/Rose Garden/Dancing Doll, Flamingo, Heartland's Fleeting Gold, Silver Sheen, Fanny Haague, Strawberry Patch, Pink Acajou

              *   Columnea ( 'Firebird' )
              *   Streptocarpus ( Roulette Azur, Alabaster Rose, Hartlands Glacier some others -- see my trade list )
              *   Nematanthus ( Christmas Holly )
              *   Misc ( Hoyas, Rhipsalis, other jungle cactus -- quite a few of all three )


In general, I am open to suggestions. I am most interested in striking or unusual colors, variegated or nonstandard leaves (longifolia, girl, clackamus, compound, etc) or just about anything weird/unusual. Currently obsessed with episcias. And any Russians (particularly with variegated leaves or flowers) would be great. Some others I'd like to find are:

               *   Rob's Scrumptious
               *   Georgia Star
               *   Amethyst Sparks
               *   Cherry Cola
               *   Mac's Coral Cutie (or any variegated Mac I don't have)
               *   Heinz's Sentimental
               *   Brass Band
               *   Dean's Lady Bug (or any Dean I don't have)
               *   Cinnamon Candy
               *   Wrangler's Ghost Riders

Episcia   Star of Bethlehem, Chocolate Velour, Chocolate and Cherries, Alice's Outback, Suomi, Silver Dust, Silver Skies, La Solidad Bronze, Any pink or pink variegate

               *   Streptocarpus ( Bristol's Mei Lei, Roulette Cherry, Guidelines, Japanese hybrids )
               *   Columnea ( Any yellow or orange )
               *   Nematanthus ( Tropicana or others )
               *   Sinningia ( Fuchsia Treasure -- have 3 micros, but would love any bright colors, minis or micros )
               *   Kohleria ( Any; would esp like Silver Feather )

Thanks for looking!


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Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

i am re-entering the AV world. would love a few, just a few leaves of varigated AV. Not very familiar with what is in... Did Violets in NYS about 20 years ago.
If any one wants to share I'll pay postage. TU Helene

Lexington, SC

My most wanted is an older violet that may not still be in existence. It is
Plum Tip.
If anyone has it and is willing to share I would be happy to either exchange leaves from some of mine or an arrangement could be made.
Marion (SC)

Plano, TX

frozen in time
pow wow
irish flirt
old fashioned rose

sorry i only have one pink with ruffled leaves at this time and i have removed a few leaves already so not ready to remove anymore yet--so not leaves to share yet

Akron, OH(Zone 5a)


Florist gloxinia and sinningia

Columnea Carnival -- soooooo beautiful!


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Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

Well, my AV did not do as well as I hoped but my episcia were gorgeous
I will gladly share (even if you have nothing to trade but want) these episcia

Varieties of Optimara and Rhapsody Violets

Rhapsody: Michelle,Rose, Susi, Alice, ( have a Barbara leaf-no babies)
Optimara: Manitoba, Mississippi, Alabama, Yellowstone, Connecticut, Colorado, (have but not for trade-Tradition)

WANT: Any Russian variety AV
Sinningia- any variety

HAVE: episcia:
I will gladly share (even if just for postage) these episcia

Faded Jade
Country Kitten
Country Star
Katherine K
Cleopatra (Canadian Clone) ---just a few stolon
Pink Smoke ---Just a few stolon
Tiger Eye
My Precious
Pink Panther

I would like to trade for:

any episcia I don't have (love red leaves);

leaves, plants, or seeds of
streps of any description

I have (but not for trade--still immature)

Strep - Alissia
Strep- Bristol's Doo Woop
Strep- Midnight Satin
Strep- Brystol's Potpourri
Strep-Looks Like a Lady
Strep- Nightengale
Strep- Silvia
Strep-Blue Mars

Alsobia 'cygnet' ( this plant is terrible grower for me so probably no trades)

Lane in SC

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Montgomery, AL

Want: Optimara (Anika, Candy, Dolly, Gisela, Rita, Rosalie, Chagall, daVinci, Degas, Gauguin, Monet, Renoir, AnnaBelle, Apache Girl, Aztec Girl, Chickasaw Girl, Creek Girl, Pueblo Girl, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, Martinique, Maui, Louisiana, Kansas, Montana, Little Jewel Azurite, L.J. Diamond, L.J. Coral, L.J. Crystal, Yellowstone)
Chiritas, Kohlerias, odd Gesneriads
Open to other plants for trade

Ma's Second Thoughts, Frozen In Time, Refections in Spring, Apace Victory, Optimara Cezanne, International, Ode to Beauty, Tomahawk, Optimara Harlequin, Optimara Alabama, Optimara Arkansas, Evergrace, Everbeautiful, Forever Ruthellen, Buckeye Ballerina, Wranler's Canyon Echoes, Kentucky Bride, Little Jewel Amethyst, Little Jewel Sapphire, Little Maya Girl

Trailers (Fancy Trail)
Semiminiature Trailer (Rob's Jindalee)
Semiminiature (Rob's Cotton Ball, Rob's Whodunit, Golden Eye)
Miniatures (Rob's Calypso Beat)

Nematanthus albus 'Santa Theresa' and 'Pele'
Codonatanthus 'Cranberry' and 'Vista'
Alsobia 'Cygnet' and 'Chiappas'

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