family portraits etched on glass

East Prairie, MO(Zone 7a)

My client has colonial pictures of his ancestors etched on glass. They are in a leather bond frame about the size 2 by 4 frame and some are oval shaped. Also some small albums and the pictures are about one inch by 2 unches high. Never seen anything like thes before. He is 92 and it is pictures of his mothers parents. I would send pics of them but he had a hot water heater to burst and had to send them out to be cleaned. Was wondering if anyone has ever seen any of these


Dover AFB, DE(Zone 7a)

I've seen the real small pictures. They blow up (with photoshop) real well. Lots of detail in those little things. I blew some up back in '73 that were still clear at 10X12. He could get those blown even larger, if he wants.
The ones etched on glass are new to me...

Lindsay, OK(Zone 7a)

Yes - they are not colonial but they are very old. They could be Ambrotype or Dauguerreotype they are very old (1800s)and worth treating right, we have several of our family portraits this way and they are very fragil. The smaller are Tin Types - most likly, have have a bunch of these and they are eaiser to keep and take care of.

East Prairie, MO(Zone 7a)

Thanks everyone for the info. I have them now out to be taken care of since the water damage.


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