Where should I place my arbor swing?

Harleysville, PA

My father is building at arbor swing for me and I was going to put it where the fountain is now and move that down the fence more. We were going to take out a Carefree Wonder rose bush or two and bring the bed out another 3 foot or so for the arbor swing. Its going to be 7 ft high by 7 foot long and 3 to 4ft wide.
Someone suggested instead of placing it along the fence that we should place it in front of the magnolia bush where the post and rail fence starts and put the arbor swing on a angle facing the patio and have the magnolia bush as a backdrop for the arbor. i would have to place it far enough away from the magnolia to swing. Then bring the bed out and around the arbor swing and around the magnolia bush. The magnolia is a Susan Magnolia which says it gets 8 to 12 foot high but is slow growing..Not sure the Maple is too close for the arbor to be put on a angle. The first photo has the magnolia bush in it but the second photo was taken early last summer so we did not have it there yet.
Any suggestions??

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Hi Jess, I'd recommend posting in either the Beginner Landscaping or Garden Design forums...this forum is for discussing the website Landscaping.com so most of the posts here are questions about that website rather than design advice. And I don't know that many people follow this forum, so you'll definitely get more attention in one of the other two that I mentioned.

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