Waiting for Spring (sigh)

Medway, MA(Zone 5b)

I put my fairies on a little shelf over my kitchen sink and added the sign above them. They were getting bored in the box in my pantry!

Thumbnail by PrimroseSue
Bohemia, NY

So cute.......I love them!

Allen, KS

That is very cute, it looks like they're carrying on a conversation.
I have a little gnomes setting among my potted plants inside.

Medway, MA(Zone 5b)

ks - I'd love to see yours - can you post a pic?

Medway, MA(Zone 5b)

Here's my Fairy Door hiding behind my pantry door. I printed the sign and mat onto card stock. The fairies like to come in the house to take little nibbles for snacks, and to sometimes warm up. I have to keep an eye on my craft items in the pantry - we all know how much fairies like shiny, sparkly things!

Thumbnail by PrimroseSue
Allen, KS

Primrose that is just to cute!
I saw a fairy door at Hobby Lobby but wasn't sure where I'd put it but I just may have to get it and put it somewhere in the house for now. I have tons of house plants so I'm sure I could fit it in somewhere.
I have several Fairies setting amony my plants so this will give them a place to get away.
Thanks for the idea.

South, TX

Darling photos!!! Spring is all winter for me. My fairies never get cold, ha. I hope your spring comes soon! At least you are letting your fairies in and out with the door! So pretty.

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