how are gerbera pollinated?

Simpsonville, SC(Zone 7b)

I started collecting Gerbera jamesonii seeds for the first time this year. I'm wondering, when you take the 'fluff' apart, there are random points here and there that contain the viable seed, the rest seems to be unpollinated? Is it possible to hand-pollinate for greater seed production? How would I go about this? And then, it would be possible to use the same method to cross-pollinate colors?

Tuckahoe, NY

Probably a soft artist's paint brush would work, basically you need something that would pick up pollen. Brush the pollen into the central disk of the flower of another plant, and vice versa. Gerbera is self sterile so different clones are needed to set fertile seed. Seed should be refrigerated for long life, gerbera seed fades fairly fast at room temperature.
Good luck.

Simpsonville, SC(Zone 7b)

Thanks, I can't wait to try it come summer!

I've been wondering what 'short lived' means really. I was worried when I heard that the first time that my seeds wouldn't make it from fall until the next spring. Apparently they were ok, as I've had close to 100% germination. Do you have any idea how long they could be good for?

Tuckahoe, NY

I've heard about 6 months or so for gerbera, but I have seed of species gerberas that are viable after many years in my fridge. If you want to store them longterm, simply put them in coin envelopes and keep them dry in the fridge.

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Gerberas - one of my favourite flowers - indigenous to the Barbeton area of South Africa hence their local name of "Barbeton Daisies" There are others, but never as popular at these. Hybridisers of course have used all the varieties to get the colours that the hybrid varieties do have and size too of course.

Gerbera's seed is only round the edge of the flower, where the petals form. These are the girls, the boys are the fluffy bits in the middle. A flower could give you 20 seeds. The seeds are viable for quite a long time I have found. Sometimes the seed looks full up, but if you squeeze it very gently over your nail some will bend - they have not grown sufficiently.

Germination is quick - about 10 days. Then it is a bit difficult; the little seedlings fade away fairly easily. Not to much nor too little water. Prick into separate pots fairly soon.

Lahore, Pakistan(Zone 9a)

Dear Congminglaoshi,
Tuchahoe, NY
Your effort of Gebera Hybridization is really good but it will take 6 months. If used Tissue Culture technique by protoplast method to hybridize Gerbera, Can you achiveve the time limit?
Asim Nawaz
GCU Lahore

colombo, Sri Lanka

while polinating gerbera I have seen some of pollen of some flowers won't stick to cotton buds. What should i do. when is the best time after blooming to polinate gerbera flower? also what is the best polinating time during day.

St. Cloud, FL(Zone 9b)

I produce seeds for my garden and plants to share. I learned how to pollinate gerber flowers by watching an insect years ago, will be 65 this year.
I don't pollinate for a large quantity of seeds, so I use a toothpick, I've also used a size 00 brush to pickup pollen from a pollen ready flower with fresh florets and transfer to a receptive flower with fresh styles/stigma both of which is produced each day.
Attaching two images.
Closeup5 (orange flower) shows a blue toothpick with pollen grains (yellow dots) being extracted from the florets.
Closeup6 (yellow flower) shows styles, the stigma at the end is where the pollen is put onto, in the outer portion, you can see two styles at the end of the blue toothpick.
Best time to polinate is in the early afternoon when you're able to extract the pollen from the florets and the stigma is still fresh, not brown in color.
Here is an excellent article by Brian Johnston. His close up imagery is excellent!

Thumbnail by ecomorph Thumbnail by ecomorph
(Robin) Blissfield, MI(Zone 6a)

Geesh Ecomorph, thanks for your info and photos. Brian Johnston's work is amazing, thanks too for the link!

mulege, Mexico

OMG, it's early and I'm not fully awake. Read the title of this thread as "How are gerbils pollinated." LMAO. kb

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