Hi and hello from a newbie

Maidstone, United Kingdom

Hi everyone... i'm fairly new to the woodworking forum...in fact i didn't realise there was one till Bubba suggested i take a look... i'm based in the UK but became aware of the site through my girlfriend Pebble last summer... i've found a great deal of interesting subjects in many forums... but this is where i'm at home... i've read through some of the past topics with interest and feel i could have offered the occasional tip or word od advise but got here too late..lol
I'm a joiner/cabinet maker and wood machinist by trade and have been since leaving the British Army in 1984... i've worked in joinery all my civilian life for several companies... i love my job and always have done... i take great pleasure in producing the joinery items i get to work on... i don't really practice my trade outside of work but i've carried out many projects around the home over the years.
I've worked on many prestigious contracts over the years... one company i work for did a lot of work for the Royal household, buck palace,windsor castle,Kensington palace and so on... in fact too many to list here.... i've recently started to take pics again of some of the projects i've worked on... i did have lots of pics of past work but lost them all.. Booo hooo..
I'll be looking out for anything of interest from you all... feel free to ask me anything and i'll try to offer a fair opinion.
I will from time to time add pics if you're all interested.
There seem to be some very talented people here, i'd like to congratulate you all on your skills....
Love the bird houses john.


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