gold coin grass

Midland, TX(Zone 8a)

gold coin grass, aka.....
Chinese gold coin grass
Jin Qian Cao
lysimachia christinae

I had gallbladder surgery last month, and unfortunately I also have stones in the common duct, and these were not removed when the gallbladder was removed. I might have to have another surgery (endoscopic) to get the stones out of the duct. I am told this is a dangerous procedure, so I am looking for alternate methods to get the stones to pass or dissolve.

In my reasearch I read about an herb called gold coin grass. It is frequently used in gallbladder and liver "flushes," but I am not willing to try that. But I also read that taken over a long time (daily for 12 mos.) that using only the herb can dissolve the stones. So, I ordered some and took my first dose (1 T in a cup of hot tea). Not too bad tasting--very herby--but there is a dramatic side effect. Seems it is also a powerful diuretic! After taking this for a few days, I can see that no one should take it daily. It would seriously upset one's electrolyte balance if taken over time.

BUT, I thought I would pass this info on to any of you interested in an occasional "natural" diuretic. I researched this herb some more, and I found that it has other properties....

lithontripic (dissolves gall and kidney stones)
diuretic (causes frequent urination)
antiphlogistic (anti-inflammatory)
cholagogue (promotes discharge of bile)
depurative (purifies blood)
febrifuge (anti-fever)

Does anyone have any experience with this herb? As for me, I will keep it around but only use it occasionally.


central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Too bad I just saw this thread, I just finished a liver flush that cleans the stones out of the liver...there are gall bladder flushes to save you from having surgery.
Golden coin grass was recommended by my holistic health practioner to dissolve the stones.

Midland, TX(Zone 8a)

flowAjen, just now read your response. I did have to have an emergency endoscope and all came out well--or so it seems. I still keep the Gold Coin around as a natural diuretic. Thanks for the info.

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