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Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

We are continued from here:

Rose: The Friar

Thumbnail by DustyDS
Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Thanks, Dusty. The other one was starting to drag while loading.

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

You are very welcome Robin... Sometimes y'all on dialup need to remind us to make a new one...or make it yourself...It is open to anyone who wants to take it on... LOL

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks Dusty, I was fine, but sure that some were getting their nails worn down, doing the finger tapping thing while it loaded for them.

Toni, no need to apologize, I know that others have lives, even if I don't have one at the present. Everything here revolves around DMIL and her condition, where she is, how she is doing, etc, etc, etc. I am trying not to post as much as often, as I know that everybody else is probably getting tired of the continuing sage that is my life.

We have snow too, probably not measureable right now, but at least the weather liars hit is partially right!!

Columbus, OH(Zone 5b)

oh phoey I wrote something witty about the snow and the cold.... it just went poof and it was gone,

I must be getting sleepy, I must need to go to bed.
Nighty nite all


Cleveland Heights, OH(Zone 5b)

Bonnie don't even go there. I remember this time last year and how you all were there for me.

I am a TRUE believer after last year that friends can be closer than family.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Toni, One day, and one day soon. You will be getting pics, and we will start planning.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Good Morning! Here I am on my first Forced Retirement day and I'm wide awake at 5:15. What's with that???

Bertie and I went to Funke's yesterday to check out the bargains. Neither one of us was overly impressed, but we did come away with a couple of bargains. Probably the best deal was the Preen that was $9.99. Bertie got something really cute for her garden, but I'll let her tell you about it.

Boy, Neal, sounds like Spring is really right around the corner! That makes me smile!!

Where is George? Check in time!! And Velnita?? And Lana??? Let us know you're okay, please.

Okay, my feet are cold so I have to go find slippers and warm up my coffee.

Later Gators.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Morning all, we got about 2 inches of snow over night, but the weather liars are sayinng that tonight about 10:00 the real weather woes start. I need to get out and get some batteries today somehow, as my wireless mouse is living on borrowed time. I got a message last night the batteries were low, and when I looked, all I had were some used ones, so I know they won't last long.

Everybody stay inside warm and safe.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Well, there is one perk to not going to work!!!! No slip sliding on the freeway!!

Cleveland Heights, OH(Zone 5b)

Hey everybody. Another day another donut.

Just came home to a couple of blessings one I went to Salvation Army and their machine wouldn't accept my debit card for some reason, (their fault) and the Manager asked me how much cash I had in my wallet and since I had just had lunch, I said not much and started putting stuff back. She said "Just give me what you got" which was a whole $6.90. I did and she packed up everything and told me to leave. I grabbed the one bag and she said no take all 3.

For my $6.90 I got 4 pair of sweat pants, 2 pair of jeans, 1 jean skirt, a kitchen knife block set (all the parts there), and 2 pairs of sneakers (Coach and Burberry and the Coach were brand new) and yes Chele you have maternity pants in your very near future).

So off I came on home and in my doorway was an envelope priority mailed from Texas. I was like I don't know anybody in Texas who should be sending me anything. So I came in and opened it and inside was the Houston Chronicles from January 20 and January 21. To my Sister Marylyn, who lurks here, thank you so much! That was beyond thoughtful!

I also had a letter from Eversharp. To tell you who they are...they are the bonus program that Sharp Electronics Authorized Distributors (like I used to be before my accident) got paid their bonus points accumulated over the year. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about them. Totally. The letter said that in '07 while I had been sitting on my rump disabled several of my customers renewed their contracts and guess what? More than a little sumthin' sumthin' was put on this Eversharp debit card they sent me. I called the toll free number and I just got myself a little short of 4 grand I hadn't planned on and need desperately. Apparently the company I was working under which folded last year had neglected to tell them I was out on disability and the money had been sitting around since the end of '07 collecting interest and they wanted to get it to me with the 1099 so I could file it on my taxes for '08. Groovy huh?

Again though, Marylyn thank you so much! (((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

You're welcome. :-) You were asking for copies from Columbus and Cincy... I thought a slightly more southernly perspective would be fun for you, too. ^_^

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Wow Toni! You had an excellent day! And dang girl! You sure do know how to shop! LOL Let me know how much I owe you. ;)

Joyce, I'm really sorry to read about your job. I don't guess anyone is safe anymore. :( The news is full of job cuts, job losses and companies planning to cut even more.

Bonnie, I hope your MIL is being kept comfortable. I'm glad to read you are getting help.

I've not had to much to say about anything. Yes, shocking, I know. I went to the doctor again Thursday and my blood pressure was up again so I had to go do more blood work, another 24 hour urine and went on the baby monitor for 20 minutes. He's fine of course. The blood work came back fine too. I'm still waiting on the doctor to read the lab report for the urine (but according to the lab, those numbers were fine too. no protein!). My numbers are actually better now than they were months ago. Geesh. She also said the baby is measuring big but not how big. The last one was 8.12...

The kids had a 2 hour delay today. The teachers are counting on a closed day tomorrow. I guess we will see how that plays out.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Snow day.... I have one tomorrow!!!! :O) Perks!!

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Chelle, you owe her $6.90!....Toni really does know how to shop, LOL.

Toni, hopefully your streak of good fortune will be catchin'! Wonderful news on the $ you didn't know you had!

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Ms. Toni... what a great surprise to find money in the mail, so to speak. How lovely for you! (and I was happy to find just a $5 bill in a jacket pocket!)

I'm still struggling through 2 years of accumulated piles and piles of papers... finally bought a few hanging file folders today. Lousy selection (and quantity) at Walmart, and NO office supply stores within 45 miles. Actually, the files aren't too bad, but the plastic clip-in label holders are trash. I wonder if I can buy just them, online? I'm determined to finish at least 90% of this nasty job this week. Then I can start a new pile again with the 10% I don't know what to do with... LOL.

And... drum roll... today I formed my first (tiny) wheel of home-made cheese! It's about 3" across and nearly an inch thick... and took almost a quart of kefir to make. Right now it tastes like a good soft goat cheese I could spread on crackers. The instructions say to store it cool, and turn it every day, until it gets to the texture I want. Or I could wax it for longer storage, and eventually it would become a cheddar. At one point I had thought my spring house might make a good cheese cellar, but in our recent flooding of the creek, the spring house had almost 2 feet of water in it. Sigh.

We are supposed to get your storm later this evening and tomorrow. Ice, and then snow. Thanks a lot. :(

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Good going on the cheese Darius! That's sooo cool!

Cleveland Heights, OH(Zone 5b)

(((((Chelle))))) you owe me 3 hugs each from my cyber nephew and neices at the next round up and I expect to collect. Thank you very much :)

((((((((((Marylyn)))))))))) I just can't get over your Girl! Thanks!

(((((Neal)))))))) LOL I would say I'll save it for the round up to share but you know it is already spent in my mind LOL I needed that like I don't know what....

(((((((((Dari))))))))))) Send me some cheese when you get the swing of it! I saw a recipe on the food network today for homemade pizza but she grilled the pizza dough. It looked way yummy!

Speaking of which I need to go feed my face.

Talk later!

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

You must be a glutton for punishment! That's 21 hugs you know! LOL

Darius, congrats on the cheese and bummer on the flooding and yucky weather.

Neal, I'm really sad I didn't tell Toni my shoe size. bwa ha ha ha

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Joyce.... I wish you would quit moping and get a little levity in your life...Jeezz.... LOL!

Darius cool beans! or curds!

Well yesterday I got the Cab on Casters and rewired it.
Now I have to figure out the drop extensions.....

Robyn and our son Mat put in a temporary heat run out to the Sewing Room.
They just used an old run we had closed off a few years ago.
I'll have to get some shots.
It comes out of the closet in the computer room,
thru the wall, across the ceiling and out the window.... REAL hi tech!
But it's holding the temps out there pretty well.
And I doubled the RAM on this machine from 4 to 8 GB.
Newegg was running a sale....

Like Toni we got some good news too.
Our 1099P's came in.
Seems they took out too much in Taxes on our 401k dispersement.
So we have very nice refunds coming!

Well I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow's drive.
But my leadman drives up from near Bonnie's...
If it looks bad I'll call him when I get up and see how the roads are doing.
He will have been driving, or not, for about a 1/2 hour at that point.
Plus I can call 3rd shift and see how the roads are there.
Nice to have real time road updates.


Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Yeah butttt Bro... it's the cwap in the middle and the Idjits that shoulda left 1/2 hr before that will get ya... Be verrrrrry careful....I love ya!!! I am home tomorrow... don't ask.....

Cleveland Heights, OH(Zone 5b)

Get some rest ((((Dusty))))) tomorrow. Well needed for sure.

Hey now Ric!!! Good for ((((You and Rob))))

Chele I don't usually buy shoes from Sally's but I couldn't resist those. My worthless Niece in Oklahoma works for a Coach outlet and wants us to pay her to have her buy anything for us on her funky discount. Yes I have called and left her 4 messages to call me so far since I got home...Heheheheheheeeeee

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Evening friends, I did laundry, and did some cooking today. Guess what? Do you remember that I dried apples this summer, much to the derision of DH at the screens I constructed. I had fried apple pies tonight, and they were Oh so yummy. I did let him have one, but I should have kept them all for myself after him making fun of my methods. It worked!!

Such good news here today. Toni gets a windfall, as do Ric and Robyn. That is always welcome news.

Chele gets some sweat pants, courtesy of Toni.

Joyce gets a snow day.

Darius gets a finished block (well if you want to call it that|) of cheese!!

Seems like the ORVG group is on a roll!

We had snow overnight, and the weather liars are saying more snow plus ice tonight. Ric, what time do you have to be at work? I could give you a weather update, but it wouldn't be before 8:00!! Too late, I know.

This is grand central most everyday all day, but we got to sleep in this morning till 8:30, an unheard of event. DH had the night off last night, and it was sure a blessing for him. He left about 8 tonight, and won't be in till tomorrow morning, about 9, that is if his sister shows up at her appointed time.

The family has hospice now, but it consists of 2 nurses coming by to check vitals, an aide came today to give a bath and change bed linens, but the day to day care is still up to the family. The round the clock care is only if she is in one of their facilities. Some help, better than none, I guess.

Cleveland Heights, OH(Zone 5b)

All the working people be careful tomorrow. Looks like you guys are gonna have some weather.

morehead, KY(Zone 6a)

Hello all!
I have been reading and keeping up with you all, but These med changes have been an up and down thing for me. So instead of boring you all with details. I just lurked : ) I am doing much better now and have been hitting the spring garden plans hot and heavy. I have already joined 3 coop's and placed a 'few" order's. I like Toni got a little sumptin, sumptin in $$ and have been able to play. I collect stuff then sell. I don't have a lot of money in the bank, but a lot of "junk"

Bertie inspired me with her pond and I am completely redoing mine. I wish as nice as her, but I was prowling and looking at it a lot when we visited her beautiful pond. So the whole thing is being re dug, new liner, rocks, pumps, Etc. I am enclosing the whole pond(which is fairly small) in poultry fencing and making it for my koi and mandarin ducks(minitures). I will move the patio set back there and all the tropical plants. Poor Jeff, he is already complaining about his back! my farm friends owe me a "barter" and they will also help.

So I have been having fun reading your lives, while I went through tests, Dr., Tests, Dr.?? Verdict, your fine! If I didn't think my Dr. was so good. I would think she needed money!

I tell you one thing though. Next season I will can and preserve like a mad man. I have went through my supplies way too fast. I am spoiled now and can't hardly stand the taste of "regular" canned or frozen stuff. I went from 5 shelves full and a nice freezer full of goodies to only about 2.5 shelves and very low freezer. Bonnie, can I come raid under your beds! LOL hmm.. though Darius is only 4 hours away also!

Please, Please everyone be very careful tomorrow. It sounds like a bad one coming. They keep changing here and go from 3-6 inches of snow and 1/2 inch of ice, to the new report of making sure we have plenty of candles and batteries and possible 6+ inches. They say it is very unstable at this point. Well I have all those and chocolate, coffee and am not afraid to use them!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

George, sure come root in my closets and under the beds, and in the freezer, I can live without much being purchased. Sure hope that the horrible weather doesn't arrive, we are all electric, and so therefore will be cold and hungry if we lose power!!

morehead, KY(Zone 6a)

Be careful Bonnie. There is a wool festival coming up in your area and I hope to attend. I was going to try and sneak a visit in when we confirmed we were going. This may be the deciding factor! I read all the yummy things you canned/preserved.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Does that festival happen to be held at Sweet Home Spun? Hehe, just up the road from me. If you come, call, I am about 5 miles from there.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

My drive into work won't be bad, but I imagine my drive home at 6:30pm will be pretty bad. I'm supposed to meet a friend for dinner after I get home, but with the coming storm, I don't want her to drive from Centerburg to Newark. It looks like we may have to have a raincheck.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

:o) Snow day!!!

George, thanks for popping back in, you always make me smile!

I think Dusty is lucky to be off today!!! She on the other hand will have mixed emotions.

I've never known anyone who made their own cheese, I am so impressed Darius! have friends in high places!!! Aren't you glad Chele??

Ric and guys are being added to the Energizer Bunny list! Still waiting on a picture.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to get some kind of water feature for that corner where we had the RU, but now that money will be a BIG issue, not sure what. Bill said not to give up on a pond just yet. So I'm still hopeful.

Well, gee, I'm just sooooo busy today! LOL! I do have to get my butt sat down to finish the baby afghan I'm crocheting for my new grandson that is arriving at 9:30 on Friday. I only have about a foot of it done, and they're expecting an 8 lber so I need more than that!!

Have a great day all and stay safe.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

We had snow overnight, and right now it is freezing rain. For sure, I am not going anywhere. They say that we will have a break around noon, with more freezing rain tonight. DH is still with his DM, and I hope he is able to get home and get the generator ready to fire up, if needed.

Sending warm thoughts to all who are getting this horrid weather.

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

LOL Joyce! You make blankets according to the pounds of the recipient? I could keep you busy. LOL Oh, and haha! Most of us got a snow day. :)

I was up around 4:30 so came out to check closings since all I could see was white. There were only about 45. Within a few minutes, it was up to 57. I grabbed some juice and the phone and laid down to watch the closings on TV. By 5am, there were over 100. I can always gauge how bad it is if Cincinnati Public closes and it's really bad if Deer Park closes since they are a no bus district! Lynchburg didn't give it up until about ten after 5. Shortly after, the phone system called to let us know. It's funny out here because as soon as anything close closes, they tumble like dominoes! I finally went back to sleep around 7am and just got back up!

Two of my girls went to watch the boys play basketball last night and took a friend with them. So I am shut in with 7 girls today! I realized this morning that we only have 2 rolls of toilet paper. Looks like someone has to make a run and it won't be me!

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

What kind of Wool at that Festival??? I need some Long shearings either sheep or goat.. preferably Angora goat..I am going to be needing some hair for a fairy or two...I only need a few ounces, but I need it to be 8+ inches long, as light in color as possible and un washed is fine...
I will send $$ to whoever is going and could look for some for me...

Yes, I am glad to not have to be out in this weather, but no, I am not happy about being off...I need my money right now to get things done, and it aggravates me to get cut short...

I'm with you Bons...stay in, and stay warm....It is not coming down as hard, but it is still falling... :-(

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Uuuugh, I don't want to commute in the stuff coming our way. Ah well, I'll drive the van and wear my boots in case I end up stuck somewhere and have to wait on help. I'd best not forget my tennis shoes, though!

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Good morning all. Looks like the south gets it this time around, instead of us! Well..we are going to get some fact...already did get about an inch.
George...good to see you!!
Nothing much going on here today, except the weather. At least I can finally build a fire! We got a cord of wood from a local guy yesterday. We have some old stuff, but it is so old it won't even burn!! Just smolders! So had to get some new to burn with it.
The guy brought a dump truck load! He just dumped it in front of our garage, and Dave has to stack it. He already has two stacks ...but lots more to go!
Joyce...after you are home for a while, you will wonder how you ever had time to work! safe out there everyone!

Cleveland Heights, OH(Zone 5b)

Marcy we are supposed to get 5 inches tonight and tomorrow morning.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

6" here and a break in the storm now.
Another 6" by morning......


Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

It has stopped here for now...My St Francis looks like a Conehead... There is lots of it out there...I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and go refill the feeders...The birds are starving I guess because thy are really going through the feed today...

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Well we are above the I-75 everyone to the south of that is getting more than us. Usually it's the other way around. They did say on the noon news we could get between 6-10 inches starting this afternoon and into tomorrow. Wish they would make up their minds! Guess maybe they don't really know yet.
I am going to attempt to repair a mini blind today. I have those three windows over the sink in the kitchen....and one blind has a slat that is sagging badly. These blinds were cut to fit....and when we tried to get another one, they didn't have any in our size and color...alabaster. Sooooo...I need to at least try..since it looks terrible and is driving me crazy! We always put the blinds down at night to keep the heat inside. Wish me luck!!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Good Luck!

Raining here now and 23 degrees....can u say Ice!


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