What's the best breed of Chicken to set and hatch eggs?

The Dalles, OR

I am just curious as what everyone thinks:
What is the best breed of Hen to sit and actually hatch out fertile eggs?
I am comparing breeds although I have a strong preference for Wyandottes because this breed is tough, can take cold, has lots of nice feathers for flytying, and can be a "dual bird".
What is your opinion please?

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Silkies are known to be the Number 1 broody girls.

Cochins are supposedly second to them. If you like Wyandottes, you'd probably like cochins. They are lovely, hardy, sweet, and broody.

The Dalles, OR

Silkies are so cute. But, how do they do in real cold? Do they have a Wyandotte type comb or is it upright like a Rock?
Do Silkies have a "down" under those silkie feathers?
I think I am going to buy some Silkie hatching eggs since everyone is in agreement that they are the best.
A website I visited for PeaFowl, used Wyandotte hens to incubate their PeaFowl eggs for the first week and had a good hatch rate.
I like the Wyandotte's because they are able to take cold.

Reynoldsville, PA(Zone 6a)

silkies r the bomb hands down!!! i have had them in weather down to as low as -7 , they r very hardy. silkies have walnut combs which looks like a squished prune,lol. only thing different is their feathers r not barbed like a regular chickens so it makes they r shreeded and poofy. u will not be disapointed!! silkies can hatch anything u put under them from quail to duck, turkey ect except emu,lol. only thing is the bigger it is the less they can sit on. i don't know how big peafowl eggs r though.

Thumbnail by silkiechick
Cicero, NY(Zone 5a)

I'll agree with silkey
I had one hatch a baby out yesterday
Totally NOT planned
Right now it is in the single digets to below 0 here
She's in a unheated barn
no other self respecting chicken would get broody
and where she was setting I figured it was so cold the eggs would freeze
But no,she hatched a mutt..silkey x sumatra
Its black ,featherlegged,but aside from the silkey pair the barn is full of sumatras
so I'd say silkeys will hatch anything,anywhere
I've even used them for hatching peacock eggs

(Tia) Norman, OK(Zone 7a)

I have some chicks that I put out side a few weeks ago, and I got one of my little silkie pullet and put her in there with them. Went to put them up for the night as it was turning cold. I could not find the chicks, some of which are bigger than the pullet. She had them all under her. She went straight to being a mom. She is a keeper for sure.

Elbridge, NY(Zone 5a)

Ohhh that is funny! I have quite an image now of this little silkie on a mountain of chicks! hehehe I just hatched a Black silkie baby from a showgirl batch. None of the others lived. The one is adorable. I sure hope its a girl.

Williamsburg, MI(Zone 4b)

You should have seen my silkie trying to sit over her hatch of pekin ducklings. They were bigger than her before they even had feathers!

Elbridge, NY(Zone 5a)

ROFLOL! I would pay to see that!!!

Reynoldsville, PA(Zone 6a)

lol, ya have to watch they r famous for stealing eggs to hatch themselves, they r deturmined little buggers. one summer i had 2 girls who kept stealing eggs from the other girls after they stopped laying there clutches. those little cleptose ended up with 31 eggs in their 2 nests!!

they caused 2 others to go broody so ended up 4 hens in 2 nests with 31 eggs and to boot the rooster stood on the divider to stand guard. anytime the girls would leave to go eat/drink he kept the nests warm setting till they came back, lmao. i ended up haveing to open another pen up putting 4 nest boxes one of each girls and split the eggs up and they hatched darn near all of them and took turns brooding since it speratic hatched them so much. poor roo was lonely i stole all his girls and eggs lol and seperated them from the rest of the flock.

i couldn't break them i had stole eggs from them to hatch at home even and everything i tried wouldn't work but every day for like 12 days there was more eggs,rotfl. i hope i never see that again it drove me crazy but they didn't care and wouldn't break till they hatched so they fineally got their own way,lol.

The Dalles, OR

31 eggs omg~! haha I can just imagine how they must have kept all of the eggs covered.
I would like to hatch out some silkies but I think with my luck with that piece of absolute garbage of a 'bator, I think I will see if I can just just buy a hen and roo instead.
Thank you so much everyone for your replies. I have to admit I got quite a laugh out of that. hahaha

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

Love that story silkie! I can just picture them stealing the eggs! I'm so bummed that all of my st. run of silkies last year turned out to be roos. I so wanted a couple of girls!

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Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

LOL That is great.. I giggled all the way through that... I just hatched some silkies.. they are so cute!
I'm not sure what happened to one of them.. it has HUGE eyes.. almost like the cartoon character.. I call her Betty.. for Betty Davis eyes.. I'll have to get a pic.

Copper, I wish you could drive down and pick up a few.. I would hate to ship them, (too small) but I sure could set you up!

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