Rave Movie Review: High Tunnels

Sapello, NM(Zone 5b)

I've posted this over on the Homestead board too, but there seems to be a somewhat different crowd over here, and I thought you might like to know about it...

This is a DVD put out by the University of Vermont Center for Sustainable Agriculture. It's a great overview of various types of farming under high tunnels: cut flower, orchard, and CSA. Farmers interviewed are in CT, VT, NY, and PA. It has both multi-bay operations and multiple single bay set-ups. Benefits and drawbacks, temperature regulation are briefly covered... as I say, it's an overview. It's wonderfully inspiring to see how much, and what can be grown under plastic.

I'd strongly recommend it for someone just getting interested in high tunnels...
The website is: [[email protected]]

=0) Jay

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Jay, couldn't get to what you are talking about. All I got was a web site trying to get people enrolled in school.

Sapello, NM(Zone 5b)

Over on the left hand side of the web page, there is a navigation menu, listing publications...

Here's the list of videos available, including the high tunnel one....

Hunt around the UVM site, there's all sorts of neat stuff.

There is also going to be a high tunnel conference in Saranac Lake, NY, Feb. 26-27...


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