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Larnaca, Cyprus

I am very interested for xeriscaping plants especially trees suitable for beekeeping ( nectar or pollen ).My target is to use a number of plants flowering at different seasons of the year.I am already use Parcinsonia acuelata, Leucaena leucocephala, Ceratonia siliqua, Rosmarinus officinalis, Melia adzetarach, Eucalyptus torguata, Eucalyptus leucoxylon, Acacia farmesiana.Any other suggestions?

Mesilla Park, NM

I'm willing to bet that the Palo Verde tree that has tons of yellow flowers would help. VERY drought tolerant and fast grower from seed. Left all my seedlings in CA when we moved but they were about three feet tall the first year.

Larnaca, Cyprus

I already have some seeds of Cercidium floridum.I never plant this before.I wonder how easy is to grow it.Any special requirements?

Mesilla Park, NM

When I sowed them, I nicked them a little and soaked them over night, then used bottom heat and a dome. I grow several of my stuff under lights in the winter.. the humidity makes them germinate really fast. I think the seed coat on this is pretty hard, you can also just use a nail emory board and sand off some of the seedcoat so that moisture can get in. Once they germinate they will grow pretty fast and need transplanting or they out grow their pots... I don't know if they have deep tap roots though, because I put mine out into the ground after a couple of months.

Larnaca, Cyprus

Thanks Gourd,

I will follow your instrunctions .I used the same method two weeks before and from 24 seeds of Caesalpinia gilliesii now I have 22 seedlings !!!

Mesilla Park, NM

You are welcome.... good going there on the Caesalpinia. I grew some of those also a couple of years ago. I may give it another try, I had the red with yellow.


Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7b)

Manzanita is a good Winter flowering option. I've also observed that bees are partial to Oreganos.

Lodi, CA(Zone 8b)

I know this post is a little late, but Teucrium fruticans 'azureum' is a great plant and blooms from fall through winter here with gorgeous blue flowers. The bees go crazy for it.

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