Deutzia heat tolerance?

Does anybody know how tolerant the Deutzia scabra is? I have someone who is interested in one of my baby trees, but they are in 105 degree Arizona.

Thanks for any info you may have!


Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Dave take a look at this :-

Louisa: Thanks, that's good information, but unfortunately, I already knew all of that information. The only thing I don't yet know is how tolerant it will be over 100+ degree temperatures.

The site above didn't give me that info. :(


Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

OK Dave - info obtained suggested zones 5 - 9!! I guess that speaks for itself really although I would be tempted to grow it in half shade.

louisa: The zone 5-9 only tells how cold hardy it is. I'm looking for how heat hardy it is.

The zones mean nothing in terms of heat. Dallas, TX is in the same zone as me here in East TN, yet we have extremely different summers.


Portland, OR(Zone 8a)

Dave...Pulled out my Sunset Western Garden Book. Deutzia is rated ok in their zone 11 which includes some very hot also includes very cold winters. 110 summer days above 90..highest 111-117. 85 nights a year below 32 with maximums between 11-0F. It is not suggested for zone 12 or 13. I would be glad to try and pinpoint the zone a little better...where in Arizona? Dee
P.S. I grow Deutzia scabra 'Pride of Rochester' it!

Plymouth, PA(Zone 5b)

Dave that is a beautiful bush, I would be interested in one of the seedlings also if you have any left to share.

Excellent, thanks for the info, deed!

Foothills, CA

I spec Deutzia scabra here in Calif. central valley where the temps can be well over 100+ for days. They do fine with afternoon shade and a little extra water. I love these plants! Go for it, Dave.

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

I feel a bit silly!!! But there ya!! Guess the penny didn't drop the first time!

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