Help save my Majesty Palm!

It looks good in the photo yes, but... for the last few months, my Majesty Palm has had the tip of all its leaves turn brown (even the new shoot is starting to turn brown right at the very tip!). One entire branch turned completely brown, and I had to cut the branch off (this was offset though by having a new branch open up and grow). I thought the problem might be too much sun, too close to the window (situated in the corner) - I'm just not sure (but I don't really have another place to put it anyway). I don't know if I did this right, but I cut off many of the leaves that had brown tips, hoping they will grow green. The last time I did this though, the leaves never really grew, they just turned brown at the edge.

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Leaves turning brown at the edge can be a sign that the humidity is too low--that's a common problem indoors in the wintertime. I'd try putting a tray of water near the plant and see if that helps.

Myrtle Beach, SC(Zone 8b)

the thing i learned many years ago about this palm is that they cannot be allowed too dry out you must keep it moist ALLWAYS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NEVER EVER FOREVER NEVER EVER let it dry out completly or it will brown up and die like you discribed lol hope im not too late !:)

Harper Woods, MI

I have this same problem with mine. I hope the tips that I read help. Its a beautiful plant but it seems to be dying

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9b)

Thanks for the info on not letting this plant dry out. I just bought this plant 10 inch pot at Wal Mart for $10! Also got 2 ten inch peace lilies for $10 each! I dont really have room for all these huge plants. i am going to end up with plants on every surface!

Myrtle Beach, SC(Zone 8b)

haha its ok my house is a jungle ........the family dosent mind hahaha except the monkeys!

My majesty palm is doing quite nicely now... 3 months since I posted about the problems. Very little browning on the edges of the leaves, the new leaves grew nicely and it is growing a new shoot yet to be opened. I did not use a humidity tray. First thing I did was put it out in the hallway outside my door, where it was placed about 15 ft from the window. Next thing I did was seal the entire plant in plastic sheet, to create a more humid atmosphere. I was told if I didn't leave an opening, this would be bad. I didn't. I taped the entire bag shut against the pot, and grew the plant for weeks like this. No problem.

Central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Majesty Palm is not the best Palm for indoors, it is probably one of the worst. It needs a lot of sun and water, and it will grow very fast in places like Florida. This is why they sell so cheap, but it is also why it doesn't make a very good indoor plant. Check out this article for 'good' indoor Palms recommendations: .

Myrtle Beach, SC(Zone 8b)

i like them...u just need to learn from mistakes and you can enjoy them ,but no mistakes if you water enough

(Zone 1)

I have a large Majesty Palm out on my pool deck where it resides year round. If we have a freeze it just gets covered securely with an old blanket. The fronds turn brown on the edges at times and get ratty looking and I just cut those off. I agree it does like a lot of sun and a lot of water!

You can see the raggedy edges on some of the fronds in this picture. There's also a large frond in the center that is bent over and broken, I need to cut this back and fertilize it.

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Elizabeth, NJ

AS MOST PEOPLE HAVE SAID,KEEP THEM MOIST!! FORGET ABOUT WHAT THE TAGS TELL YOU WHAT TO DO,THEY LOVE WATER! Make sure there are holes in your pot at the bottom,water plant intil you see water coming out,then stop,do this evey-day. also when ever you think about it,spray the leaves with water,the palms love this and it also keeps bugs, and mites away. I take a 2 litter coke bottle,heat a pin,and melt hole in the cap,then i fill it with water,let it sit 24hr`then spray the plant,it work great and my plams are 6 and 7 feet high now,with new shoots all the time!

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