Farm Journal February 2009

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Is it Un-American of me to start the farm Journal during the Super Bowl.?. Ok.. I'll turn around to look at the commercials, and am planning to watch the half time show.. and I love to watch my Hubby who loves it..

So.. Let's see .. I've been busy.. A couple of surprise baby calves these last two weeks.. and they are both from cows that are over at my brother's .. He is borrowing my bull and said he would keep two cows over the winter for trade.. Tuesday evening my Sister in Law left me a message that a cow was calving.. hind feet first she had called the vet.. I got there late.. It wasn't hind feet first. Calf would have been fine, but I can't blame my Sister in Law.. She is really good with animals.. I went over late in the dark.. Got the Mom and baby in the barn.. dried the new heifer off with warm towels, it was snowing and the baby was shivering a bit.. One of my favorite cows.. One I had raised from a bottle calf and it's her first heifer.. I was delighted..

I am so excited to see a couple of you guys with "hogs".. I grew up on a hog farm.. and read all the posts.. When I retire from my payin' job, I hope to get a couple bred sows..

Last week I got my tractor in a precarious position.. got it out, but broke a light on my fender.. ordered a new part..

Our cousins had someone burn over a hundred bales of hay they had close to the road.. We are sure it was arson.. they poured gasoline and made a complete circle around the hay.. very sad..

I have my skid loader working again.. Hoping to push down more thorn trees so I will have more pasture..

What is everyone else up to?

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