I just bought my 1st Passion Flower plant...

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Hello All :)

I got a Passiflora caerulea (Hardy Blue Passion Flower). I'm excited and scared at the same time. I've heard the word invasive anytime I mention or see "Passion Flower". I was also told that as long as I plant it were the lawn is all around it, all I have to do is mow the extending suckers down as I mowed.
Unfortunately, I want to be able to put it in the back of my new garden I'm planning, which will have nice composed soil added to the entire area for all the other new plants I'm putting in it as well....which will be an area of 35' x 8' approx. It will have mulch all around the plants too...which won't prevent the suckers from popping up...and there will be no use of the lawn mower in the garden.

So, now I'm having nightmares of this new Passion Flower taking over the garden and choking all the other plants and bushes...Good Grief!

The other problem I was having is deciding which kind of trellis/support to use for the area I want...my head hurts cause I couldn't seem to make a good decision. We have a brand new fence DH just bought last year...and it cost $$$$. I promised DH that the plant wouldn't climb on it (or I would cut it back when needed so it wouldn't). So I've been looking at obelisks and trellises. Since I can't seem to find one which I would consider reasonably priced, I'm having DH get a few T-stakes and I'll make a trellis with mesh netting like I did for our row of Honeysuckles.

I have a question and a request :)

My question is...since I'm in zone 5, and this Passion Flower is hardy to this zone, come "next" Spring, do I cut back all the branches down to about 12" above ground like a Pipevine plant, or do I leave the branches as is and just prune as necessary like a Honeysuckle?

My request is...can ya'll put a pic up of how yours is growing/where/how for me?
Although I've seen many Passion Flower pics...beautiful ones in fact, I really need to see the growth patterns and how they look on different kind of supports...that would be great! :)

I attached a pic of what area I'm talking about in our backyard...which would be about the middle of where the new fence is...

Thanks everyone! :)


Thumbnail by SusanLouise
Nassau County, NY(Zone 7a)

Susan, I have quite a few passis and grow them in pots over a lattice wall my DH built. Come winter, they all go inside, including your hardy one. I have heard about them being invassive, but my method seems to work since they grow well in pots too and they are kept under control!

Wish you good luck, hopefully someone else will your questions!

Fischer, TX(Zone 8b)

Hmm. Wonder how they would do in a hanging basket in a Texas Hill Country live oak? Maybe I'll give it a try.

Nassau County, NY(Zone 7a)

Clathrus, I guess it depends in what type of plant you are looking for. The ones I have do well in pots!

Gilmer, TX(Zone 8b)

Will passionflower climb lattice without any help?

Hammond, LA(Zone 8b)


Gilmer, TX(Zone 8b)

LOL you say that with a grin.

Nassau County, NY(Zone 7a)

Believe they do. I have some inside that are trying to take over my curtains, lol. Of course i do not allow that!

Hammond, LA(Zone 8b)

I wish I could find the picture, but I had one that climbed to the top of my house, along my gutters and onto the roof.

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