Spring East Texas Round Up TRADES LIST

(Becky) Colmesneil, TX(Zone 8b)

OK... this is a partial listing, I'll probably add to it later

Started from cuttings that have rooted:

Confederate Rose.."Rubis" red single....AJ....Trishann....Tabitha
Confederate Rose.."Cotton Rose"...Stacie....AJ...Trishann
Confederate Rose..NOID.. starts white and turns to pink.... Trishann
Rose of Sharon.. NOID, but similar to "Blushing Bride".... Patricia

3 Hydrangeas...(small) NOID, but blue in my soil............. Debbie (2)....Patricia...Trishann..Charlene
5 Brugmansias.. NOID.....Jeri.... Trishann
5 Amaryllis.. red with white streaks........David....Patricia.... Trishann.... Phyllisb....
1 Christmas Cactus.. could be red/pink or white or all 3..lol.... Debbie
2 Kalanchoe..yellow.... Patricia

Started from seeds:

Bachelor buttons
"Candy Cane" Zinnias..... Trishann
Datura Triple Yellow......Phyllis.... David...Jerri.... Pattie
Datura Triple Purple......Phyllis....David....Jerri....Pam... Pattie
Tomatoes..Big Boy,Rutgers,Super Beefsteak.... Phyllisb
Elephant Head Amaranthus...David... Trishann
3 Agastache.. Purple.....David
3 Velthemia Baraseata..(native to Africa) .....David.. Trishann


Climbing Rose.. possible 7 sisters.... Phyllis.... Jeri.. Trishann
2 Sassafras.... Pattie... Stefanie
3 Confetti Lantana....Jerri
1 Maple

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west Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

what I would like to have is:
native TX yellow Columbines (I'm down to one plant and it won't produce seeds for me), any camellia's or azalea's, blueberries (small plants) with low chill hours (but not Misty or Sharpblue), some of the antique roses (the varieties that won't take over the planet), some of the salvia's, some of the sedums (like hens and chicks),.......perennials......tempt me, I also always need those small clay pots that are too small for most people to use about 6" x 6", a ziplock sandwich baggie of anything organic like bone meal, etc. is always useful, a 2 liter bottle of mountain dew (definitely not diet), I'm easy just tempt me!

Houseplants for Class next fall

10--Salvia 'Hot Lips'

***2 for Texasgrower
***2 for Patrob

4--Salvia 'Mystic Spires'

***2 for Patrob
***1 for Maggidew
Tropical big leaf's

2--(3-4 gallon pot) Colocasia esculenta 'Chicago Harlequin'
***gone to darkmoon
***gone to Patrob

2--(3-4 gallon pot) Colocasia 'Cranberry'
**gone to darkmoon
**gone to Patrob

3-5 (maybe more)--Large, as in really big (they are in the ground) Alocasia gageana

**1 for Patrob
**1 for darkmoon
**1 for DdeTex

2--Colocasia esculenta 'Elena'

***gone to DarkMoon
***gone to Patrob

1--Colocasia esculenta 'Illustrus'

***gone to DarkMoon
***reserved for Patrob if I can get 2
More Perennials:

? (not sure how many yet--probably 5-6)--Texas Betony (stachys coccinea) Tx Native form

***1 madrid
***1 for Mindy
***1 for Maggidew

2 or 3--Stachys coccinea 'Hot Spot Coral' (these may or may not be small)

*** 1 for madrid
***1 for Mindy

5 or 6--Salvia 'Ultra Violet' (these have stayed green here all winter--they may be small or may not be)


***1 for madrid
***1 for MiBus
***2 for Patrob

4--Manfreda maculosa (native TX plant)

**1 or 2 for Josephine
**1 for WillisTXGarden
**1 for AJBeaumont
**when I say a "bunch" of daff's, I mean 3-7 (there are usually more daff's there than I estimate)
8--Narcissus jonquilla simplex

3-- bunches of Narcissus 'Golden Dawn':

***1 for DD

3--bunches Narcissus 'Erlicheer':

7--bunches (these are really large bulbs with offsets rather than bunches) Narcissus 'Chinese Sacred Lily' (this one's considered a historic or heirloom variety):

** 1 for Willis
**1 for DD

3--bunches Narcissus 'Pipit':

**1 for DD

2--Clivia robusta seedlings



***1 for beck
***1 for maggidew

5 Lycoris sprengeri:

**1 for Willis
**1 for Trish
**1 for Mindy
**1 for DD

reserve on this one for now (sales pending)--Crinum americanum (these are native to TX):

**1 for Josephine
**1 for Trish
**1 for Mindy
**1 for WillisTXGarden

5--Crinum hildebrandtii (these are not huge, they are seed grown, so if you like medium sized crinums and not monsters, this ones for you--and they definitely don't need aquatic conditions, normal crinum moisture is fine):

**1 for Trish
**1 for madrid
**1 for Catlady

4--Crinum oliganthum (a nice, small species seed grown, does really well in containers with drainage and also old containers with no drainage that you don't know what to do with)

***1 for madrid2000

10--Hymenocallis harrisanna (seed grown, likes it dry in winter, a Mexican species, full sun for me)
scroll down this page and you get pics + more info + Jay Yourch growing inground in North Carolina in below link

***1 for TXgrower

4-6--Hymenocallis palmeri (seed grown, these are a US native, like it wet, small plants but huge blooms, full sun for me)

***1 for TXgrower
***1 for MiBus
***1 for madrid2000

3--Hymenocallis traubii

***1 for Txgrower
***1 for MiBus
Rain lilies
**when I say a "bunch" of rain lilies (either Zephyranthes or Habranthus species) I mean 2-5 (I'm much better at predicting the # of them)
**a lot more of these will be added as I get around to digging them

2--(that's all on this one) Zephyranthes morrisclintii

***1 for MiBus
***1 for madrid2000

6 or 7--Habranthus brachyandrus

***1 for MiBus
***1 for madrid2000

2 (maybe up to 5, reserve one)--Zephyranthes macrosiphon

***1 for MiBus
***1 for madrid2000

4--Zephyranthes reginae

***1 for MiBus

10--Zephyranthes candida
What I hope to be getting:

Maggidew--1 Southern Belle blueberry, 1 Veilchenblau rose, 1 columbine

Mibus--Suncatcher, 2 coreopsis

Madrid--edible banana, lemon grass

WillisTXGarden--Elizabeth Ann Camellia

TXgrower--Yuletide Camellia, Cleopatra Camellia

DdeTex--2 oak leaf hydrangea's (definitely no Cashmere Bouquet--lol), 1 yellow blooming sedum, 2 pine tree seedlings

Beck5711--2 hydrangea (no matter the color!), 1Christmas Cactus

Patrob--Apple Mint, Candy Mint, Chocolate Mint, Spearmint, Ghost plant, Blackberry

DarkMoondreamer--White Oleanders

Trish--birdhouse, windchime

Josephine--2 Penstamen, 1 Tecoma Stans (I'm also bringing you an Allium texanum as well as whatever you have on the above)

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(Karen) Frankston, TX(Zone 8a)


Pink Shrimp Plant unrooted cuttings
Red Star Of Texas Hibiscus seedlings
Nu-Mex "Twilight" pepper seedlings
Red, Pink, Hot Pink and White Oleander unrooted cuttings
Old timey Altheas, pale pink and double purples, unrooted cuttings
Lemon Cucumber seedlings
Canna "Richard Wallace" yellow
Canna "Crimson Beauty"
Flowering "Sweet Almond" bush unrooted cuttings


Any unusual EE's
Large or small ferns
Colorful, small ornamental grasses
Red/Purple Castor Bean plants
Purple Oxalis


blkraven2 - 1 mosaic gazing ball with trade to be made later
WillisTxGarden - White Tx. Star Hibiscus, DBL Confederate Rose and Peach oleander
Madrid2000 - Giant elephant ears: Alocasia ‘calidora’
TrishAnn - Birdhouse, Morning Glory Bush
Josephine - Elephant Garlic, Artemisia Powis Castle

Debbie dmj1218 - 1--(3-4 gallon pot) Colocasia esculenta 'Chicago Harlequin'
1--(3-4 gallon pot) Colocasia 'Cranberry'
Alocasia gageana, Colocasia esculenta 'Elena' + Colocasia esculenta 'Illustrus'

Sweezel - quart of Gulf Coast Muhly Grass

Eyes - 2 Pink Delight Butterfly bushes

Patricia patrob - apple mint
......candy mint
......chocolate mint
Blue Salvia

Phyllisb59 - Mints..chocolate,spearmint and lemon
purple oxalis and asparagus fern
chameleon ground cover

Maggi - banana tree, eggplant
Katie's Sweet Sixteen


Madrid2000 - Lemon Cucumber seedlings, Blue Shrimp, Red Star Of Texas Hibiscus, NOID Hardy Hibiscus, Fish Pepper

WillisTxGarden - Blue Shrimp, Fish pepper, Twilight Pepper, Toothache Plant

Debbie dmj1218 - 5 white oleander cuttings and Airplane Plant

Phyllis - Blue Shrimp Plant seedlings
Red, Pink, Hot Pink and White Oleander

Charlene - Toothache Plant
Sweezel - 2 Hibiscus Sweet Maninot
Maggi - 6 jars of Salsa
DD Dude - 5 Orange Amaryllis seedlings
Patricia Patrob - Crimson Beauty Cannas, Red Star Of Texas Hibiscus
Phyllisb59 - lemon cucumbers
cannas crimson beauty and richard wallace

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Lufkin, TX(Zone 8b)

Saving a spot for trades.


Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

I will be adding plants soon.

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Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

I am saving this one too.


2 Penstemon tenuis, native, 4inch pots

1 Esperanza
Elephant Garlic.
2 Penstemon Tenuis
From Frostweed, Josephine.

2 Artemisia Powis castle
From Frostweed, Josephine.

Elephant Garlic
1 Artemisia.
1Allium canadense
From Frostweed, Josephine.

1 Roughleaf Dogwood, native, in gallon pot
From Frostweed, Josephine.

1 Artemisia
1 Roughleaf dogwood.
1 Allium canadense.
From Frostweed, Josephine.

1 Canada Goldenrod, native, in gallon pot
1 Turk's cap, red, native, in gallon pot
2 Penstemon tenuis
From Frostweed, Josephine.

1 Frostweed, native, in gallon pot
1 Passiflora foetida.

1 Brazilian rock rose, non native, in gallon pot
1 Salvia guaranitica.
From Frostweed, Josephine.


1 Manfreda maculosa
1 Crinum amaricanum
1 Allium Texanum

2 types of native Verbena

1 Copper Canyon daisy.

Herbertia lahue
1 Passiflora lutea.

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Buffalo, TX(Zone 8b)


Passiflora incarnata http://www.geocities.com/charlenehouseman/DSC00799.JPG
Yellow daffodils w/ yellow trumpets
Mexican hat http://www.geocities.com/charlenehouseman/mexicanhat.jpg
Pink Wood sorrel oxalis http://www.geocities.com/charlenehouseman/oxalisbarrelieri.jpg
Verbena purple (wildflower) Homestead
Verbena Purple Wildflower (Rose Vervain)
Verbena Purple Wildflower ( verbena glandularia bipinnatifida prairie verbena)
Verbena Purple Wildflower (Rigida Sandpaper Verbena) http://www.geocities.com/charlenehouseman/purplehomestead.jpg
Turk’s cap http://www.geocities.com/charlenehouseman/Image1.jpg
Angelonia purple http://www.geocities.com/charlenehouseman/purple.jpg
Angelonia Pink http://www.geocities.com/charlenehouseman/pink.jpg
Heavenly Blue Morning Glories
Sweet Bay Laurel (Herb)
Water oak
Sweet gum
Red bud
East TX cedar

Trades I am bringing:
Passiflora incarnata, Mexican Hat

Sweezel mushroom compost

HOMESTEAD PURPLE VERBENA (mine is not the hybrid, it is the native)

PBTxlady tall bearded lavender iris

mindybsgarden Verbena

Trishann Passion vines

Maggie some trees for your friends

Lots of different kinds of named coleus
Asters, asters, asters
Perilla Magilla
Oriental lilies
Texas native plants
Canna lilies all kinds (I’m covering a long fence area)
Angelonia white
Angelonia lavender
Named daylilies
Hosta I don’t have any yet, so any would be great

Trades I am bringing:

Josephine: Both kinds of Verbena

Trades I am recieving:

maggidew: Common Sweet violets

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(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

Here we go!

I'll start off with what I KNOW I can give, and I'll watch all those seedlings and cuttings very carefully :~)

10 Alstroemeria psittacina - Parrot's Beak Alstroemeria

9 Viola odorata - Common Sweet Violet

1. charlenesplants

2 Nepeta cataria - Catnip a VERY LARGE plant


4 Petasites japonicus var. giganteus - Variegated Butterbur - this can be INVASIVE

1. WillisTxGarden
2. DdeTex

4 Piper auritum - Root Beer Plant - also INVASIVE -

1. TrishAnn

5 Ficus pumila - Creeping Fig - this has been planted in my Shade Garden for many years, it winters well under the big old oak trees

8 Fragaria viginiana - Wild Strawberry Tiny berries with big flavor, great groundcover

1. WillisTxGarden
2. TrishAnn

4 Hibiscus syriacus - Rose of Sharon some white/red eye, some lavender /red eye

1. Mibus



1. DMD

Squash and melon plants depending on . . . . . .

Gourd plants 3 each:

1. TrishAnn
Luffa - Mibus
Bule (Boo-lay)
Speckled Swan
Penguin (Powder Horn)
Hopi Rattle
and a tiny gourd originally from China


Katie's Sweet Sixteen
1. beck5711
2. TrishAnn

ABADS Pod #1 Plant#2
1. mibus
2. TrishAnn

Orange Sunshine(??)
1. TrishAnn

??Misc Brugs
1. patrob

I'll bring a selection of Brugs - somewhat smaller than what we brought last Fall

Native Plants

Fringeleaf wild petunia

Scarlet Buckeye, Red buckeye - GONE to frostweed (?) and WillisTxGarden

Lyreleaf sage

Coral Bean -GONE to frostweed

Coralberry - this may be what DdeTex has too

Of course we also have a number of
Nandinas - Mibus
Dwarf Palmetto - Mibus

Elephant Ears

Colocasia 'Illustris'
Xanthosoma violaceum
Colocasia 'Pink China'

For dmj1218

1 Southern Belle blueberry
1 Veilchenblau rose
1 columbine

For eyesoftexas

Purple and dark pink Coneflowers
both yellow and orange Bulbine

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Lufkin, TX(Zone 8b)

i think i would like to try your Catnip. i have a couple of cats and would love to see if they like it.


Goldthwaite, TX(Zone 8a)

......apple mint http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/300/
......canna 'Red Stripe' http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/37157/
......liatris mucronata http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/83324/
......Mexican mint marigold http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/318/
......rose cuttings:
.........'Georgetown Tea' http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/106000/
.........'Mutabilis' http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/55699/
.........'Zephirine Drouhin' http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/354/
......salvia 'Lady in Red' http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/31636/
......white shrimp plant aka squirrel's tail http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/82112/

......liatris mucronata
......twistleaf yucca
......salvia 'Lady in Red'
......salvia 'Indigo Spires'
......mealy cup sage

..Becky (beck5711)
......blackberry plants
......Salvia vanhoutteii

..Debbie (dmj1218)
......apple mint
......candy mint
......chocolate mint
......blackberry plants
......ghost plant

..Jeri (eyesoftexas)
......shasta daisies
.........'Butterscotch Ruffles'
.........'Megan's Love'
.........'Ming Porcelain'
......4 o'clocks from Cajun 2

..Josephine (frostweed)
......Clematis pitcheri from LindaTX8
......wooly ironwood from LindaTX8

..Karen (darkmoondreamer)
......salvia 'Indigo Spires'
......apple mint
......candy mint
......chocolate mint

..Marian (lovelyiris)
......dune aloe
......torch aloe
......apple mint
......ghost plant
......iris 'Jesse's Song'
......liatris mucronata
......mother of thousands
......salvia 'Indigo Spires'

..Pattie (pbtxlady)
......passifloras from Kim
......pots from Kim & ?

..Phyllis (mibus2)
......torch aloe
......Asian jasmine
......Liatris mucronata (blazing stars)
......salvia 'Indigo Spires'

......cuttings 'Georgetown Tea' rose
......canna 'Red Stripe'
......iris 'Prissy Miss'

..Staci (sweezel)
......Liatris mucronata
......daffodils, small white flowers
......apple mint
......cuttings 'Georgetown Tea' rose

..Tabitha (madrid2000)
......iris 'Jesse's Song'
......salvia 'Indigo Spires'
......salvia 'Lady in Red'

......rose cuttings
.........'Abraham Darby'
.........'Graham Thomas'
.........'Zephirine Drouhin'
......tall bearded irises
.........'Prissy Miss'
.........'Mary Frances'
.........'Can Can Dancer'
......hosta 'Golden Tiara'


......Mexican heather
......bulbine frutescens
......bat-face cuphea 2

Becky (beck5711)
......Rose of Sharon, NOID, but similar to "Blushing Bride"
......Hydrangea, NOID blue
......Amaryllis, red with white streaks
......Kalanchoe, yellow

..David (DdeTx)
......oakleaf hydrangeas
......elephant ears, as available
......'Old Blush' rose
......pink climbing rose

..Debbie (dmj1218)
......Alocasia gageana
......Colocasia ‘Chicago Harlequin’
......Colocasia ‘Cranberry’
......Colocasia ‘Elena’
......Colocasia ‘Illustris,’ if available
......salvia 'Hot Lips' (2)
......salvia 'Mystic Spires' (2)
......salvia 'Ultra Violet' (2)

..Jeri (eyesoftexas)
......butterfly bush 'Pink Delight'
......red canna 'Tiki Torch' if available
......hibiscus dinner plate 2

..Karen (darkmoondreamer)
......canna 'Crimson Beauty'
......canna 'Richard Wallace'
......red Texas star hibiscus

..Maggi (maggidew)
......brug cuttings

..Marian (lovelyiris)
......named irises
......named daylilies

..Pam (catlady)
......tiger lilies
......Byzantine glads

..Pattie (pbtxlady)
......Philippine lilies
......agastache 'Honey Bee Blue'
......Colocasia 'Black Magic'
......Colocasia 'Illustris'

..Phyllis (mibus2)
......birdhouse with irises on it
......blackeyed susans

......'Lady Banks' rose white
......'Rosette De Lizy'

..Staci (sweezel)
......Snake Herb (D. linearis)
......Henry Duelberg Salvia
......Salvia darcyi 'Pscarl'
......Gulf Coast Penstemon (P. tenuis)
......Texas betony
......bicolor salvia

..Tabitha (madrid2000)
......Alocasia calidora
......Mexican heather
......lemon grass

.........City Of Portland
.........Crimson Beauty
.........Orange Beauty
.........Primrose Yellow
.........Richard Wallace
.........Scarlet Wave
.........Vanilla Ice
......Hibiscus Luna
......Hardy White Hibiscus

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Wells, TX(Zone 8b)

I havent had much luck getting stuff made.. to many other things going wrong..lol.. Ill just show up with that I have and will see what happens.. I was warned to get beds ready but I havent even been able to do that so Im not really worried about trading this time I just want to meet people and have some fun! but if anyof you want stepping stones let me know what youd like and Ill have them for you. let me know soon cause they have to cure for 30 days before you can use them...We can worry about trading later on..I know the people are good folks here so Im not worried about waiting for something in trade later..

Josephine ....1 mosaic gazing ball with black grout with trade to be made later
Karen.............1 mosaic gazing ball with black grout with trade to be made later
Trishann..........1 mosaic gazing ball with black grout with trade to be made later
Stepping Stones..
David....1 regular dragonfly stepping stone with trade to be made later
Pam....1 regular either sun or bug stepping stone with trade to be made later
Texas grower..1 regular sun stepping stone with trade to be made later
Trishann..........1 regular Butterfly stepping stone with trade to be made later
Karen............. 1 Large with sun and moon pattern with trade to be made later

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Buffalo, TX(Zone 8b)

Maggie, may I have some of your Common Sweet Violets? I am getting some trees for your friends that are needing them. I will be putting up a list soon so you might find something you like.

(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

Hey Charlene! I have many more than 10 of the violets, how many would you like?

Buffalo, TX(Zone 8b)

I'm not bashful Maggie, just whatever you think you can share. I look forward to having them. I was reading about all of the things you can do with them and it sounds good to me.

How many trees do your friends want? I have oaks, pines, cedars, willows, elms and (drew a blank) can't think of the others, but I have more. I have them from tiny - weeny to pretty big. This is the time to dig them. I can pot them so they will make the transition easier in the spring.


(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

Oh Great! I will dig a bunch of them!

Well the folks I am collecting trees for have 2 acres that were scraped clear, so I am thinking Oaks for sure, we have talked about at least one willow, they have a low area that should give a willow a good spot. As big as you can handle would be great :~) Sheila and I will get together sometime soon to get more specific about what she wants, and where.

If her work schedule allows she may even come to the RU as our guest :~)

(Phyllis) Flint,, TX(Zone 7b)

I'm looking for things to companion plant with my roses and anything that will still be in bloom come September

not sure yet on what I will have and maggi wouldn't ya know it the one brug cutting I got from you the one that is not named yet but smells good ...none of them made it dang it:(

(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

Phyllis, I think we can mend that situation! Which color was it? Our 2 unnamed were registered and released at the end of 2008. They orange-y one is now 'Katie's Sweet Sixteen' and the pink is 'Hope Ashley'.

Unless you got an untagged one? In that case I wouldn't know which would I? LOL!

We'll bring an assortment :~)

(Becky) Colmesneil, TX(Zone 8b)

OH MY Maggie.. I drooled over the now named Katies Sweet Sixteen... I'd LOVE a cutting of it!! I'll get a trade list up one of these days..lol... you have first chance on anything

Phyllis.. I'm working for you girl.. planted lots of seeds!!

Buffalo, TX(Zone 8b)

My brugs made it after they got bitten by the frost first. I put them in the gh and they have resprouted. Only Naughty Nell didn't make it back. When I first got them, I had to put DD in the hospital and we had an unexpected early frost. Everything was still sitting out where I had unpacked it from the RU. I lost a few things.


Goldthwaite, TX(Zone 8a)

Maggi, put me on your list for brug cuttings too. I had very good luck with the ones you gave me last fall with all but one or two cuttings rooting. Beginner's luck, I guess, plus very nice cuttings to start with. I got some of the ones in pots too, and they have grown like crazy in the greenhouse, several making "Y's" already.

(Phyllis) Flint,, TX(Zone 7b)

maggi it was ABEAD POD #1 PLANT #2

(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

AHA! OK, I think we have that covered. I guess we'll have to come up with a name and register it this year - it's very fragrant :~)

(Phyllis) Flint,, TX(Zone 7b)

yeah that is why I got the cutting cause I had asked if you had one that was very fragrant LOL...thank you !!!!!!!!!!!

hey did Kenboy read his Dmail lately???

(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

Who knows? To be fair, Ken is still on dialup and he has a hard time with the connection :~(

I will tell him to check his mail

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Saving a spot for trades.
Looking forward to meeting those of you we've not met before!

Lee & Dee


Crinum - "Ellen Bosanquet"
Narcissus tazetta-"Grand Primo"
Narcissus jonquilla x odorus "Campernelle"
Zephyranthes candida (aka: Fairy Lily, Rain Lily))
Solandra maxima - (aka- Chalice vine, Gold Cup vine) (will air layer,cuttings)
Herbertia lahue - (Prairie Nymph) seedlings
Loquat/Japanese Plum trees (1 yr olds)
Malvaviscus arboreus drummondi (Turk's Cap)
Malvaviscus arboreus mexicana (syn. - Malv. grandiflora) (Mex. Turk's Cap)
will start air layers as needed
White Texas Star Hibiscus
Oleander cuttings
Catalpa trees - GONE (City_Sylvia, Mibus2))
2 - Passiflora lutea GONE (Josephine, catlady (Pam)
2 - Silky Red Butterfly Weeds (1- Madrid2000)

Promised to:

Madrid2000 - Turk's Cap plant (M. aboreus drummondi)
Mex. Turk's Cap (M. grandiflora)
White Tx. Star Hibiscus,SR Bttrflyweed

Darkmoondreamer(Karen) - White Texas Star Hibiscus, Dbl Pink Conf. Rose cuttings,Peach oleander cuttings

Kenboy - White Tx Star Hibiscus
Maggidew (Maggi) - Peach oleander cuttings

Mibus2 - peach oleander cuttings,Catalpa Tree

Charlene - variety of oleander cuttings

DD - White Tx Star hibiscus, variety of all bulbs

dmj1218 - Eliz. Ann camellia

Mindy - White Tx Star Hibiscus

Josephine - Herbertia lahue, Clematis crispa, Passiflora lutea

City_Sylvia - 1-Catalpa Tree

Sweezel (Staci) - Herbertia lahue seedlings
Grand Primo
Ellen Bosanquet Crinum

Catlady(Pam) - Passiflora lutea

Receiving from:

dmj1218 - Lycoris sprengeri,Chinese Sacred Lilies, Crinum americanum, Manfreda maculosa , Zeph. pulchella

Madrid2000 - EE's Alocasia

Darkmoondreamer - blue shrimp plant, Fish & Twilight pepper plants

Maggiedew - Butterbur, wild strawberry

DD - Hollyhocks, Hydrangeas, CC Daisy, Lion's Tail

Josephine - Frostweed plant, Passiflora foetida

Sweezel - salvias - Henry Duelberg, S. darcyi"Pscarl"
Tx. Tarragon
catlady - Byz. Glads

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Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Debbie (dmj1218) - please reserve a Lycoris sprengeri ( or a couple if you discover that you have more available)... and a bunch of Chinese Sacred Lilies for me - Thanks so much! Lee

west Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Lee, I have you down for them. The L spengeri are large enough (and have bloomed) but will take a couple of years to settle in--they are fussier than a lot of Lycoris. They also need to remain damp and will not bloom it pots--but when they bloom, they are worth it.

Lufkin, TX(Zone 8b)

i would love any varieties of bulbs that you might have left. i had to leave almost all of my daffs at my old house and i really miss them! i am going to be getting my trade list together soon and you can see what you would like.


west Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

that's fine Tracie--I don't have near all of them up there yet

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Debbie, could I please have one Crinum americanum? I will post my list soon.

west Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

You certainly may Josephine--take your time!

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Thank you Debbie.

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8a)

I will post my Have's soon. It is a bit early to see what all I will have but I usually have some goodies. Will try to get some oak leaf hydrageas going as that was a hit last time. Sounds like a good group with lots of goodies.

I love bulbs so a variety of the narcissus/daffs would be nice.


(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

This is from Charlene. She needs your prayers please?

Hey, don't anybody on here check the prayer forum. I am in Houston with John. He had congestive heart failure. His sugar went out of control and now he is on insulin.

Not a DG person to know about it. I told Shelly to be sure and watch the prayer forum and keep people informed. Well we have been here since Saturday and no one that I know has even checked the prayer forum and answer any d-mail from my dg friends.

Hopefully the last test will come out okay today and he will get to come home. We went to the hospital in Palestine and they transferred him to Houston. I am at my nieces house for the moment. Won't be able to respond later.


Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Our Prayers are with you both , Charlene.

(Becky) Colmesneil, TX(Zone 8b)

My prayers are with all of you too!! I pray for a speedy recovery, so both of you can go back home!

Humble, TX

I have:
Giant elephant ears: Alocasia ‘calidora’-patrob, cannagirl, trishanne, willistxgarden, DdeTex, Sandy, darkmoondreamer
Banana: red flower, small bananas:cannagirl, trishanne, DdeTex, Debbie
Cast iron plant: aspidistra elatior
Mexican heather: cuphea hyssopifolia:patrob
Mexican petunia: ruellia tweediana-spreads by seed, but can be pulled up
Axtec sweet herb: lippia dulcis: cannagirl, trishanne
Red (slightly hot pink) canna-1only
Lemongrass:Debbie, catlady, patrob

Looking for:
Pineapple sage & rosemary (lost after Ike)
also interested in vegetables/herbs, any bulbs, daylilis, bearded iris
More fun and getting to see everyone again!

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(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

Oooo, madrid2000 I have some Pineapple Sage seeds to start and some Rosemary cuttings that are small but mighty. I will try to get them of good size by the day of the RU. Ike was a surprisingly nasty storm, huh?

I might also be able to bring some of your other wishes too.

(Karen) Frankston, TX(Zone 8a)

Madrid I would love some of your Giant elephant ears Alocasia. I will have have my list up before long and am sure I can find some great goodies for you. Ever tried Lemon cucumbers? I am starting tons of veggies right now...

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