Is Anyone Growing Tree Peonies in the Rockies?

Helena, MT(Zone 4b)

The nurseries here sell them, but I don't see any in people's gardens. We have alkaline clay soil. And a lack of humidity, too. Anyone know what these gorgeous plants require?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

My buddy in Shepard AB has had a lovely paeonia suffructicosa since 2004. He doesn't do anything special to it. He has alkaline soil and very dry conditions.

Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

I have never grown them, but I used to walk past the house of a neighbor who had a beautiful bush of them in her yard. We too have alkaline (not so alkaline) soil and in that neighborhood, it was clay.
I bet you can get away with them, but they do need deep soil and lots of organic matter, I understand.
Peony is the national flower of China and most of the ones I saw there looked like tree peonies or maybe regular ones on steroids! ( FYI)

Denver, CO

I know a gardener here who loves them, has a couple dozen. They are not in rich soil at all, but fairly dry and gravelly. My first try at them went to show that they don't need shade, in fact it weakens them.
DBG has an awesome collection of ones I cannot seem to find available. (the colour spectrum beats the standard herbaceous Peonies) Best specimens I've seen have a little shade, but not too much.
I drove by an enormous specimen (West side of someone's home, surrounded by turf) last late summer, and am trying to find it again...
I had one, 'Souvenir de Maxime Kornu' aka 'Kinkaku,' and as lovely as it is, the huge flowers hang from limp stems that bend down to the ground. It produced some seedlings, only one of which I've kept. Easy to grow from (big, fat, hard, black) seed outdoors.

A great choice for the West- they love our conditions if they can have some organic matter & some water. And such great textured leaves...

Tonasket, WA(Zone 5a)

I have several Tree Peonies, some in shade some in full sun. My soil is very alkaline and it is hot and windy here. I do keep mulch around them, and have added Planters 2, when I was putting it around other shrubs and trees. They grow quite sprawly, but the blooms make up for their ungainlyness.


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