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Spring Is Coming

Deering, NH(Zone 5a)

You may not believe it if you live in New England, but Spring isn't too far away. On his way home from work either Tuesday or Wednesday, my DH saw a deer that jumped out right infront of him not too far from home. He said it was a huge Doe. We haven't seen deer out for many months around here. Way too much snow on the ground. Even the poor turkeys have a hard time getting around so they fly most of the time into the trees. Come on Spring!

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

We see deer all winter, even troughs where they plow the snow with their bodies when they walk.

We have been seeing skunks, possum and other animals out now (even though it is still below 0 in the morning) One of my customers saw a chipmunk.

So I have to agree. Spring is coming, and I predict it will be a little early this year because of the animal movement I have seen.

Deering, NH(Zone 5a)

Maybe in your area, but not mine. Now we have way too much snow here again. And it won't be leaving anytime soon.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

How much snow do you have?
You must really be sick of winter too. I like winter, but it has hung around too long this year. (started way too early)

The most snow that we had this year on the level in the woods was just over 3 feet. We usually average about 2 feet of settled firm snow. (I like to call it glacier snow as it seems to freeze and refreeze)

The snow and ice leaves the swamp last and that is about the first of may or so.

One of my customers today was remarking that the deer were coming around her place and she had not seen them all winter. I guess we live in the woods and that is where the deer winter.

Deering, NH(Zone 5a)

When was your last snowstorm? We saw tons of deer tracks yesterday. Probably because they figured that we had barely any snow and now we are loaded with it again. So they wanted to move around. I know I have seen plenty of turkeys the last two days. One saw my dog and ran down our road. It was so funny. Then last night my husband saw some at the foot of our driveway. I went out to look and one flew out into the woods while the other one ran down the road. We live on a class 6 road so there's usually no traffic on it.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

We had quite a bit of snow early Nov-Dec. Then it turned so cold that it barely snowed. We haven't had much lately. But in the spring we usually get hit pretty good. (one last blast of winter)

We were lucky to miss that snowstorm that hit the east.

Deering, NH(Zone 5a)

Yeah, don't mention it. We got it. It wasn't no fun.

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