What hot peppers are you growing this year?

Knoxville, TN(Zone 7a)

Again - I always love to hear what everyone is growing - it's how I decide what to add each year.

Golden Greek Pepperoncini - had a bad gardening year last year and these didn't get a fair shot.

Pimiento de Padron - had a bad gardening year last year and these didn't get a fair shot.

Big Bomb Hybrid - had a bad gardening year last year and these didn't get a fair shot.

Variegata - great decorative pepper - my customers really like this and I like it in my flower border

Fish - Such a cool looking plant! Haven't really figured out a way to use them yet but I'm still growing them. :-)

Lemondrop - probably my favorite hot pepper. I love the flavor and this plant just glows.

Habanero - must have for maing jerk sauce and Habanero Gold

Aji Dulce - love using this in fruit salsas and Habanero Gold

Purple Cayenne - I've got lots of seeds and it looks pretty in my border

Bird pepper

Chichimeca hybrid - a jalapeno. I'm still trying to find the perfect jalapeno. Spicy but not blazingly hot, productive and as large as possible since I usually stuff them.

Some kind of Ancho - I'm looking for a mild one for roasting.

Trinidad Seasoning

Some kind of thai pepper for drying - I have old seeds of Park's Giant Thai but I may try something else

Some kind of New Mexican chili - still looking

Rocotillo - looks gorgeous

Bulgarian Carrot - looks great and has a cool name which appeals to customers.

Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

i grew the big bomb hybrid last season and i had a stella crop. they aere hotter than i thought they wojuld be but that wasgood.

this year
naga morrich
bhut jolokia - was a disaster last year but will try again
7 pot

Moss Point, MS(Zone 8b)

I don't eat hot peppers but I love to grow them for friends and family. Last year was my first time and they were so pretty and bountiful that I'm doing a bunch this year.

Mulato Isleno
Bulgarian Carrot
Largo Purple
Thai Hot
Hungarian Hot Wax
Madame Jeanette
Peru Yellow
Pasilla Bahijo
Chervena Chushka
Holy Mole
Orange Bahamian
Pinocchio's Nose

Thumbnail by twiggybuds
Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

i'd be intereted in seeing some pictures as they mature. nice crop you are gong to have.

Springdale, AR(Zone 6b)

I'm going for:

Super Chili
Bhut Jolokia
Purple Jalapeno
Purple Robe
Naga Morich
Brown Scotch Bonnet
Fatalli Red
Red Savina
Congo Trinidad
Dorset Naga
Caribean Red
Yellow Scotch Bonnet
Mustard Habanero

Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

have you grown the bhut jolokia and the nega morich before??

Springdale, AR(Zone 6b)

My first time for these varieties.


Avon, NY(Zone 5b)

Dropped 16 from last year. Only added four new. This is my list for 2009.

Tiny Thai Hot
Little Elf
Peruvian Purple
Bolivan Rainbow
Bhut Jolokia
Rocoto Yellow
Rocoto Orange
Rocoto Red
Rocoto Peron Rojo
Lemon Drop
Red Savina
Harold's St. Bart
Habanero Peach
Habanero Yellow
Habanero Chocolate
Habanero White
Congo Trinidad
Jamacian Scotch Bonnet
Jamacian Hot Chocolate
Caribbean Red
Largo Purple
Explosive Embers
Aji Omnicolor
Jalapeno Purple
Jalapeno Mucho Nacho
Wenk's Yellow
Brazilian Pumpkin
Brazilian Starfish
Birdseye of Guyana
Yellow Fire
Goat Weed
Thai Dragon
Thai Hot
Orange Thai
Cayenne Golden
Cayenne Long Slim
Cayenne Large Thick Red
Cayenne Andy's
Super Cayenne
Cherry Bomb
Hot Portugal
Serrano del Sol
Ancho San Martin
Ancho Tiburon
Big Chile
Hungarian Wax
Kung Pao
Ring of Fire
Garden Salsa
Holy Mole
Hot paper Lantern
Red Rocket
Pasilla Bajio
Nu Mex Sunrise
Nu Mex Sunset
Red Mushroom
Super Chili

Plus 2 varieties I brought back from China

Plus 34 "varieties" of my own "breeding"

Plus 16 varieties of sweet or mild types.

For 43 years my wife and I have made a living off my hobbies. For at least 10 years I have said it's time to quit but for some reason we keep going. We grow other things too.
There will be about 15,000 to 16,000 pepper seeds that my wife will sow (some are already done) in flats. Then I transplant them into cell packs. We sell some plants and about 6,500 to 7,000 will get planted into the garden. About 750 will go into bigger pots.

I do not ship plants.

Moss Point, MS(Zone 8b)

Gansurambler that's an amazing list. Do you take the fruits to a farmer's market or sell to a processor?

Last year I discovered how to grow them and they were the easiest, most trouble free crop I've ever grown. The only thing I could complain of was the occasional sunscald on the single bell type I grew. If this turns out to be another good year, I might want to try to make $ of them.

Avon, NY(Zone 5b)

twiggybuds, they are mostly sold at a farmer's market. Some are sold at home. But all are retail. No processors or stores.

I hope you give it a try. It's fun! Good luck.

Here's a picture of our setup at the market. 20 feet of peppers.

Thumbnail by gansurambler
Moss Point, MS(Zone 8b)

That is so beautiful. I'd want to buy one of everything and take them home just to stare at. The colors are so vibrant and the shapes so different. They're fascinating and I'm in love. Thanks for that photo and if you've got another showing the other end, I'd love to see that too.

North Hills, CA

I'm working on:

Capsicum Annuum

Cascabel , Black Pearl , Hungarian Hot Wax , Hungarian Yellow Wax , Large Red Cherry , Black Negro De Arbol , Cherry Bomb , Fresno , New Mexico , Chile Negro/Pascilla Bajio , California Chile , Shishito , Red Mushroom , Yellow Mushroom , Greek Pepperoncini , Anahiem , Jalapeno M , Volcano Hybrid , Sweet Banana , Hot Banana , Cascabella , Cubanelle , Long Thin Cayene , Serrano , Poblano , Jalapenolite , Nu Mex Twilight , Mat's Hot Cherry , Explosive Ember , Pequin , Red Missle , Thai Red Hot ,Chilaca Pascilla , Chile De Arbol , Sandia Hot , Nu Mex Sweet , NuMex Garnet , Maraba PI 497977 , Arledge , Remic , Venus , Chile Tepin , Bermuda Hot , Mexican Bird , Cveta Hot/Rainbow Chile f1 , Fish , Turkish Cayene , Corno Verde Hybrid , cveta hot f2hybrid , Ethiopian Brown Berbere , Carribe , Guajillo , Aji Amarillo , Orange Thai , Chilhaucle Amarillo , Goats Weed , Inca Lost , Mayan Love Pepper , Peter Pepper Orange , Pingueta De Mono , Costeno Amarillo , Bulgarian Carrot , Gold Cayene , Santa Fe Grande , Pimento , Little Nubian , Sweet Mini , Wenks Yellow Hot , Balloon , Chicken Heart , Pico De Gallo , PI224433 , chihuacle rojo , Explosive Blast , Padron , Italian Roaster , Lombardo Pepperoncini , Santaka Hot Asian , Early Jalapeno , Serrano Tampiqueno , Flourescent Purple , Royal Black , Piquillo , Broome , Rainbow Mix , Cabeza De Lagarto , Chichien , De Rata , Grif 1548 , Lumbre , PhulJadi , Filipino , Golden Treasure , Sheepnose , Corno De Torro , Black Scorpion Tongue , Chervena Chushka , Burning Bush , Bolivian Rainbow , Purple Serrano , Golden Nugget , Jimmy Nardello's , Gypsy , Puya , Black Hungarian , Marbles , Haiti Cluster , Ammazzo , Chinese Multicolor , Holy Mole Hybrid , Starburst , Tequilla Sunrise , Barker Hot , Masquarade , AlakuZold , XIGole , Etna , Sarga Czeresznue , Piment'DEspelette , Chilhaucle Negro , Peter Pepper Yellow , Aji Cereza , Purple Pequin , Petit Marseilais , Dundicutt , Nora , Pili Pili-PI 194722 , Macho , Key Largo , College 64L , Frigatello , Super Chile , Rooster Spur , Hot Apple , Aji Rojo , Aji Crystal , Large Poblono , Paprila Supreme , Italian Gourmet , Kim's Jalapeno , Floral Gem , Tepin var.aviculare , peperone , pequin vae. glabrisculum , beaver dam , Spanish Red , Verengata TriFetti , Peter Pepper Red , Largo Purple , Little Elf , Filus Blue , Purple Jalapeno , Pretty Purple , Portokolova Fifironka PI 370374 , Mongolian , Mek Phet , Gum Drop , Ring Of Fire , Cascabella Bola , Ecuador Hot , Praire Fire , Yellow Bedder , Long La , Buran Sweet , Macskapiros Cat Red , Parker Hot , Ancho San Luis , Chilcostle , Red Jalapino , Hot Banana , pimento tangerine ,Bola , Chung-sol , Qquary gochu , Delicious , The Giant , Put-gochu , Aljja , I like everything , Kimchi PepperTae-yang , Hong-gochu , Peruvian Purple , Diaulicchi , Chilacate , Demon Red , catarina , carolina cayenne , bulldog , cherry hot , conchiti , dutch hot , fogo , garden salsa , gorogled bel liut , hanoi red , hungarian death hot , biker billi , baccio di satana , arizona toothpick , agua blanca , african bird-orange , acolarimento , kung pao , lazaretti , piccante di cayenne , pimento picon , portagal cayenne , cayenne super , sabes , sudanese hot , szechuan , thomas jefferson cayenne , jalapeno hybrid-heaven , long red slim , hawaiian sweet hot , chaco , st.helena, hanoi market , long hungarian green , sweet yellow cherry , confetti , chocolate cherry , chahua , balada , cow horn , rouge de la bresse . jalapa , ho chi minh , czech lack , bombero , galaguera , feher ozon paprika , georgia flame , aurora , maule's red hot , alma paprika , garden sunshine , fushimi , pritamin paprika , pusztagold , new mex 6-4 , hatch , dianonte market cherry , portugal cayenne , pimento picon , zambia , verigated striped , devils toothpick , south korea unknowns-1,2,&3 , south Korea cross , South Korea ornamental-purple , South Korea tiny ornamantal , bulgarian spicy , island delight , island hellfire , kogi , puerto valarta , pointsetta , singapore , salmon , trotolino amarosa , thai dragon , assam , cap 1473 , Texas Chile Petines , firecracker pequin , sweet cherry , nu mex big jim , corno di toro-yellow , yellow thai , thai burapa , indian jwala , philipine long green , chinese 5 color , long purple cayenne , siling lara , onza rojo , verigata , nu mex sunflare , oretty in purple , purple tiger , cap 1546 , black cluster , florida wild , prik ki nue thai bird , cigana gypsy , feferona red , kalocsai 622 , romanian red , macska sarga yellow , szegedi 20 , surajmukhi , robustini pepperoncini , goghuku togarashi , kalocsai v2 , chilli tepin , aji panca , thai mound , chimayo , hawiian aweet hot , topepo rosso , processing cayenne , wrinkled old man , la reina's bird

Capsicum Baccatum

Atomic Starfish , Lemon Drop , Aji Limon , Aji Angelo , Aji Habanero , Inca Red Drop , Kaleidoscope , Guyana PI
199506 , Rain Forrest , Praetermissun var Baccatum , Brazilian Pumpkin , Aji Chinchi Amarillo , Bishops Crown , DongXaun Market , Earbob PI 159272 , Peruvian Orange-Naranga-PI 446900 , Inca Berry , Aji Omnicolor , Aji Amarillo-Peru , baccatum pea , Fire Fox , Grif 9221 , Polumbo PI 439411 , chinchu uchu , aji norteno , aji red , brazillion arbolito , Joker Hat , Albertos , Queen Laurie PI 281405 , Bulgarian Teardrop PI 439370 , Aji Pineapple , Aji Picante , Bigit Locoto , Aji Santa Cruz , Aji Verde PI 290983 , Heart throb PI 260574 , Pieto de Moca , Dedo de Moca red , brazillian starfish , aji limon , el oro de equador PI594244 , criola sella , aji colorado , lami spiral , aji benito , chayusa ruso , aji cito , Capsicum Praetermissum Var. Baccatum , Aji De La Tierra , peruvian Creole PI 594605 , aji blanco cgn 21470 , cap 220 , aji panca , yellow russian , kellu uchu , exploding fire , aji amarillo mirasol , bacato da orto , aji umba red , napalese bell

Capsicum Chinense

Red Savina , Habanero Arbol , White Habanero , Orange Habanero , Cancun"Carlos" Habanero Red , Cancun "Carlos" Habanero Orange , Red Habanero , Naga Morich , Chocolate Scotch Bonnet , Fatalii Yellow , Carribean Red , Congo Trinidad , wild brazil , Yellow Trinidad , Red Dominica , 7Pod , Habanero Brown , Gold Bullet , Big Sun Yellow Scotch Bonnet , Trinidad Scorpion , Trinidad Scorpion FG , Trinidad Perfume , Royal Goldn PI 315023 , Datil , Cumari ou Passarinho PI 497985 , Columbian Orange Lantern PI 275127 , Cachuca , Billy Goat , Bhut Jolokia , Fatalii Red , Paper Lantern , Jamaican Yellow Hot , Madam Janette , PI 215733-Peruvian Chinense , PI 224448-Tangerine Bell , PI 224706-Chile Blanco , Chocolate Habanero , Safi Red Habanero , Yellow Habanero , Peach Habanero , Mustard Habanero , Dorset Naga , Aji Dulce #2 , Aji Dulce Yellow , Cumari , Harolds St. Bart , Burkina Yellow , Jamaican Hot Chocolate , Red Mushroom , Aji Limo , Quintisho , Arivivi or Arabibi Gusano PI 5733 , Bido Tacana PI543181 , Carmine PI 214730 , Yellow Mushroom , Guyana Tragedy PI 238046 , Habanero Manzano , Peruvian Shiney Red , Habanero Punta Giallo , Limon , Black Congo , Aji Umba , Foodorama Scotch Bonnet , Congo Brown , Purple Habanero , Martinique, maraba , Cleos Dragon , White Bullet , BGH 1725 Yellow , Tasmanian Habanero , Rocotillo , Naga Jolokia , Devils Tongue , Tobago Seasoning , Jamaican Scotch Bonnet , Scotch Bonnet , Maui Purple , ADelberto's Habanero Brazil , Market Peach Habanero , Wiri Wiri , PI 159263 Yellow # 2 , Antilles Carribean , TFM Scotch Bonnet , Congo De Nicaraugua , Jamaican Red Hot , Uvilla Grande PI 281393 , Tree Habanero GT , Chocolate Habanero -Long , Chocolate Brown Habanero , Red Mushroom GT , Bhut Jolokia IC Strain -Special , Fatalii X Peruvian Chinense , Peruvian White Habanero , Burkina Hot , Datil X Limon , Bonda Ma Jackque , Ecuadorian Devils Breath , Pimenta De Neyde , Bode Red , 7 Molhos , Cabaca , Biquinho , beni highlands , surinam habanero , chocolate congo , numex suave , white habanero , west indy , red habanero , chocolate brown habanero , scotch bonnet , squash pepper , tiger teeth , caiene , peruvian serlano , bonnet bell cross , aji chumbo , pi 224424 , pi 257068 , pi 260484 , 7 pot #1 and #2 chaguanas trinidad ,7 pot #1,2,3,4 , trinidad scorpion #2,3 , aji dulce de venezufla , orange chiero , goat , amazon , Aji Panca , Limon Grande , Trinidad Scorpion Morouga ,SBS Demon Habanero , SBS Scotch Bonnet , SBS Chocolate Habanero , SBS Fatalii Hybrid , grif 9246 , 7 pot jonah , yellow bumpy , datil Xaji dulce , cumari cross SBS version , jamaican scotch bonnet brown , aji umba red , cheiro recite , charipita , barbados , trinidad scorpion-bank , trinidad scorpion cross-bank , 7 pot sr strain , bih jolokia lt.green special strain , chile amazon roma , tobago sweet scotch bonnet , cajamaica , yellow scorpion cardi , 7 pot long large strain , trinidad scorpion sr strain , bombay morich , ivory habanero , naga morich gonzo gardens , trinidad douglah , bih orange , trinidad scorpion morouga blend , habanero robetona , habanero scutaba , habanero peach , chocolate fatalii , limo blanco , market habanero pastel , aji limo rojo

Capsicum Frutescens

Japones , Hot Portagal , Purira , Red Chile , Naga Jolokia , Puta Madre , Zimbabwe Bird , Golden Frutescens PI 257083 , Grif 9197 Costa Rican Red Frutescens , Ata Ijosi , Eximium Type #1 59414 , Yellow Tabasco , Hawiian Super Hot , Takanotsume , Tabasco Greenleaf , Bradley's Bahamian , Piment Malagueta , ata barukono , brazilian
malagueta , Laungi , Meght , Flame Fountain , African Devil , Tabasco , Indian PC! , Siling Labuyo , Pili Pili , Aji Pajarito , vietnamese tearjerker , gundu red , damini , new delhi long pc2 , nepali orange polo pipiki , fire serrano , not awi cgn 22168 , cream thai , angkor sunrise , guam boonies

Capsicum Pubescens

PI 593930 Ecuador Pubenscens , Yellow Manzano , Orange Manzano , Orange Rocoto , Red Manzano , Chile De Seda , Red Rocoto PERU , Manzano Amarillo , Yellow Rocoto , orange and yellow-store , yellow-store , big yellow store , peach store , orange and yellow strange store , orange mutant store , orange and purple store , long twisted store , apple shaped store , red rocoto english seed vender , yellow rocoto english seed vender

C. Chacoens
C. Gaopagoense
C. Eximum
C, Preatermissum

A bunch of Unknowns

I'm probably going o add sme to the list along the way. :)
I grow in pots and have 2 crops a year-summer and winter(Baccatums and Manzanos.

Moss Point, MS(Zone 8b)

I love reading the names. Around the world many times and many smiles. So tell us what you do with your mountains of peppers Smokemaster. I'd love to see your plants in full glory, gansurambler's too. I already know they're pretty as flowers.

North Hills, CA


Scroll down for some Pepper Porn.

Too much hassle posting 1 pic at a time here.

Moss Point, MS(Zone 8b)

I can see that there's no danger of running out of new ones to try anytime soon. I think I can understand how this could easily turn into a lifelong hobby at least.

I have a new area in my front yard for about 20 pots and I'm half afraid they'll walk. I guess I'll take it as a compliment if they do. I figure they will be effective for finding out what people like and possibly an advertisement.

What precautions do you take for seed purity? Do you isolate a plant or bag blossoms?

North Hills, CA

Use white glue on several closed buds before they open.Tie a thread around the stem to mark the pod/flower as self pollinated.
or for small plants put a 7 ga. paint strainer bag over the plant.For big plants cover a branch before any flowers open.
Or for small plants take them inside to set fruit,mark pure pods and put back outside,bring in next plant...

Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

smokemaster - i triedto go onto your site to thank you for the seeds but i don't know if i did it right so i will do it here. thanks for sending me the bhut jolokia and 7 pot seeds. i am looking forward to trying them.

i cannot believe you grow so many hot peppers. i didn't think that were that many varities. LOL

Moss Point, MS(Zone 8b)

I didn't know one person would ever think to grow that many varieties. Thanks for the seed saving advice Smokemaster. I can do all of those. I think bringing a pot inside for a few days might help set fruit in July and August too. I would never have thought of the white glue trick.

Herbie you must have expanded your growing area for this year. He must have some extra good pot if he could only spare you 7 seeds. Can't live by peppers alone. Hehe

North Hills, CA

7 Pots/Pods are called that because 1 pepper heats up 7 pots of stew or whatever.
I use them to cool off the Bhut powder along with various Habaneros.

Only problem with the glue trick is it tends to kill some buds so glue a lot of them.Use a popsickle stick with a drop of glue on it to put enough glue on to just close the bud until the pepper pushes it of the flower as it grows.

Bhut Ganga peppers?7 pot sensimilla?Habanero Hashish?

Moss Point, MS(Zone 8b)

lol. I'm not even going to ask.

I imagine you've researched many ways to use the hotties and I wonder if you have ever concocted a successful insect repellent for plants. If such a thing would work, it seems like there would be a big opportunity with organic growers. I'm thinking of such as stink bugs on tomatoes and squash borers.

Wilsonville, OR(Zone 8b)

I have not settled for my peppers this year yet, but some I know I will grow.
Big Bomb is certainly one - first time growing it last year, and I love it and will grow it every year from here on out.

Kung Pao is also a for sure one this year - so prolific and great, great flavor.

I grew mine in earthboxes last year and had a wonderful crop.

North Hills, CA

My opinion is that using pepper juice for insect repellent is a waste.
It possitively doesn't work for crickets and grasshoppers.
I once had some Goat Weed peppers (very Hot) drying on the counter.
Latter I went into the kitchen and there were 3 crickets eating my pods.
When I squished them-stomped on them when they jumped on the floor ,they were so full of pepper they left a red stain.
Also if you spray your plants with pepper juice you'll really enjoy that burning sensation after working in your garden ,your hands, cloths etc. that rubbed where you sprayed will be spreading that stuff all over in places you won't like.

I zap the grubs that grow into nasty critters with a homemade worm zapper.2 copper rods hooked to an extension cord.Makes them come right to the top of the pot or kills them.I HAD a june bug/japanese beatle problem last year in my 15 and 20 gal. pots.
I use good bugs to get the rest.Lacewings and Wasps.

Birds and other critters can't taste the heat.
Some Maggots and other critters live in peppers.

Try orange Thai if you like Kung Pao peppers.

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Wilsonville, OR(Zone 8b)

Hi Smokemaster,

Thanks! I will check out Orange Thai!

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I'm trying to narrow down my planting list for this year, and you all have me trying to find more space, instead! Hmm, maybe the main veggie bed just needs to be mostly tomatoes and peppers this year -- a sauce and salsa garden!

Smokemaster, I have some seeds from you labeled "Red Jalapeno." I'm hoping they're a variety meant to be picked when red-ripe, because I love ripe jalapenos... ?

Milder Hot Peppers
Ancho San Martin
Holy Mole'
Hot Portugal
Pasilla Baijio
Pizza Pepper

Hotter Hot Peppers
Bulgarian Carrot
Hot Lemon x
Garden Salsa
Jalapeno Goliath or Biker Billy
Red Jalapeno
Senorita Jalapeno
Puja Chile (guajillo type)
Serrano del Sol
Fish Pepper (lots)
maybes -- Tabasco, Kung Pao, Big Bomb Cherry, Super Chili, Thai

Sweet Peppers
Sweet Spot
Banana Bill or Bounty
Big Red (bell)
Early Sunsation (bell)
Satsuma or Mandarin (bell)
maybe a couple of pimiento types

North Hills, CA

They are a hybrid someone sent me a lot of seeds for at the time.
To me they look like a fresno jalapeno cross or something.Kind of pointed for a jalapeno.Not quite as thick fleshed if I remember right.Fruited well.Gew pods year round too.I eat most of my peppers ripe.
Made good powder...

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I'll make room for 1 plant, then, just to give it a try, and will share the seeds around. Thanks!

I love the big size and thick flesh of the 'Biker Billy' hybrid jalapenos I've grown in the past, and I'm hoping 'Goliath' will be similar.

Dacula, GA(Zone 7b)

My hot pepper list. At least, what I am starting from seed, not sure if I will plant them all.

Garden Salsa
Goliath Jalapeno
Kung Pao
Senorita Jalapeno
Spanish Spice
Hot Cherry
Numex Big Jim
Numex Joe E Parker
Numex Suave (both orange and red)
Pasilla Bajio
TAM Jalapeno

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Aleppo!! A buddy got his paws on a few seeds and is sharing them with me. Everybody cross your fingers that we'll be successful growing them out and have seeds to pass around next year. :-) I'll be growing this one in isolation, as I do with other special ones such as 'Fish Pepper'.

Portland, OR(Zone 8a)

So...Jill...when do we need to start getting our bribes to you for those Aleppo seeds? :-)Odd they are so hard to find. I wonder if it has something to do with being of Syrian origin.


Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I tried germinating a few seeds pulled out of dried crushed Aleppo peppers (from Penzey's), but without success. We love the tang of the dried ones, so I'd love to have this one fresh! You know I'll do my best to have seeds to share, if I am successful in growing them.

Knoxville, TN(Zone 7a)

Well crud - I was just about to go through the bag of pepper flakes I have from Penzeys to see if I could find any seed. I'll keep my fingers crossed on your grow out. That's a mighty tasty pepper.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

It's worth a try... your batch of pepper flakes might be different from the ones I tried in terms of processing or storage temps.

North Ridgeville, OH(Zone 5b)

I'm going to sow several Guam Boonies this year. Some will go in the ground, some in containers, and some in my AeroGarden on my kitchen counter.

Wilsonville, OR(Zone 8b)

Hi Puddle,

How do you like the AeroGarden? I have seen those and been intrigued.

Canyon Lake, TX(Zone 8b)

Serrano. Is this a good one for vinegar pepper sauce to sprinkle over mustard greens?


Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Jerry, I like a serrano & jalapeno & cayenne combo for tex-mex hot sauces (I do a tomato based sauce with them). I've also used Tabasco for a vinegar based hot sauce (garlic cloves and peppercorns are a good addition)... I think little hot peppers like tabasco, super chile, cascabella, malagueta, etc might work better in a vinegar sauce, but maybe that's just me.

Did you check out my hot sauce articles (with recipes)? "Some like it Hot" & "Some Like it Hotter"


Canyon Lake, TX(Zone 8b)

Thanks Critter..

I read both your articles. I think I'll try the "Leaping Lizard" receipt and the the one with vinegar.


Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

:-) There's nothing like a good, vinegary hot sauce on greens!

Smyrna, DE(Zone 7a)

Does anyone have Aribibi Gusano seeds that they would be willing to trade for Black pearls or Brazilian Starfish seeds? I really want to try these!

Kathy in Delaware

Central Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

This is my list:

Black Hungarian
Early Jalepeno
Hungarian Hot Yellow Wax
Leustchauer Paprika
Nambe Supreme
South Texas Chilie Pequin

Plus 4 from dried chili pods
Japanese Chili
New Mexico

If all goes well this year, next year's list will be much longer. I am already looking at some catalogs to get a feel for the varieties out there. Love to cook with smoky, full bodied chiles. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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