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Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

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Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Oh, Dusty ---
one of my favorite birds! The white breasted nuthatch!

NEWS FLASH!!! There has been bare ground and brown grass sighted north of Newark Ohio !!! With warmer temperatures forecasted for later this week, there is a possibility of witchazel bloom by the weekend....

edited to add - Dusty, you might want to go look at Dave's Garden Forum and add your support -- people are trying to get an Aquarium forum started....

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Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Good morning all....42* here, sunny and breezy...

That little bird was here on the suet feeders again yesterday evening....It is indeed a White Breasted Nuthatch...Very pretty little male...He is on the porch of my blue bird house now, waiting his chance at the suet again...He is not going to tangle with that big ole Pileated Woodie...LOL

I was kinda bad at Lowes yesterday...I snagged a few packs of seeds...
I got one that is marked *Mailbox Garden* not necessarily my colors, but our mailbox post is surrounded by a basket at the base, and I think this will look terrific planted in there...It has Egyptian Pea vine, Thungbergia, Nasturtiums and Pinwheel Zinnias...
I also got some more *Blue* flowers for my Veterans Garden...
I got a blue & white Lupine, Aubrieta, 2 different blue Delphinium, True Lavender, a white Candytuft, and Canterbury Bells, in white, pink and blue...I already have a good selection of white things, and a few red...I wanted to get some red Glads, but I was too late to plant them last fall, so I can add them this year...I have Red Oriental Poppy planted now, but they don't last very long...

Remember that nearly dead Spathiphylum the manager gave me at Big Lots, when I went to replace my watch?? Wellll, it has exactly 8 blooms on it now in various stages of open...;-)) Amazing what a drink of water will do for a plant...;-D

Marcy... did you survive your trip to WallyWorld yesterday??? LOL

Juli...I have a few patches of brown grass and bare ground, but not very many....LOL
I will check that forum...Good idea..
And guess what!!! There are TWO Nuthatches!!!! Yessss!!!

Well, I am off to get my jeans on, and get ready to play with my drywall mud...I am going to prep nailholes etc, today to get ready to start painting...Everything will be fresh for spring, so I can get out of here and go play in the dirt...Yesssssss!!!

You all have a terrific day!!!!

Columbus, OH(Zone 5b)

Ahhhh... it's finally melting in Columbus too.
Is it (winter) over, or did it just pause?


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

dovey, I think we just are gonna get cleaned up enough to have some more of the white stuff dumped on us. I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but winter can hang on as long as the first week in April. So take a deep breath, and wait for the next round.

Back from church, and DGD wants to go to her sister's early, so will be leaving here, in about an hour.

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

It is definitely in Pause Phase Dove...Trust me... I got slammed last Feb and early March with 2 real doozies when I first started driving the Wheelie...The second one had melt and the refreeze so it was like driving thru a crystal world...Cyclone fences sparkled like diamonds, and trees looked like they were made of glass...It was treacherous, but magnificently beautiful up in Bellefontaine...

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Good morning all...yesssss...it IS still morning!! LOL!!
Yes..I survived Wallyworld, Dusty! Such great fun it was!!
My son asked me yesterday where I got something...and of course I said...wallyworld. He said...oh right...I should have known that one! Duhhhh!!!
He came and did our taxes for us online...glad that is over and done with! The kids were with him and Jeannine too...for a bit. She had to go for a hair appt.
Kids are coming this next Friday night , and then we will make Valentine's cookies on Saturday. We didn't get to do the Christmas ones because they were sick...so I told them on Valentine's day we would do it. Dawson wanted to know if we would just make hearts..lol! I said well sure silly..!!
Well...guess we will go do some running around this afternoon, since we didn't get it done yesterday. Dave has a few things he wants to check on.
Ohhh and speaking of checking on things....I want to show you all these new tires coming out from Michilen. I'll see if I can do the link. I got this in email.
Have a great day all!

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

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Well the pictures wouldn't transfer...so that was the main thing...to see the pics. Guess I don't know how to do it? Sorry!!

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Symsonia, KY(Zone 6b)

wow what a storm that was! our power was off for almost 9 days, we cook and heat with propane, the temps were cold so i packed the food into a snow bank and covered it with ice. not much food loss. we had a lot of loss to timber nad trees. just unbelievable. heres a pic... hope everyone stays warm and safe :) - Vicki

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Columbus, OH(Zone 5b)

I kinda figured it was just winter taking a little breather before getting on with it...
On the bright side it's nice to get rid of the glacier that was in our driveway, I have a little bit to learn about shoveling snow *L*

Dusty that does sound beautiful, truly a winter wonderland.
Vicki that's an amazing photo.

I'm just sort of itching to start the vegetable garden.


none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

great pic Vicki brrr just looking at it
I can see brown and i can see my garden beds !!!! . I forgot what they looked like
we went to a movie today and we saw Hotel For Dogs , it was so cute !!! i cried.
Im seriously addicted to sweet potatos !!!! can i over dose on vit A ?
Marcy so lucky to have son do your taxes online, great ! can he come do mine :(

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Guess what we (DH) and I have been doing this afternoon? Since the snow is all gone, we have been picking up dog poo!! Isn't that gross. Not a person in the world that can say our dogs are full of it, cause we got the proof to show them.

It has been a glorious day, and it just was nice to be able to be out and feel like something was being accomplished.

vicky, your picture looks like somethings around here. We have many many tree branches to pick up in the edges of the yard. DH walked to the back of the farm, which is all wooded, and he says it looks like a war zone. Lots of firewood that needs to be sawed up.

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

YUCK!!!! Did that here too Bons...Got one of the coach lamps hung up on the porch, other one painted and drying...Terrarium semi painted...
Drywall patched mostly...have one spot that has to go in layers and kept damp so it doesn't crack...Sorted paints, and I think I have a concoction ready to mix up.... ;-D

Watered all of my indoor weeds and orchids....Made water for the fish tanks....ummm....refilled feeders again...found a pack of forgotten poppy seeds and hauled hinnie outside to sprinkle on a deep pile of melting snow...Took down wall hangings that were up, (more hidden in closets) and moved them to new room locations...replotted furniture arrangement...and/or removal of some....My desk is still driving me crazy....NEED to see both birds outside and fish inside...Hmmmmm...
Looked over Chatchkies with seriously critical eye...AGAIN...added a few more to the box I found in the garage...The less to dust, the more time to garden...Yep...Good Motto....

Chops, sweet taters and steamed Broccoli for dins....then I am off to the 5 gal bucket and the BIG paint stick stirrer to work on my concoction...If it looks like I want it to, Painting will begin tomorrow..after all of the dumb errands get done...Maybe... LOL

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Slow down Dusty, you have done enough today to already qualify for a full week. Now I feel like a slouch.

I am cooking supper, and am having some steamed asparagus, yum, mouth is watering. They had some at the grocery, and it looked good, but I know this has to be California or Florida, cause ours will not be ready for many months. Probably taste like those glorious strawberries, which have no taste!!

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Does this mean I can nap all day tomorrow????

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Sure you are retired, you set you own schedule!!

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)


Tomorrow consists of: Get spouse to VA for labs, pick up new DR table, salt water fishfood, Cookies light bulb, paint rollers and I'm done, I think...

Okay...NO Painting tomorrow...errands only....then NAP!!! LOL...
Heyyy, I'm a greenhorn on this retirement thing...I'm learning...LOL

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Dusty, May day sounds like a great time to daylily shop! I'm excited already :-)

Vicki, I'm so glad the scene from your pic is behind us. Sure hope the worst is over with! At least I know we can survive just fine without power, but would just as soon not do it again so soon, LOL.

I've been transplanting Snapdragons today, and my back is sore from it and my eyes are nearly crossed! I was moving things around under the lights and the tray holding the Snaps broke and spilled all 3 containers. They were ready to be transplanted anyway (they looked like Chia pets), so guess I'm ahead of schedule.

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Thought I should pop in for a quick howdy!

Carly is in basketball tournament season again. They won yesterday and today so they go to the finals next weekend. It's between them and Hillsboro for 1st and 2nd. We beat White Oak today which is always a tense game. Some of our girls played on a team with them last year.

Kristenne's team goes to tournament this week.

Pregnancy is going fine. 5 weeks and three days to go. I still don't like the doctor. LOL Guess I'll end up switching again. I can't get her to believe pregnancy is a natural thing. Some doctors insist you need all that medical intervention as prevention.....No thanks!

Most of the ice and snow is gone now so we are back to Lake Lynchburg. The driveway is under water....

Still no job for Craig.

We have not picked up our dog poop. LOL

Exciting, huh??

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

well i can say that i don't miss picking up dog poop LOLLLL
gonna hit the hay
good night

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Ohhh Neal my dearling...I didn't say **SHOP** for daylilies...
I said **GO LOOK** at daylilies....ROFLLLL....
I love you dear one... you always make me smile or Laugh...
Okay..we will plan on Mayday Weekend...Work on details later...;-)))

Gonna have to convert the fishpond to a pool so I can keep up with Bons on this retirement learning process....LOL... How bout a pool with Fish in it??? Well at least I HOPE there are still Fish in it...I will know soon when the snow and ice clears off of it and I can see to the bottom...:-(( The hole is still open and larger now with the thaw, but it is nowhere near the deep part where the fish overwinter, so I can't see anything yet...

Have a wonderful evening y'all!!!!!

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Michele...you have a Midwife ..yes??? Trust her??? ...yes???
If so, ignore the Doc...It's not like this is your first time around this block...Doc is there for emergency backup...You know your body and your babies...I would not advise jumping that mule in mid stream if you can avoid it at this late stage....Just MHO....

If my dogs weren't contained in such a small area, I wouldn't be doing it either...At least not his weekend...but it is what it is, and they and I need to see clean....;-)

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Lovely day today!
Mostly we just visited w/ the neighbors and did a little yard cleaning.

Yesterday we got the drapery rods hung.
Picked them up at IKEA.
They are a hospital style track.

The curtains WILL be changed.


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Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Curtains look okay to me... Not too sure about that 60's BALL tho... ROFLLLLLLLLLLLL

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Oh the 60's ball will definitely stay.
It's a reproduction though....

Here's a shot of the rods.

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Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

No midwife this time/right now. I had one earlier in the pregnancy who started off fine, then pulled the 40 years old, test, test, test, looking for imaginary illnesses because my blood pressure is wacky, then made me see the doctor and it appeared he'd never looked at my chart. With all the stress we have right now, I'd be surprised if my blood pressure wasn't wacky and it's ALWAYS been wacky, especially if I have to see doctors. LOL

This doctor wants to do all the preventative crud for the just in case and I won't. We are not going to see eye to eye on my being allowed to labor and birth naturally, without her intrusions. If I stay with her, I'll be locking myself in the bathroom until after I have the baby. :)

Good news is, the baby is head down and I'm almost into the "safe" zone. I just wish he'd stop shoving his head down and get his feet out of my lungs. chuckle

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I like that track-style curtain thingamagig, Ric. That would be handy for our closet wall. We've talked about removing the annoying track doors that always get stuck and replacing them with a curtain across the whole wall. I can't decide on whether to do a high tension wire or the kind you just put in. It won't be any time soon, I'm sure. LOL

Chele, maybe that baby needs to give the doctor a swift kick in the head? Just mosey on up by her and let him know. ;)

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Dusty and Neal, what are you calling MayDay? I would think a trip to see daylilies would have to be later, as it is usually the middle of June before there is much blooming going on. You know what daylily foliage looks like, so why not wait for the blooms. Is this in Georgetown that you are talking about? I would love to invite myself along on this trip. Did you like my manners on this? Hehe, if this is a twosome, of course I don't want to intrude,!!

Chele, I hope that you make the right decision, I would be antsy with the birth so close to be switching Dr.s I hope that you will be able to persuade him/her/ to let you do this naturally, and not intervene, unless there is a problem.

Ric, love the curtain rod. I didn't know that you could buy anything like that commercially, always thought that something like that would come from a medical supply store or something. Will the curtains be over windows, therefore giving you the ability to adjust the sunlight and heat? An innovatative cheap greenhouse.

In addition to picking up the doggie poo, DH went into the pasture and retrieved 2 wheelbarrows full or the horsie variety, and dumped it on a garden site. I told him it would be easier to tie the horses in the garden for a few days and he could eliminate a lot of labor!!!. He read something in a gardening magazine about a new way to raise tomatoes that grow the biggest and best, which involves horse poo, in an 18 inch deep hole, amended with all sorts of things, and he is going to experiment with a few plants planted like that.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Dusty and Neal ---- you would likely be disappointed going daylily looking on May Day. John Rice's greenhouse is a hit/miss thing. Depends way to much on weather and temps. No one else will have any bloom at that time, and he won't have any outside. I know he has been keeping the temp cooler this year to save on propane cost - so - I imagine greenhouse bloom will be later... maybe 3rd week of May. You really would see a lot more if you go when the outdoor bloom is anyway. 1/2 or more of greenhouse is seedlings used for breeding. Outside, there are MANY potted plants ready for taking home and John has some that are not expensive - $10-$20...

You would have MUCH better time if you plan on mid June. Believe me.... I know these things! Ask Janet - - she knows what time bloom is down there too. If you go Mid June, and Dusty can get to Neal's really early --- so you can start going to gardens around 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. that would be best --- the dark colors will not look to good by noon. They come back later in the day -- but 12-4 is NOT the time to look at daylilies... BLECH! hot glaring sun and daylilies don't mix... well, except for yellow ones, they always look good.

Sue -- try crushed pineapple in it's own juice on your sweet potato. Good, no sugar alternative. Sprinkle with a touch of curry powder for something different..... I sometimes use sugar free pineapple jam....

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Ruh-roh, Howie's sick. He has chills and is bundled under blankets after upchucking. Poor guy's hardly ever sick. :/

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Ah, good point on the Daylilies, we may want to push that back a few weeks?...Bonnie, yayyy!!! I think the more the merrier! I'm an early bird, so heading out early is fine with me :-)

Kimberly, sorry to hear Howie is under the weather. Hope it runs its course quickly. How are you doing with your pain? Hope you're getting some relief too!

Lordy I'm sore today! Strange how a tedious job like transplanting seedlings can make me so sore, but digging all day doesn't give me much trouble.

Have a great day everybody!

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Ric, I meant to say I just knew you were going to say the ball light stays, LOL. It will look like the moon at night!

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

I went to bed. :)

This pregnancy has been a real ride since the beginning so I don't guess it's going to change now. LOL I just don't think I'd have time to make it back to my old midwife/hospital so that isn't a real option. You'd think it would be easier in a rural area to find someone that thinks birth is a natural happening and not a medical event. Hmmm...At least no one wants to tie a rope to his feet and pull him out. ROTF

I only go to the hospital for the "just in case" to have emergency care available. That does not mean I expect a problem. It just means I want things available if needed. She said I seem more like a "home birth" kind of person and asked why I didn't do that. I told her I would but I didn't have $5,000 to pay for it! She's more worried about having to stand there and waste her time waiting. It's a typical doctor thing to not get there until it's time to deliver. I tried to tell her I don't waste anyone's time and that when I say it's time, it's really time. LOL

I second what Jules said. May is too early to do the daylily gardens. If you wait until June, you can see the gorgeous beds busting with blooms, plus the greenhouse and also the huge pond of lotus! Peak bloom up here has been pushed back until like the first week of July the last year or two and you can reasonably count on them hitting it in mid-June.

Bummer Kimberley. I hope Howie just has a 24 hour bug. Wear a mask and a full body ummm, trash bag and give the big guy a hug. :)

Waddy, KY

Dusty and Neil, I think if you're wanting to see daylilies growing in the ground that are blooming you'll want to wait until about the third week in June at least. Or around the 4th of July. I start my open gardens about the second week in June and run through the third weekend in July but the first couple of weeks bloom can be very sparse as with the last part of July.

It's best to go to the places during a week day when there's fewer people and you can take your time. You're all always welcome to stop in at our place.

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Good Morning all....36* here this morning...a bit foggy..supposed to hit the 50's today...

Gonna leave here shortly to get Jim up to the VA for his Labs...stop at the fish store for food and head down to get my new table...

Neal...I was just going by what Juli had told me about April/May being greenhouse time and June /July being field time....but now that I am RETIRED< we can go anytime I suppose...This is a training mission that Juli has set me on... LOL
You are more than welcome to join us Bonnie...I have been wanting to see Neals Gardens since forever, so I was going to kill 2 birds with one rock, and I thought he would enjoy going with me...LOL I am sure Cookie will want to come along too...We can decide on a date later on....
Thanks Janet..I just can't do alot of walking without it tearing up my back, so we will see how it goes...

Off to get dressed and get out of here...Cookie will be home today and need her car back later on, so I need to get my errands done....

Have a terrific day....

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Dear Dusty --- I had forgotten to mention that the greenhouse bloom at John's varies anywhere from mid April to end of May --- depends so much on weather, sunshine, and how much $$ he has put into heating. I always have to keep in touch with him, and go at the last minute - when ever he says to! Last year, I went a few days before Memorial Day weekend. One year it was early enough in April that there was a late snow storm. I would not worry about the greenhouse. It's more of a breeder thing --- I go mainly to do photos (John uses my photos sometimes on the Lily Auction or in his catalog)...

Gotta run -- taking Mom to get a new toaster oven today - she has been several days without a toaster and it's driving her batty. She's pacing the floor waiting on me!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

good morning
or afternoon i guess.
did 4 miles on elliptical
Good to know on pinapple on sweet spuds. yumo sound good.
waiting on FIl to help me with a leak in the bathtub . got to calk it ? yeah that will look nice ? not. grrrr.
have a great day everyone

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

I'm Hoooooome...Got Cookies light bulb, fish reef food, and MY TABLE!!! See how ya like this one...

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Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Here is the side view...That is a wad of clear tape on the right leg top..Jim was afraid since it was missing a screw that we would lose it so my guy on the dock taped it for us...

Jim is taking a rest break, and then he is going out and getting it all tightened up for me...I definitely think a long upholstered bench for this one side...I am going to get the crackle for the 2 chairs I already have that are painted a ghastly brown, and I can touch up the table where it needs it in a couple spots...Definitely French Country, and I love it!!!

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Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Here is one of the 2 new chairs that cost me $17 for the pair...Okay... now mind you...the brown on the seat is jute, and some yo-yo wove baby blue YARN through it...This is one of the reasons I passed on them originally, BUT handyman that I am ;-P...I can reweave with the proper material including new jute or rush...Heyyyyy.. I'm RETIRED ...I have all the time in the world to PLAY!!! ROFLLLLLLLLL

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