Has anyone grown milkweed in a container?

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 7b)

I would like to plant some milkweeds (Asclepias speciosa, currasavica, tuberosa) in containers. I have heard that the taproot is very long. Has anyone grown these in containers? If you have, how large of a planter do I need? I assume it should be fairly deep (?). Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Stacey

No. San Diego Co., CA(Zone 10b)

Now that's an interesting question.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 7b)


No. San Diego Co., CA(Zone 10b)

Well, I think I'll put a couple of seeds in a pot and see what happens, then.

Mifflintown, PA(Zone 6a)

I grew some last summer in a large pot. Did fairly well. I will see if I can find a picture. Pot 12/14 in. maybe 12 deep.

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Mifflintown, PA(Zone 6a)

wrong pic. sorry.

Spring, TX

I bought one at a nursery last spring and planted it in a larger pot and put it on the patio. It gets partial shade, and is close to the house so the cats have some protection from birds. It did great, and we had lots of caterpillars over the summer. A few climbed right up the side of the house to make their chrysalis on the eves, so my kids got a great view of the whole process. I think the plant didn't get as big as maybe it could have, and the cats strip it right down to sticks, but it always comes back, and right now has two cats on it. We found a volunteer seedling nearby, growing in a crack in the concrete. We carefully pulled it out, and it looked like the taproot was OK, but all the little side roots were torn off. Stuck it in a pot, watered it a lot (plus it rained most of the day yesterday), and this morning it looks great!

No. San Diego Co., CA(Zone 10b)

Great! I think I'll try that.

Katy, TX(Zone 8b)

When I brought mine home some years back I didn't have time to plant it so put it little pot and all on top of a 3+ gal. pot w/dirt in it. I forgot about it until it bloomed and then have been afraid to move it out of that pot. Seems to be doing just fine in the big pot w/the little pot still there. The cats strip it, the winter browns it and it comes right on back each spring. When we moved last June we brought the whole thing w/us and it sits as ever in the garden attracting butterflies. I have the Asclepias speciosa.


Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I have a pair of them planted in a fairly shallow container (1 foot deep maybe) and they seem to be doing ok. I did have a problem with one of them falling over, but I just trimmed it and it sent up a couple new shoots. The bigger plant is probably around a foot and a half tall now. I am hoping to see it bloom this year :)

Algonquin, IL(Zone 5a)

Wow...I'm bumping up this thread in the hopes some of you are still growing Asclepias in containers.

I've been thinking about trying to grow Tuberosa in a container because most of my yard is shady with not much room left in my sunny beds.

Just for the heck of it I went searching for more info on how deep the tap root is and by accident came across this thread.

I know it's a stretch since the last post was five years ago, but I "why not give it a try".

Here's hoping some of you are still out there.

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