How Do You Put Your Quilt Layers Together?

No Central, AZ(Zone 7b)

You know what I mean. You've finished that quilt top, ironed your backing and batting, now it's time to put them all together. Where do you do it? How? Size limitations?

I was just doing a baby quilt. Lap & baby quilts and wall quilts are mostly what I do as they are more manageable. I've been putting tables together and using painter's tape to tape each layer down independently, then pinning all the layers together. It seems like not matter how tight I thought I had the layers pulled, when I go to machine quilt I get at least a few 'gathers' where it was too loose. When I used to be in a quilt class in another town we had a really cool frame for large quilts that went together with 4 four ft high stanchions and we would gather around, starting at the middle and pin or baste the quilt depending on whether it was to be machine or hand quilted. My regular, computer machine is down and my 'backup' machine does not have a walking foot - that may be part of my problem today. I'm just doing straight 'in the ditch' quilting as I also don't have a darning foot for this machine.

Deering, NH(Zone 5a)

What you might want to try is first iron yourself a 1/4" seam all around the edge of your quilt. This way you will have your edge all set. Then pin your batting just barely to the full edge of the 1/4" seam. Now stitch that first. This way you have your batting and your top all set. Now iron your 1/4" seam for your bottom fabric and then pin it to the top and batting. Then sew away. This is what I am doing now for my regular quilts. Picture below is one of my window quilts that I just recently made.

Thumbnail by rhodiegirl
No Central, AZ(Zone 7b)

Thank you. What is a 'window quilt? Everything I've ever read or been told was to have the batting and backing 2-3 inches wider than the top, then trim it/square it up before putting the binding on.


(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

That is correct but you don't put the binding on until after you quilt it. Quilting will pull the fabrics in which is why you have extra around the edges. Hope this helps.

Deering, NH(Zone 5a)

Window quilts are almost the same thing as regular quilts only you have to put a hanging part on the top to put your rod into like a regular curtain. The window quilt is a lot thicker and makes to keep warm inside during the winter and colder during the summer. I don't bother with binding because it causes a lot of snags on me.

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