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Meal Delivery Services in San Diego?

It has become apparent to me that my elderly parents (who live in San Diego) are not eating like they should. My brother and I are trying to find a meal delivery service that would bring them ready to eat meals 2-3 times per week. Do any of the Houston BBers know if there are such services in San Diego? I went online and saw several national chains that appear to deliver cooked, but frozen meals, but I am looking for ready to eat meals (my parents are apparently forgetting to eat! Wish that would happen to me!)

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Could you have the frozen meals deliveredand call them and remind them to put something in the oven? Or you could look into a personal chef, there are many around the country now that might go in once a week and cook meals for the freezer, for a week's time.

Just food for thought.

One more thing is that you might try meals on wheels. They are all over the country and deliver meals at lunchtime 5 days a week for a nominal fee. I think my mother pays $2.00 a meal in Massachusetts.

:) Kathy

new york, United States

Try [url=]food Delivery Company [/url]. I order from there and the food is great. All you have to do is heat the meals in a microwave. I usually pick my meals up, but I'm fairly sure they have a delivery option as well.

Tuckerton, NJ

My grandmother used meals on wheels at first she didnt want it then she enjoyed it said the food was good the delivery people were nice and in the summer they admired her garden and someone looked in on her every day so its like two dollars for two services. It was only monday thru friday but i went up every weekend. So it gave me peace of mind and i didnt have to worry, even though i called every night she lived over 100 miles away.. Shes since gone and i miss her 9 years this month on the 12. ok enough of that. Meals on wheels

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

i have no idea where in San Diego u need the service. the following sites on goggle

meals on wheels, San Diego, Ca.

meal delivery in San Diego

good luck!
ma vie

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