Bananas and Blueberries at Agristarts coop

mulege, Mexico

Hi - There are four kinds of southern blueberries and many, many kinds of bananas available at great prices through the Argristarts coop. There are also a lot of other plants. Check it out, then tell your friends.


west Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

think blueberries--blueberry muffins, blueberry waffles, blueberries in oatmeal, blueberry pancakes....
And they are all southern highbush with extremely low chill hours!

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Mulberry, FL

Katie I have been looking for this wanted to get some bananas now i just need some one to go half don't want 72 of one kind

mulege, Mexico

I've already ordered mine from the coop which is now closed. There were one or two people who posted that they were sorry they missed ordering with the coop. You could read through the posts that were made after the coop closed to see who they are.


Mulberry, FL


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