my New Passiflora Piresii

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

A month ago I went up to visit Logees Greenhouses.. and got my Piresii... it must have grown to twice it's origional size already.. in another month or two we'll both be outside .. I'm posting about it and including Erick's picture of it here... to thank him for the other threads featuring this one.. it is such a help to come here and find not only pictures.. to spur one on... but casual tips [ about to spray it soon ] and do's and don't's.. of the things that are new to me..
So ..Thanks again Erick ..I hope your large collection is enjoying them selves in the [ surely what must be ..with so many ] crowded conditions there.... I can picture the 3-4 dozen types fighting for available sun .. and I'm glad to see her color [ for you ] is leaning more to the red than the orange..
is she freely flowering... I'm glad also to hear how she flowers through the day for you.. opening in the morning.. then closing later in the day.. it sure helps in choosing a place for her come spring..perhaps somewhere with morning sun..near by where the coffee is flowing..

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Navarre, FL(Zone 8b)

Yours is just gorgeous. I have one coming the first week of April. I'm hoping mine does well here. These others I have do well. They die off during the winter and start back in the spring.
The color of the 'Piresii' really caught my eye.

Pawleys Island, SC

I love that color! I moved all of my plants outside yesterday because the weather is going to be fantastic so I can't wait to see some life in my passies............

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

Mine still lives...
Pamela... yours are doing well... it looks like the making of a big heart of Passiflora ...on your fence... just fill in the center some and you'll have it....

St. Paul, MN(Zone 4b)

Hello Gordon!

My sincere apologies for the delayed response. I haven't been online much lately, but with the new growing season approaching that will soon change. It was just over 40F here yesterday, our first real thaw of the spring.

Congratulations on your new P. 'Piresii'! It has quickly become one of my favorites. The flowers are truly spectacular - up to 5" across and a stunning vibrant orange. I only got about two dozen of them last summer, but my plant was only about a year old. I expect it to be more floriferous in the coming years. I recall the flowers were at their best in late morning, and noticeably declining by mid-afternoon. Otherwise, it seems to love heat and humidity and full sun. I haven't found much online about this hybrid, but some have commented that it's difficult to overwinter. I haven't found that to be the case at all. I keep mine in a bright, warm room and water it very lightly. It's doing just fine. It pretty much just sits there.

Thank you very much for your kind comments. My collection of ~30 species and hybrids is doing just fine so far this winter. I keep some on my south-facing enclosed sun porch (P. aurantia, P. ‘Purple Haze’, P. ‘White Wedding’, etc.), some in my grow room with bright artificial light (P. loefgrenii, P. mollissima aka tripartata var. mollisima, P. ‘Exoniensis’, etc.) and some in the basement with very little light (P. incarnata, P. edulis ‘Flavacarpa’, ‘Panama Red’ and ‘Purple Possum, etc.). My only loss so far has been my beloved P. subpeltata, lol. Although the flowers are somewhat small, they are a gorgeous pure white and I literally had 1,000+ of them on my plant last summer, from spring to frost. I made the mistake of thinking it would go “dormant” in my basement. It went well past that, unfortunately. I managed to save one of the hundreds of fruits I got on it last summer and am starting the seeds now. Hopefully at least one will sprout.

Although I have limited space, I am looking forward to promoting about a half dozen new Passifloras into larger pots (and hopefully first blooms) this summer, including P. biflora, P. membranacea, P. kermesina, P. amethystina ‘Minas Gras’ and P. coccinea. I also just recently received seeds of P. edmundii, P. racemosa and P. eichleriana ‘Mauro Peixoto’ from, well, Mauro Peixoto in Brazil ( It’s always fun to add to the collection!

Congrats again on your fabulous new Passiflora, and thanks again for the kind comments. I look forward to lots of updates on your collection from you in the months to come.


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St. Paul, MN(Zone 4b)

As well, best to you, PamelaQ, on the new addition to your Passiflora collection. Please post pics.

ibartoo, I am envious of your early spring. Outdoor gardening is still at least two months away here in Minnesota. Please post pics of your Passiflora successes!

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