Keeping Avocados from turning brown/grey

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I could eat a whole one at a time, but I'd better not LOL. How can I store them without them turning grey/brown after they've been cut in half or chopped up.

Any ideas?

North Saanich, Canada

I have heard that if you stick the stone back in the cut half, it will not turn brown!!

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

WEll, how about that, never heard of that.

Missouri City, TX

The part under the seed gets no air, so it won't turn, but the rest will.

I prefer to use some cling wrap (any brand). Be sure to press it against the surface of the exposed fruit. You are really trying to keep all air from it.

Any cirtic acid will help, too. Most common is lemon or lime. Often recommended for fresh cut fruit - apples are notorious for turning very quickly after being cut.

Clarkson, KY

3 drops of lemon smeared on saran wrap and then plop over the avocado, smoothing away any air bubbles...

Long Island, Bahamas(Zone 13a)

on a different note....did you know that you can freeze avocados? If you take a whole avocado that is about 2 days from being ripe, you can wrap it in saran or vaccum seal it and stick it in the freezer. Great for quacamole etc when they are out of season. I also have had success canning avocado. They are ripe here only in late summer/early fall, so we try to make them last all year!!

Plano, TX

very interestsing about canning and freezing avocado! thanks for that bit of info
no matter how well i wrap, leave in the pit and use lemon juice the cut surface gets discolored BUT a very thin shaving of the discolored area leaves a fresh looking remainder--so my advice would be to do what you can to prevent it from turning color and then slice off the small part that does turn
however---i noticed in first post that you wondered what to do when you have already cut it and i have no idea how to prevent cut up avacado from turning

Huntersville, NC

good info.

different item, same idea -

Bananas ripe, can also be peeled and frozen in zip bag.
pop into blender with other ingredients for tasty 'frosted' shake.

sorry to roam so far off topic of avocados . . .
~ just thought frozen bananas to be a real winner.

Plano, TX

funny i was jusst looking up banana recipes! got a big bunch and am not a big banana eater even tho i like banana flavor---i might do the frosted shake idea

Huntersville, NC

yes it is really nice with the very ripe bananas (not over-ripe / spoiled) -
that get frozen so they dont spoil.

gives a nice sweet bananey thickness (because they're frozen) to the shake.
- yummy - making me want one.

Long Island, Bahamas(Zone 13a)

If you are interested, I'll share the canning method...

I once cut into an avocado that should have been perfectly ripe, and it wasnt. I stuck the 2 halves back together with the pit inside, and stuck it in the fridge drawer (so my husband wouldn't know I had ruined the avocado) and in a week it was absolutely perfectly ripe - no brown either. Wonder if I just got lucky?

Huntersville, NC

better yet wonder if put in one of those vacuum bags - would that do the trick too , . . .

North, TX

All the tips I have are already listed here.

Palmirage, I for one am very interested in your canning method. I have read that you can premake a guacamole and freeze, but not just the avocado. Growing up in CA we had a tree and just ate them right out of the skin with a spoon. How to store an unused portion just wasn't a question. We would like to try growing a haas tree in our zone 7b this year.

Frozen banana-yogurt or kefir shakes are very yummy-with some cinnamon and honey, even better & very good for you :)

Long Island, Bahamas(Zone 13a)

allwild818 - I start with an avocado that is a day or 2 from being ripe, nice and firm still. I cut this in chunks and place in a sterilized jar (usually a half pint or pint jar). On the stove I boil up a mixture of equal parts olive oil and Mojo Crillo (you could substitute vinegar, water and your favorite seasonings). Pour the boiling liquid over the avocado, put the 2-part lid and ring on and wait for the 'pop'. Pretty much an adjusted pickled artichoke recipe I found in an old home preserving book. I have tested it for up to 6 months (I usually don't have enough will power for longer) and it works well for salads, the flavors combine nicely for quacamole with the addition of Sour Cream and finely diced tomatoes and shredded lettuce, and the liquid is good for vinegrettes. Once opened, the jar is good in the fridge for...let's see, I have one now that I opened in November! Just used it for the avocado on sushi, and it was good.

I have vacuum baged the avocado flesh, and while it doesn't brown, the avocado will still riped in the freezer if it is frozen when ripe. Again, you need to use an avocado that is not quite ripe, and don't wait too long. Best if done whole with the pit, vacuumed, and froze.

North, TX

That is very interesting I am going to try with some of the bag of avocado I just bought at the store just to see if I can. I don't think I will find Mojo Crillo, as I have never seen it here so will have to come up with some blend with vinegar as you stated.

I just did the same thing too with the not-ripe avocado, put it back together and it was perfectly colored two days later when eaten!

Thank you Palmirage.

New Orleans, LA(Zone 9b)

Do it the same as you would an apple---go ahead and slice it up put it in an air tight container filled 3/4 of the way up with cold water and then add the juice of about half a lemon. The lemon keeps it from oxidizing (browning) and with the high water to lemon ratio it will not affect the taste of your avacado. This is good for a few days, but I would recomend not keeping it this way for more than 2 or 3 days. And if your avacado is over ripe, being in the water could honestly make it worse, even with the lemon.

Plano, TX(Zone 8b)

palmirage - I know this is way out there as far as date but some of this information is timeless! What is your ratio of water to vinegar? The dry Good Season's salad dressing mix is usually 1/4 cup vinegar to 2/3 cup oil but I used to substitute water for the vinegar. I have never seen Mojo Crillo. Thanks loads, palmirage!

Plano, TX(Zone 8b)

Oh, wait a minute! I googled Mojo Crillo and Goya brand has one. It's a marinade. I may just be able to find that in the store. Thanks, palmirage.

capetown, South Africa

I heard if u wrap avocados in news paper and leave for a few days it will be perfectly soft n green.

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