any keepers in or near south bend IN?

South Bend, IN

I know its not the right time of year for honey. I am just hopeing to make a contact for honey and wax. Anyone near my area? Would you be willing to sell or swap? I would love wax for soapmakeing and DH keeps talking about mead. Ok who knows if he will ever make any but I told him if he really wants to ill find what he needs. thanks for any replys.

Also i have been reading the forums and wonderd. Why dont the farmers just keep there own hives rather than stress the poor bees out with all the travel?

Nappanee, IN

For info on suppliers of honey and wax in your area, you can contact the president of the Michiana Beekeepers Assoc.
Danny Slabaugh
[email protected]

vice president
Tim Ives

Henry Harris
[email protected]

South Bend, IN

oh! Thats helpfull thanks!

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