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coffee grounds and coffee in plants

Windsor, ON

Does anyone put coffee or grounds on indoor plants? Do you just put the grounds on the top of the soil? How often? What is the benefit? I would appreciate anyones experience. Thanks

Woodway, TX(Zone 8a)

Putting coffee per se on plants makes no sense at all. Putting coffee grounds on top or mixed into the soil makes a lot of people think they've done well by adding "acidity." If it's been brewed, however, it seems the process removes most of the acidity that was there in the first place. This is a question that pops up regularly.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Some people use coffee grounds as an amendment in the garden--but you don't need amendments like that in container mix so I'm not sure they'd do much for potted plants.

(Zone 1)

I've known of folks to use coffee and tea grounds in the garden for the nitrogen, but have never heard of anyone using them for indoor plants.

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