need some advice about cannas. . .

Wichita Falls, TX

I live in N. Texas and we are subject to lots (and I do mean lots) of wind. Wondering if cannas in the open could handle it. Last year I did elephant ears and they did take a beating. Also wondering how they would do around a pool. Wondering if there would be too much leaf and flower drop and which could make a messy pool. We live in the country and am trying to eliminate the wooden privacy fence around the pool as it limits my backyard acreage view. Thinking about a living fence on the north and south side, which would hide us from the neighbors, would be pretty. Even wondered about a fence with climbing morning glories, then the idea of cannas hit. What do who love cannas think? Thanks!

Vandalia, IL

IMO I think they would be too messy for around the pool,I guess depending how close..I always trim off the dead flowers so they dont go to seed and the bugs like them more than ele.ears..It would be very easy to pound in 6-8' metal post or posts ,the tall cannas will hide them and you can get colored string to interweave, if you decide to make a living fence..I do it all the time..this year Im gonna try a hill design.good luck Dee

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