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Napoleon, OH(Zone 5a)

Has anyone used a landscaping program that really works? I'm not interested in hardscaping features as I can do that with a pencil and paper but I am interested in a program that allows me to draw my own lines, has a deep selection of plants, and can show what a landscape would look like after a number of years. I am a new member and don't know how things work yet, but I would very much appreciate any thoughts that other members could share on these programs. Thank you

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

There was a series of articles a while back on several different software programs--they're the first few listed in these search results

If you want further discussion, I'd recommend posting on the beginner landscaping forum instead of here--this forum is for discussing the site and doesn't get a ton of traffic.

Napoleon, OH(Zone 5a)

Thanks very much for your reply. Didn't know about "threads" and actually didn't find it until today but it looks really useful. Thank you for taking the time to post it.

Manila, Philippines

Vernandrue, I suggest Google SketchUp. You can design anything with it...from little screws to houses to buildings and entire landscapes. There are literally hundreds of pre-drawn trees, garden furniture and structures contributed by users all over the world. There's a free downloadable version, and more importantly, plenty of online tutorials for beginners and advanced users.

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Rochester, NY(Zone 6a)
Excellent program at this level, also has professional level available.

Durham, United Kingdom

Google Sketchup is good for 3d designs and you can buy a database of plants and garden features. Lots of tutorials online


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