I need suggestions for a border plant 6-8" tall . . .

Hammond, LA(Zone 8b)

-*Edit-* I believe I have found "THE ONE" which has been generously offered to me by Kathy. Thanks so much. You are a blessing!_END EDIT

If that makes any sense. My bed in the front of the house is outlined in large pavers. They come up about 6" above ground level. The inside of the bed is about 4" above ground level (2 inches below the top of the bricks).

The bed is about 15X8 and irregularly shaped. I need something I can plant sall the way around the inside of the pavers to have a border inside the paver "border" to give it a more defined look.

I am looking for something that is not so tall that it will block out my plants that are in the bed. I am not opposed to an ornamental grass, but do they have any that are that short? I am assuming that I will need about 15 of whatever I choose, but I would like it to be all the same plant since the bed has different colored lilys, roses and amaryllis.

As faar as the width, I guess I would prefer something pretty compact, maybe 12-18" across.

I would REALLY appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance! Jennifer

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