What size is the property that you garden on??

There are a total of 588 votes:

I have a small city or suburban lot.
(247 votes, 42%)
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I have a lot between one and five acres.
(177 votes, 30%)
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I have five acres or more.
(51 votes, 8%)
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I have more than ten acres.
(58 votes, 9%)
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My 'land' is my balcony/courtyard.
(17 votes, 2%)
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My property is not big enough for my gardens!
(38 votes, 6%)
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Previous Polls

Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

I have a 1/3 of an acre. WAAAAYY too small for all my plants, but I make do...

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)

I have 15' x 25', just half a duplex, good thing I garden for a living...

Thumbnail by DaleTheGardener
Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Actually own 11 acres, but about 5 acres are used for garden. I don't count the various beds around the house. Trying to make a little profit off the 5 acres.

Thumbnail by CountryGardens
Kannapolis, NC

This is the only category that fit, but we have a large yard, not an acre, but probably close to half. DH wants grass, grass, grass, and I want flowers, flowers, flowers!

Waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

We have 1/2 an acre I'm working in getting rid if all LAWN.

Brighton, MO(Zone 6a)

Ten acres. 4 in wildflowers, 1 in house, outbuildings, yard and garden, 5 in woods.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

I have about 1/3 acre but still in suburb, like the convience of stores nearby. This is a 2007 pic, things have changed considerably but it shows the yard size better.

Thumbnail by Sheila_FW
Fairfield County, CT(Zone 6b)

I have a 50' x 100' lot with a small house and oversized garage on it. That doesn't stop me though - the neighbors are elderly and they don't pay a lot of attention to what is growing in their yard. LOL! Should be a lot of surprise! tulips in the neighborhood this spring.

Kissimmee, FL(Zone 9b)

I have a typical garden for this area, but it's much bigger than I have been used to in UK, still getting used to the tropicals. Yankee cat - it's a nice place for my Na Na girls to roam!

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

15 acres and mostly wooded. I only "garden" in the fenced in acre due to wildlife but they are encouraged on the outside acreage with plants for them.

South China, ME(Zone 5a)

I have a 14 -15 acre field and then 2.5 acres that we use for the house and gardening.

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

I voted suburban yard, much to my dismay, but fortunately we found one that is 9,000 square feet which is bigger than most cookie cutter yards surrounding our neighborhood. And I found a Houston yard without the tall pines which would make gardening more difficult :). None of the neighbors have trees overhanging my yard so there again---I work with what I have---picking a home and yard that had the best lot I could afford in the city. :) Until I can vote that we own more then 10 acres. DH thinks he'd like up to 40 but not exceeding. We've lived in the country and in major cities and much prefer the solice and peace and quiet of the country. I don't need the stores.

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

Sheila---gorgeous yard you have!

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

We have 56 acreas which has beenhanded down for 3 generations and hoping to keep the fourth generation interested. About 15 being used for pasture and hay lots. About 2 being used for gardens and yard(would love to just have gardens for the yard!). The rest is wooded and there are blueberries scattered in a 3 acre area.

I have a city lot that is only one-fifth of an acre. Once you subtract for the house and detached garage, that doesn't leave much left. There isn't much grass left and my goal is to have none.

Bardstown, KY(Zone 6a)

I have right at an acre with about 1/3 of that in woodlands that I'm determined to make into a woodland/native garden too!


Eastern Long Island, NY(Zone 7a)

About 1/2 an acre of property on Long Island, which I, (not the bank), own. I'm constantly reminded by my out of state friends that for the price I paid for my property I could have 4 - 5x the amount of land in another state. However I in turn remind them that land in NY with the flexibility of a commute to NYC is very expensive and the land itself is an investment which is constantly increasing in value.

It's more than sufficient for my gardening needs and I would not want more, since more property here would mean higher property taxes and maintenance which could possibly become a burden in ones' retirement years. I know several of several professionals with a few acres and big bucks which have opted to sell their home and move to condos for just that reason.

'A nice thick steak may be great when you are young, but hard to digest when you get older.'

(Edit: ie an acre of land where I live with a 'modest' home would easily pass $1 million in purchase price at todays prices.)

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(Judith) Denver, CO(Zone 5b)

This is the most fascinating poll I've read! I wish everybody would post pictures of their yard/property/balcony.

I live on the 6th floor of a 7-floor apartment building which overlooks townhouses across the street and wetlands next to and behind them. I can see forever, including the front range of the Rocky Mountains. My balcony is about 26' long by 5' deep (not deep enough for me). I grow annuals, perennials and vines, and can't wait for SPRING!

Thumbnail by revclaus
(Judith) Denver, CO(Zone 5b)

The other end of the balcony.

Thumbnail by revclaus
Hornick, IA(Zone 4b)

I have a little over 1- 1/2 acre with somewhere around 1/3 of it is veggie garden. Then some for young fruit trees, apple, cherry,apricot,
choke cherry. There is a large mulberry that I should use some of that fruit for a fruit juice or jelly but the birds use most of for making multi colored
spots on the car. Have a couple large walnut trees, that keep the squirrels occupied and I get all I need for banana nut breads and cakes too. Have to keep some in lawn, so I can have a shady area for the picnic table and great grand kids to play. Just about right to keep me busy and leave time to go fishing too.

Morganton, NC

I just moved into an apt after having about 1/2 an acre. It's a big change cause I have NO yard now. But that wont stop me! I plan to grow as much in pots as possible!!!

Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7b)

I have about 1/4 acre in the middle of Albuquerque. I chose a place in an older subdivision in part because the yards were larger. The previous owners mostly un-landscaped the yard, which means I get to do it up the way I want.

Wayland, MA(Zone 6a)

our lort is about 1/2 an acre . It is typical for my area and I have managed to garden quite a bit of it . I don't have the best place for vegtables ( I ussually plant 6-8 tomato plants and a few squash ) but this year with the economy being so bad I am going to make a bigger area for vegtables . my side yard in the spring gets plenty of sun but as the season progresses it gets more and more shade I may have to plant a mobile garden so I can move it where the sun is !

Thumbnail by laurawege
Coos Bay, OR(Zone 9a)

We have about 20 acres and they are getting to be too much for us. Maybe now that DH is completely retired we will be able to care for our acreage a bit better. We just want to go away and play more that we should.

Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7b)

I think the "My property is not big enough for my gardens" applys to most of us. Its pretty much redundant for a gardener with a balcony, courtyard, or city lot.

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

rev----NICE balcony plantings! you put me with a yard to shame!

Mesa, AZ

You all have such beautiful yards! Its a pleasure to peek into everyone's gardens.

Thumbnail by phoenixryan
(Zone 7a)

Including yours, Phoenixryan. Very nice.

I have 1/5 of an acre, Average for my area. Not nearly enough gardens. Like a lot of you, my DH likes grass. BUT...as he ages, he's finding the upkeep is easier with foliage plants instead of grass!!! LOL

Thumbnail by kwanjin
Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

I have an average city lot 75 feet by 125 feet. Unfortunately - much of this space is used for the driveway and the house, and what remains is mostly in shade.

What I really, really wish is that I had enough land to have a huge nursery garden. You know, like a veggie garden, only with rows of baby plants. I just like starting them - but then, so many plants won't be fully developed for three years. What do you do with them in the meantime?


I have a trailer, and the court is an older one with mature trees (40 yrs old).
For the 1st time I have an enclosed deck (19x16 ft), and I love, love, love it! I hang baskets from the fencing, and also from hooks on the walls :-)
Although I used to have a ground level yard, this is much nicer. I have a greenhouse on it, and I love to sit out on my deck on sunny days. (doesn't hurt that I have a hot tub on the property - I don't grow anything around it, but it's part of my yard!)

I have one "unfortunate" part of the yard that nothing seems to grow in, partly because my DH stores his "stuff" there!

Cheers, everyone!!
I love hearing from everyone & your ever-so-many types of gardens :-)

Chewelah, WA(Zone 5a)

We have 20 acres, but I don't get to use much of it. My DH hogs up most of the land for growing alfalfa and providing grazing for his goats, who try to eat everything I try to grow. I've staked out about a 16 foot perimeter around the dog kennel (it's 30ft x 50ft, so that's a fair amount of space) for a container garden, but keeping the goats away on one side and the dog from shredding stuff through the fence on her side is a challenge! This is an aerial photo taken in the dead of summer, so it's not very green, and before we put in the garden. If you look closely, you might be able to make out the little cluster of goats below the red barn. :-)

Thumbnail by woofie
Richmond, VA(Zone 7a)

revclaus thank you, your photos and post are very inspiring for me.

I have to say once again, I am none of the above. I have a deck/balcony a bit wider than revclaus's, and also a patch of previously uncultivated land I am working into a bed that measures roughly 25X11 feet. There is a similar strip adjacent to it that I have strewn wildflower and red clover seeds in in hopes it will soften it up a bit for future expansion. The other folks that live on this property (I am in an upstairs garage apartment) have the yard pretty much in their care. But I have my hands full, getting started here!

Sorry not to have pix, no camera. I am enjoying learning the garden info about people whose names I recognized here and there. ;-)


Bardstown, KY(Zone 6a)

This was my project last summer. I can't wait for it to get warm again and see how well the grasses do this year.


Thumbnail by postmandug
Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

I live in the suburbs of Orange County and our lots for gardening are pretty small. If you can believe it, they are building the newer homes with less garden areas than I have at this time.

Here are 2 pics taken from each end of my back gardens.

Thumbnail by SoCal
Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

This is looking from the oppisite end.

Thumbnail by SoCal
central, NJ(Zone 6b)

I voted suburban but it is almost an acre.
Would like to get rid of most of the grass.

Thumbnail by flowAjen
Bend, OR(Zone 5a)

We have 8 acres, 4.5 in cattle pasture, 2 in hayfield, the rest in house, outbuildings, pond and garden. The hayfield, barn and hay barn. The house is on the other side of the hay barn, that's our neighbor's house across the road. That was the 3rd and last cutting of the season last Sept.

Thumbnail by gardener105
Winter Park, FL(Zone 9b)

I have a pie-shaped lot on a cul-de-sac. Fortunately the larger share is in the back yard. We have been renting this 40 year old home for 18 months ~ it has obviously been a long time since a gardener lived here. I put my initial efforts into nurturing the existing plants. What an improvement already. Too bad the record breaking cold did a temporary number of the avocado and mango trees that were starting to bloom.
Now I'm rolling up my sleeves. Last week my husband and I hacked away the crazy Lantana that was good for hiding the neighbor's chainlink fence but not much else. Hitting up Lowes for 50% off "distressed" plants has armed me to the hilt with lots of shrubs, perennials, and even an annual or two (I picked up a 4' Hibiscus tree for $2.98!). Next week we go to war with shovels and bags of soil ammendments in hand. Wish us luck!

Thumbnail by HollyRye
Bend, OR(Zone 5a)

Gorgeous Hibiscus Holly! Good Luck!!!

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