Beginner question for my blind Mother's Christmas Bulb?

Clinton, MA(Zone 5a)

Hello folks,
I received a Red Amaryllis which I regfited to my partner's Mom and mine by extension. She was THRILLED when it grew successfully and bloomed with several stalks. Here's my quandry: Now what do I do with the bulb to be able to save it and allow it to continue growing as I was told be her that they grow to almost monstrous sizes after each successive season, but though I am a great gardener, I am new with bulbs of any types, much less such a royal bulb as these. She used to grow them in Florida, but that was out-of-doors and this was in a rather small container in which it came. She is almost completely blind and lives, FYI, in zone 6a now, and fiercely insists that she wants to grow this one so it "gets really big and has little babies." So, your advice would be helpful. Oh, the ground is still frozen outside with a foot of snow to deal with. Thanks so very much!


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