From Rot to Riches

Mesilla Park, NM

This gourd is the only big one I got this year, it rotted and caved in, in the most awful way. Well, I've had it on my mind for a very long time and it has been dry for awhile now. This is how it came out!

It was growing and the tile layers here dumped all their grout out of their buckets into my garden, then it stopped and started to rot and just caved in. I did save all the seeds and it dried but has some scarring. It is 20 inches long and about 20 inches around, I just know it would have gotten a lot bigger if not for this mishap.

I broke the stem off while working on it, but will glue it back on this week, it is going to class with me tomorrow. I don't know if I will patina it black or not. I might do that in class.

Thumbnail by Gourd
Mesilla Park, NM

Here is her before picture.

Thumbnail by Gourd
Mesilla Park, NM

And here she is getting measured for a new outfit. I hope the birds like their new house and their stained glass window.

Thumbnail by Gourd
Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Very pretty - you are very talented!

Mesilla Park, NM

Oh Thank you so much.. It's been awhile that I've done anything to do with gourds.. they are dear to my heart.

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

That is quite the transformation!

Vandalia, IL

i love it! you made it work! :)

Mesilla Park, NM

Thank you guys, it was on my mind all summer last year as it was growing, and then over the fall, and winter... well, I'm just glad it didn't all cave in.. DH liked it, but, I spent all day on it today, I washed it yesterday and the darned thing was full of mold.

Crossville, TN

I don't know how I missed seeing this! I have enough talent to share some with me!! Jo

Mesilla Park, NM

Thanks Jo,
I took this gourd to my class one day, and now, I'm going to be teaching classes, so this will be one of the projects that hopefully will be done at the end of the stained glass class if there is time. Very interesting how we can use different mediums on these gourds.

Crossville, TN

Hey Gourd...I still LOVE that piece of art.

BTW...the AZ Gourd Festival will be held the first week end in Feb....why not come visit me for a few days and we'll go on up to Casa Grande and attend the festival?? Jo

edited to correct a mistake I usual. J

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Mesilla Park, NM

Hi Jo,
I'm teaching class and have a trip to Albuquerque planned for my Granddaughter's birthday during that time. She will be 13... gosh, do I remember those days. We will get together some day I'm sure.

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