Caddo Mills, TX(Zone 8a)

I want to buy a composter,but there are so many on the market and I have no idea which ones work and which are not good quality. So Im asking which composters do you all have and like. Thanks Tina

North Ridgeville, OH(Zone 5b)

I like mine a lot. It's a SoilSaver Classic squirreled away discreetly so my neighbors won't complain. Then again, I live in a new suburban development with closely-spaced homes on small lots. In this pic, my composter is tucked behind my grill:

So far, I've also gotten away with a small pile on one side of my house where that neighbor has few windows. Time will tell if I can keep getting away with it.

What's your situation? How much space do you have, what raw materials will you have available, how sunny is your lot, & how much compost do you want to make?

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Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

Tina, this is a perennially (LOL) interesting question here on the Soil-composting forum. I am a fan of the Smith and Hawken BioStack, which is durable, neat, and easy to use (e.g., toss.) In fact, I have invested in three over the years. Below is a site on "epinions" that gives a good overview.
Attached is a photo of my BioStacks, taken last October. Note that you can stack up the tiers to make a taller pile, which I have done on the left of the photo. The two garbage cans are full of finished compost. (Forgive brazen bragging.)

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Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

I also use Biostacks- 2 of them. I'd recommend them highly.


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Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

BioStack sounds and looks best from what I've been reading here, used as two piles that you turn from one to the other at times. I don't have one but can see the way users talk about them here makes sense. Great that you can make one even taller.

But along with buying a composter I think you'll be most satisfied if you really understand how compost happens and doesn't happen. No composter will make perfect fluffy brown compost with no effort.

North Ridgeville, OH(Zone 5b)

Tina, your question is a recurring one. I've looked through some older threads comparing different compost bins and tagged them so they're easier to find.

As relevant stuff keeps turning up, I'll tag those pages too. Hopefully it'll help you make a more informed decision.

Ocean Springs, MS(Zone 8b)

I also recommend the Biostacks, I have two of them.

Houston, TX(Zone 9b)

puddlepirate...The SoilSaver Classic is open on the bottom, right? How long does it typically take for your composter to make compost? Do you open the lid and just mix it or just let it bake on its own? They have that composter at Sam's Club right now and I am considering it for my first. I like the compact size. Thanks!

North Ridgeville, OH(Zone 5b)

It's open on the bottom, and it has doors down at ground level so you can pull out the finished compost. I have been adding browns and greens as I get them, and I mix/aerate the pile about once a week when it's above freezing at night. I haven't messed with it since December, but the weather will warm up enough in ~3 weeks to start stirring the contents again.

I haven't kept track of how long it's taken to cook down to finished compost. That's mainly because my crappy clay soil needs all the organic matter I can find, so I often just lift the bottom door (to see if the contents look and smell mostly done) and take what I need. I'm told that if I were more "hands-on", the SoilSaver would give me finished compost in ~6 weeks.

I also have an open pile beside my house, so once it finishes I'll have enough compost to allow my upcoming spring batch to cook completely in the SoilSaver

Houston, TX(Zone 9b)

Thanks for the info. I think it will meet my initial needs and the price is certainly right, so I think I may give it a try. If I find I need something larger, I can always get an additional one or buy a larger composter.

North Ridgeville, OH(Zone 5b)

What's the price they're asking for?

Houston, TX(Zone 9b)

$40 plus tax.

North Ridgeville, OH(Zone 5b)

Beats my deal. Mine cost me $63 a year ago.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

quoting PP I'm told that if I were more "hands-on", the SoilSaver would give me finished compost in ~6 weeks.
You don't really believe that do ya??

North Ridgeville, OH(Zone 5b)

I'll believe it when I see it. Which isn't going to happen with mine, because I have more important things to do than primping my compost.

Caddo Mills, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks everyone. I actually bought 2. I got the biostack and I also bought a worm composter from the worm dude. Hopefully I will be happy with both of them.

Winston Salem, NC

I just added my two bits to another post and mentioned Soil Saver and Bio Stack as my favorites, so I concur with suggestions above.

I worked for the Brooklyn Composting program for 15 years and we tested many bins. We did not like the tumblers but the two mentioned here were the best in our testing.

Subsidies from the NYC Dept. of Sanitation allowed us to make the Soil Saver available to the public for a discount and we would sell hundreds for $20 each and they normally sold for around $60 (Bio Stack is more expensive). Another recommendation is to get the LoTech compost crank. In my opinion, it's the greatest asset to easy composting and saves your back. Check out

The book Easy Composting ( is a great resource.

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