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ORVG COFFEE HOUSE # 146- Spring is around What Corner??

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

We are continued from here:

Thumbnail by DustyDS
Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Guess I will be Gretel for awhile!!

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Nope, not nesting. Trying to get a decent nights sleep! I thought if I did more during the day, maybe I could sleep at night. Here I am, second time out of bed. Grrr.

I worked on a website yesterday for a few hours then Maddie and I did some work in my room and some laundry. I gave myself a pedicure then took a shower so we could go to Carly's 5th grade D.A.R.E. Graduation. Got back home about 8:00, ate dinner. And I'm up!

We've been here 3.5 years and have hardly done anything to this house. Spent the first 2 years running back and forth to the other house. Spent the whole time running kids to school and sports and working outside. Now Craig has been home for 10 months and we can't afford to do all the stuff we could have gotten done. It's frustrating.

I figure we'll have company over the next few weeks that we don't usually have and I'm embarrassed by all the unfinished projects. :( Now that Obama has his new plan laid out, I guess the banks are going to start handing out the foreclosures again in another week or so. Yay!

Believe it or not I came out for a drink of water and all seven of "my" kids are sleeping! Yep, we have an extra again. LOL I grabbed myself a bowl of ice cream with some Hershey's syrup. Guess I'll see if anything is on TV.

Brownstown, IN(Zone 5b)

Those pictures were great. Now I am putting faces to names. Looks like a great time was had by all.

Are you who live so close to each other kin? Dusty Joyce and Bertie. Had to go back and check names. I will be looking at those pictures off and on as we get acquainted. Your gardens are beautiful, such a lot of love and work has gone into them.
Thanks for sharing

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Marcy, so sorry about your brother...will be sending many prayers...

Chele....surely does sound like nesting. Glad you got your rice socks finished. Now it's a waiting game. happy for you.

Bonnie, bummer on the painter...with so many out of work, seems like they'd want to be on time and do a good job for references!

Well....WOOHOOO!! Mom is in TCU at Otterbein. They transported her by E.M.T. Ambulette at 4:45 yesterday. She feels so much better being there and it is so close for Dad. I was told I didn't need to come unless I felt like it, so I may take the weekend off. Maybe...

We are watching Kavin tomorrow. Little baby Colby Jonathan is due in 9 weeks and they don't have the nursery ready for him so they want to work on that without any Kavin "help". :O)

Dad rode to Otterbein with Mom so I brought his car home. Mom said just bring it over sometime I came home and had a cocktail. Bless Bill's heart, I told him before I left for the hospital that I didn't want to have to think about dinner when I got home. So when I walked in there was cubed meat in the crockpot. He had cut up the roast browned it and put it in there. I said how long has it been in there and he said about an hour.... :o( I said no way is it done then and he said I browned it until the red was I ate a bite and after chewing for about a minute, spit the tough ole cow out. So I made some chicken quesadillas and let the beef continue to cook. Right when I put the plates on the table, Dad called and said, Guess what. You have my house keys AND the opener to the garage! He hadn't eaten since 11:00. So we wolfed our food down and took the car over to him.

Veronica, the answer to your question about being related will be answered differently by different people. Bertie and I are best friends, and Dusty and I are sisters...but not by blood. She adopted me as her little sis before we'd even met face to face. I've been trying to get her down her next to me for eons, and finally, God took measures and made it happen. Now she's kicking herself for waiting so long!

Thanks Ric for not showing me with a cookie stuck in my mouth for a change! ^_^

Veronica...why don't you tell us about yourself and especially those 8 GCs you have!

Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Just another pop in to say hi to everyone!

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Cookie, glad to hear the good news! Sounds like life is starting to return to normal.

Kimberly, how are you feeling? Hope the pain is manageable. Hugs, and thinkin' bout ya.

Marcy, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I couldn't say anything when you first posted, just brought back my Father's battle with bladder cancer. Do you know if he will need a Urostomy? They used radiation on Dad, and no chemo, but I think it depends on how advanced it is. Keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers.

Chelle, did ya finally get some sleep? I don't have any problem getting to sleep, but waking at crazy hours. Lately its been 4am or so, but it was 5:30 this morning- I got to sleep in! LOL

Looks like its going to be unpleasant outside today, so I guess I'll get in on some more seeding projects. I'm thinking its about time to start the Peppers. I've been stressing to Dave the need to get a cold frame built since I'm already running out of room. There are several trays of Pansies and Snapdragons that can go outside as soon as a CF is ready or I free up some space in one of the zip up mini greenhouses. The rest of the stuff I've got started is going to need warmth for the duration, so there's a big space issue in the plant room. I've got a plan for next year- since the zip up film for the mini greenhouses will be a goner after this spring, I'll use those shelving units to attach lights to and have loads more space.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Brownstown, IN(Zone 5b)

Joyce I thought you would never ask.
I and my husband of 51 years(I was a baby then 5 or 6) live on a farm in Jackson Co. He is retired from Cummins Engine Co and we rent our farm out but we garden. He has a large vegetable garden and I do the flowers. I prefer the cottage look to my beds. I really admired the look of both places you showed in the pics. Someday maybe I will post a pic of mine when it gets started. I always have a lot of plans at this time of year. This morning I wsowed a few containers of annuals. I'm in a delimma as to my young plants as I am going to FL for a week and hate to leave them. Please don't tell my
I have 4 children 2 daughters and 2 sons. All are married and all live in S Indiana. The farthest away is my first son and he lives just across the river from Louisville. The other 3 live right here in my area. The grandkids are 6 girls and 2 boys. I call the girls the princesses and they range in age from 23 to 2. The boys are 30 and 19. So you see there are a lot of us when we get together. None of the grands are married so I am not a ggma. They call me Nanny.
I don't have a very exciting life but hope to share stories and happenings with you all and hope to meet some of you someday.

Waddy, KY

Neal, depending upon what kind of zip up greenhouse you have you can get replacement covers from Farmtek for about $20 if it's the small minigreenhouse and $50-$60 if it's the big one. You might want to give that a look see.

No, George won't be taking the easy way out with lap band. A woman here at work had it done a few years ago and at any one time she couldn't eat more than about 4 bites of food at a time. I remember her saying that she bought a fried chicken meal and ate 2 bites of chicken and one spoon of mashed potatoes and that was all she could eat. She had to be very careful to follow their instructions on how and what to eat. I haven't talked to her lately but she's kept a good bit of the weight off. She's a big framed woman so she's still a good size but she moves so much better now and she said her blood pressure dropped and she just looks like she feels better. It's as much a psychological thing as it is a physical thing. We all need to remember that we eat to live, not that we live to eat. I don't hold to that way of thinking very often unfortunately! George, I doubt that those cream pies will be in the diet! LOL!!!

I think I'm going to start seeding some tomatoes. I planted my earlier ones a week or so ago but they were 2 year old seeds and they're just finally thinking about coming up. Besides, my big zip up greenhouse arrived yesterday so I have more room to get stuff going. I can get a little heater up and running in it so I'm hoping that the days of dragging plants in and out of the house is over. Haven't heard from the insurance company about my greenhouse yet. I've resigned myself to the fact that I won't have one to put plants in this year so we're making alternate plans.

Welcome Veronica! A good group you've fallen into. I have a nephew that hopes to work for Cummins just as soon as he graduates from UK this summer. He interned for them last year!

Marcy, sorry to hear of your brother. I hope things go as well as they can.

Joyce, somehow we must be related! Got to work the other day and DD called and said she sure hoped that I put the keys to the car that she needed to go to work in somewhere in the house because they weren't in the car. Well, let's get real, they were in my purse and I rode in with another person and didn't have a way to get them to her. I'm not sure why she hung up on me but I thought that was rather rude especially after I suggested that she get the spare set from her father..... LOL!

Chele, sorry you can't sleep. There's nothing worse in my book not being able to sleep and the rest of the house is snoring up a storm. I fortunately haven't been having that problem lately. And glad of it. Hope you get some rest tonight.

Everyone stay warm and out of the weather if you can!

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none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Neal you and i both know that none of us have a "normal lives " LOL were are gardeners !!
Chelle hope you got some sleep
Bonnie to bad that painter didn't show up . bummer . Yeah you would think he would need the work. ? maybe illness in his part ?
Hey msrobin how are things !
Marcy i m sorry to hear of you bro. T has an aunt who has six months and she is a ornery thing. Just negative and doesn't want to see anyone. She refused all treatment. Poor thing. I hope your bro can get some positive in him soon.
Dusty i hope those are whole wheat bread crumbs your leaving for us ? i can't do white bread. :)
ds is sick , with an upset tummy. started about 2 am. so it has been a long night. he seems better . still can't get him to hold anything down. Just glad its the weekend and not a school day.
take care

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Working on amending DS's taxes today. Got in too big of a hurry, and had another w 2 come in.

It is chilly and downright disagreeable outside. Had to go out and rescue a puppy this morning, mamma was trying to take him hunting! I just happened to look out the window as they were leaving the yard. Same old behavior. She thinks it is her responsibility to teach them young.

Well taxes won't get done with me sitting here. Will check in later.

Waddy, KY

Bonnie, if I bring my shoeboxes full of bills over will you do my taxes too?????? I asked hubbie if he has the checkbook ready for me to get started and he just gave me that blank stare. I'd better start working on him or it will be the week of April 15th and the first thing won't be done!

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Thanks for the intro to your family,'ll learn more about us than you ever wanted to know!!!!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Neal when should i start flowers inside ? i have zinnias,cosmos and nastiriums. or is it better to seed outside when temps are up. ?
I was thinking of selling some plants at Farmers market this spring ?
veronica wow you got some family ! i bet the holidays are a fun time with so many . :)

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Good morning!

I ended up being awake until after three. Then I went back to sleep until about five, up again. LOL I finally went back to sleep a little while later and managed to stay in bed until almost 8:30. Woo hoo. No wonder I'm tired all the time. I think the baby is using my bladder for a punching bag.

You guys are too funny. I pointed out that I was not nesting because I knew sure enough someone would say I was nesting which leads to too many questions about labor and having the baby. It's really not nesting. I get a burst of energy with nesting. I sure don't have any bursts of energy! I'm just forcing myself to get some of this mess taken care off. There are no signs of impending labor. :)

The baby will be here soon enough and soccer x 5 kids starts soon. That means 10 practices a week (usually M-F, M-Th if I'm lucky), then five games every Sat and some on Sun. bleck. Thank goodness spring season is only six games and no tournaments!

Hubby is down watching the shop for the neighbor again. I dropped him off so I would not be without a car. Neighbor made me come in so he and his son could harass me. He insists there is a girl baby hiding behind the boy baby. Smarty pants!

I came home and worked on the website for Jules for a bit. I guess I'll fold some laundry and wash some more. Pregnant or not, there are still lots of jobs to do...

Franklin, OH

Veronica, Joyce and I are best friends and I feel like she is a sister even though she might not claim me. I love her any way. I have a lot of garden pictures but have to be shown how to get them on this forum.
Just got my computer, thanks to Joyce, this fall and have a lot to learn.
Will be anxious to have spring to get here so we can start gardening.
Need to get into the dirt and shed this winter fat. Bertie

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Good afternoon all. Thank you all so much for the thoughts and prayers for my brother.
I still don't know much about his condition...and can't seem to find him at home to talk.
He did send another email saying they want to take the bladder, prostate, and the surrounding lymph glands. He said other than that, he didn't know about any treatments.
So I'm not sure of what they found..or how advanced it is..or anything. He's not one for a lot of words.. like me! LOL!!
If I ever get ahold of him...maybe I can find out more!
We were supposed to have a birthday party today for Ashley...but it's been she and Dawson are both sick. They may have it tomorrow...depending on how the kids feel. Personally, I wish they would wait until next weekend...since I have this awful cold and really don't want to be around anyone who's sick! Nor do I want them to get mine! We'll see I guess.
Well...I have a few calls to better get it done!
~~~~~~~ waving to you all!! bought SEEDS yesterday!!!!! Woohoooo...I'M READY!!!!!

Brownstown, IN(Zone 5b)

I'm beginning to wonder if it was a good idea to plant my vinca so early. Some are looking promising but some are really sulking. Where is Neal. Neal you have been my mentor in this as I followed you on the thread where you guys traded seeds. I just wish it would warm up a little in my garage. I have a few more going but wish they would grow faster.

Bertie, Joyce and Dusty I bet you have fun living so close. My sis is not into gardening. I have some garden club buds who are the ones i go to for my gardening fix. Now I can just get on here and talk to you all. I now click onto this thread firsst. You are addictive.

My DH just called up the stairs and asked me if I want to go to Scottsburg now and I said yes so will get off for now.

Good health and happy thoughts to all who are ill and feeling low. My BIL had us scared cause we thought his Doc suspected cancer. Yesterday they heard from his test and it was clear. A lot of prayers were answered then.
Catch you guys later

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Hey all! Just kinda putzing around today. Got 15 varieties of pepper seeds soaking to sow tomorrow, and took a couple of 5 gallon buckets of used potting soil and dumped them onto a bed. That's been about it, just have stayed curled up with a book.

Mention of R.Carlos Nakai's music earlier had me wanting to hear some, and being too lazy to look for the CDs at that moment I just typed him into Oh what beautiful Native American and other world music I enjoyed this morning!

Sue, those seeds you mentioned are things I use the wintersowing method with, sowing them in March. That gives me nice transplants by the end of May, but if you're wanting bedding plants to sell you may want to start earlier indoors. Only dwarf Zinnias and Cosmos would work well as regular bedding plants (with the first bloom on). Magellan series Zinnias and Sonata series Cosmos are both great for staying short and having their first blooms 6-8 weeks after starting.

Veronica, have your Vinca just kind of stopped growing? That's normal for them, but watch for yellowing leaves- they prefer to be on the dry side, and if they're too moist the leaves yellow quickly. So far, so good with mine, but it does seem like they're starting to sulk a bit. These are getting their 2nd and 3rd sets of true leaves now. Oh, and they like to be warm- are yours in the cool garage? I remember Ella saying too cool temps would keep them from growing. Hmm...gonna go look at mine, LOL.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Hi, everyone. Howie surpeised me with a night at a hotal at Easton Town Centwer. We're waiting for a table at Abuelo's, so thought I'd read, pop in and say hello. We've been married 17 years...No 51 years, here, but we're in it for the long haul! :)

No laptops tonight, just phones, so I may not post much. Not that I have laately. LOL

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Neal when you say winter sowing , start them indoors in cells, then lights , then transplant ? sorry to be so dense :)
i have Bright Lights Cosmos
Canary Bird Zinnia
Polar Zinnia
Lavender Queen Zinnia
and Jewel Mix Nastiruim
sorry no latin names ?
i will start getting my stuff ready down in the basement.
thanks for the help Neal ! :) when it comes to flowers i m such a greenhorn. .

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Wow!!! What a great day spent with my special Baby Sissy...

We got my lightbar for the Salt tank exchanged, ogled fishies for over an hour, went to Habitat, and I got one of those almost $100 lights that has the magnifier to do needlework or crafts, for $7...Went to St Francis thrift and I got 2 CDs (George Winston) and some jewelry beads for the Fairie sculpts, and spent $4.75...Went to HD and I got my paint for the woodwork and some SEEDS...Mostly Food seeds, only a couple more flowers... I bought some Flax, that I have never tried before...

We looked around at the light fixtures, and found some we both liked for the garage, that match very close to the ones I put on the porch from Habitat, and some for the hallways that I intend to replace soon... Didn't buy any, just looked...Cookie needed to go to Sams Club, so we went there and then came home...
A wonderful peaceful girlie day with just us away from everything...
Cookie and I are truly bonded...we can go like that and don't even have to talk, and get in a place as big as HD and go seperate directions and still never lose each other...really wierd...

Took her home, and shared some of her new Amish butter cheese, which is outta sight delish, and had a dash of a Margarita, and now I'm home...Yep, you read that right.. HER Car, I drove, and it's back in MY Garage... LOL...
I bought a wonderful overloaded Foccacia with chicken on it at Sams that I am baking, and that with Ceasar Salads is supper here shortly... No rush, as Jim is asleep in his chair in his cave...

Thanks for that link Neal...I am listening now...My son has all of my Nakai and Two Hawks CD's...and I have been in sore need of them....I miss my peace at Smoke time...I only have 2 of David Maracles, and they are good...but they don't reach me like Nakai or Two Hawks...Kinda like trying to meditate to Heavy Metal or Rap compared to Nakai or my Hawk...LOL (Seriously, I shouldn't say that, because his *Spirit Spa* CD is quite good...)

It is back down to 27* here so I plugged the pond heater back in...:-((

Is it your Anniversary Kimberley??? If so, have a happy one...if not, then kiss your dear Hubby again, and count your blessings to have one as good as yours....;-)

Off to serve the Foccacia...Salads are done...

May Creator hold you all in His hands and give you Peace this night...

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Im off to bed
good night

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Speaking of Native American performers, if you ever get a chance to see Bill Miller in concert...
He is absolutely brilliant guitaist, singer/songwriter and the Native American Flute Master.
His concerts are part music, part philosophy done in a very candid and in many cases troubling autobiographical style.
Mahicanuk (Mohican)-German by birth and Res raised he struggled w/
alcohol addiction and serious Family tragedies.
In concert he lays out his life, makes and accepts no apologies for his errors, and teaches humility and reconcilliation.
When he picks up the Flute it speaks his breath.... there is no higher praise.


Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Home Emporium stop for some window coverings and.......
well we got the floor coverings for the FPR and the Kitchen/Hall today too.

Travertine Noce (no-cha Italian for Walnut) for the FPR and a cool Porcelian for the Kit/Hall.

We lucked out on the Travertine it was marked down 30% to $2.49/sq ft.
This from a place already 40% under most flooring companies.
Lucked out again when I called our neighbor Jon from the store to see if we could borrow his rig to transport the stone.
He said his trailer was already hooked up, he didn't have anything going on...
would we like him to come over to the store?
(We figured it was going to be mid-week before we could get back.)
He showed up about 25 minutes later.
SO they skidded up the Trav and the Tile and we just plopped it on the trailer.
When we got it home another neighbor Eric dropped by and helped unload.
W/ the 4 of us it took minutes.
We offered to pay Jon...he refused...said when he does his tile we can teach him the ropes.
Done Deal!

Here's just a few examples of the stone.... everyone is different...

Thumbnail by henryr10
Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

This one looks like a geode

Thumbnail by henryr10
Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Oh, George Winston! Dusty, you have been naming some of my favorite artists.... Did you happen to get Winston's "Montana - A Love Story" CD? The song on there called "Montana Glide" maybe one of my very favorite songs ever. I don't want a funeral - but if I did --- that would be the song I would want played as they lowered me into the ground! I just LOVE it. Also on the same CD - his version of "You Send Me" and "Goodnight Irene".... so good it brings tears.... Also love "'Ike La Ladana" from the Plains CD... If I ever am able to start playing the dulcimer again, I would like to try learn to play some of these songs with his arrangements and feeling. He was in Columbus a few months ago, and I wanted to go very much. No one I know enjoys this type of music though, and I didn't want to go downtown Columbus at night by myself.

Now if you start naming Hammered Dulcimer folks, like John McCutcheon, Dan Duggan, Craig Wagner (not the guitarist), Ken Kolodner, Jem Moore, Kendra Ward Bence.... I really AM going to freak..... They are all "small time" in that Hammered Dulcimer music is a small part of the music world. Kendra is from here in Ohio... I know her pretty well. When I first heard her play - must be 35 years ago now - I was amazed - the music spoke to me! I never was a rock and roll person, was always searching for "my music" and Kendra led me to it. Kendra encouraged me to attend several music festivals around Ohio, and from there, bought my first small dulcimer... Her album Way Down Yonder is still one of my favorites, although her style is all her own. I love her renditions of The Old Rugged Cross, The Old Spinning Wheel... The other people are folks I took classes from at festivals.

John McCutcheon is perhaps the most famous of the Dulcimer players. I have been to more of his concerts and teaching sessions than any others. He is fabulous. Klodner maybe more technically correct, but John is so easy on the ears!
This video was done quite a while ago-- John was much younger then... but the perspective of the camera gives you a good idea what the dulcimer is all about - - it is both percussive, like a drum and melodic -- so you can play loud and soft as you play the song. You bounce the hammers in similar fashion to the way a drummer does, but moving the hammers from one string to another during the bounces creates trills....


Kolodner is an amazing musician. Can play anything with strings! Talk about play a fiddle! Yee Haw! LOL Travels the world over playing. Used to play in a great band called Helicon. Still miss them. He is probably my over all favorite. I have had the luck to play at quite a few "basement" jams with Ken. He's good friends with one of my music friends in Mt. Vernon OH.... He loves cookies - and I usually make him cookies for the road -- which he always remembers - LOL--- He can play any type of music... even plays the wood on the side of the instrument!
Playing the Hammered Dulcimer
Here he is playing fiddle - looks like at a workshop... zip up to about half way and he gets going....
And playing with Helicon... Chris Norman, the flute player has a number of great CD's out - he's from Nova Scotia, and is a Grammy Award winner. He plays mostly traditional Nova Scotian music now - but when he was with Helicon, they played "World Music"...

When most people hear "dulcimer" this is the instrument they think of
the Mountain dulcimer is pretty easy to learn, though Steven Seifert is one of the best....
but way different than the Hammered Dulcimer...

I was really into music before I got into daylilies and my Mom moved in 14 years ago. My Mom does NOT like music. Every time I went to play the dulcimer she complained. Even if I tried playing at night, after work, with padded hammers, very quiet, she complained. So - now my dulcimer's in it's case in the closet :-( Can't do much anyway, now that my shoulder is hurt. Dulcimer is doing fine - it will be there for me, someday.

Here is what the top of one looks like... it's pairs of strings, that you hit in certain places with small wooden mallets. Unlike a guitar, which you could strum the 6 strings all at once to form a chord, you would have to hit each of the six strings, in succession, moving up and across the instrument to form a chord on a dulcimer. You pretty much HAVE to look while you play. No reading music and not looking like you do on a piano.... You really have to look at the strings the entire time.
This video, by someone I never heard of, is on a dulcimer by the same maker as mine, although it's not as fancy as mine. It will give you a better idea, though, how you actually play, as he is not as fast as the other people I posted!

OK, enough music stuff. I need to get back to the website stuff for Curt or I will never get it done!


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Thumbnail by daylily_ohio
Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Here's a warmer one.
Check the veins.....

Thumbnail by henryr10
Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

And here's the Kitchen/Hall porcelain tile.
No Trav in there...too slippery when wet!

Thumbnail by henryr10
Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Jules thanks for the links!

We saw John McCutcheon at a Celticfest down here.
Mountain and Hammered at that event.
Also saw him at a Zoo Concert doing Folk Music.
WNKU plays his music all the time.


Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Ric - John is a super nice guy. He meets so many people, and I have been out of it for a while now - I don't think he would remember me without seeing me. I am on his mailing list, and try to go to any concerts he gives around here. His sister lives north of Columbus, in Delaware, so they often try to book him around here when he visits her. One cool thing about seeing him is it is usually in a church - with only 100 or so people. No big crowds.

OH-- and I finally remembered to ask my Mom for her waffle recipe for you.... but she was to tired to "fight" with her recipe file tonight. Will try again tomorrow. Her file is a big heavy metal thing --- she needs to toss the 500 things in it she always meant to try and just keep the "tried and true" recipes she really wants - then get a smaller file she can handle. But will she listen to me? Nooooooo LOL she would rather lug this huge thing out of the cupboard and spend 1/2 hour looking and looking for what she wants....

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Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Tell Mom thanks!
Robyn made about 1 million waffles!
GREAT w/ the REAL Maple Surple!
Needs new recipes!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Evening friends, it has been a busy day here, DS and his SO "forgot" they had other W2's so I spent the day amending their federal and state returns, paying bills, balancing check books, and watching UK get stomped by LSU. DS went to his sister's for the surprise birthday party, and since I wasn't feeling real good, I stayed home and continued to work on the paper mess. I think I am coming down with a stomach virus, graciously shared by the DS's SO.

I still have church bulletins to do, and a letter to write, so need to just give a big ~~~ and say good night.

Ric, great looking tile.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

I just got some sad news.
Weezingreens' husband Dennis passed away of a heart attack last Sunday night at age 59.
Those of you who know her have heard her speak many times of 'the ol' tomcat'


Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

John McCutcheon will be playing at St. Luke's United Meth. Church/Indianapolis on 4/25

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Wellll all of yallins is done went to baid, so I am gonna say G'nite, take my book and go find mine....I doubt I will read 2 pages....Ran out of toothpicks, so no help there....;-)

I guess I will start on the finish of the hallway woodwork tomorrow.. Looking forward to getting the last of the inside done...I can't wait till I can afford the new ceiling lights...The rims are either pewter or brushed silver...very muted with nice globes that are standard that I can replace later on, in several different styles from opaque to frosted with or without designs...and not expensive at all...
The problem I am dealing with is.....recessed fixtures in about a 12 inch square cut out hole in the ceiling...They do not provide much in the way of whatever I do, I have to cover or fill in that square somehow......I have 4 in the hallways, and 1 each in the 3 bedrooms...I am only concerned with the hallways at this point...The bedrooms will get medallions to cover the holes, and different type fixtures later on...It is really fun to plot and plan, and drag Cookie along on my adventures....
She told me today that I was born about 50 yrs tooo late because of the style of lighting that I loved (and she did too) I told her I was born about 100 yrs too late but they didn't have electricity very much then..... RoFLLLLLLL

My Youngest called me tonight to tell me he loved me and was thinking about other reason....He was cooking my recipe for Chicken Parmesan...**Have a great night Mom and I love you!!**
My heart soared.....He is such a good kiddo....Soon be 29 yrs old...
6' 4" tall and now at 192 pounds.....He was 3 pounds and 12 ounces when he was born.....LOL.....I named him Aaron..which means *Gods light high mountain*....He was named well for his birth, and he continues to go up into the mountain...and he is the light of my life....
He has asked to go the Caves with me...I took him when he was barely 5 months old in 1980...It was winter already in the mountains....I was alone, needed peace to my soul...I put him on a skin wrapped papoose board and took what I needed and went home to the Rez and hiked in to the Caves from there with Ramsey on guard....He knew where I was going...but he sent watchers to go beside me....I heard them, and knew they were there, but never saw a one of them...
I am well tonight...My Son was taught the ways of the Aniyunwiya and has now discovered they are the ways of his soul...He is now in Georgia and has been since just before the New Year...and has been alone with members of my Clan...I am blessed!!!! One of mine and his son will carry on the Tsalagi tradition....

Sleep well and be at Peace this night.....I have sent much Smoke tonight for those who need it, as well as those who don't think they do....

Calvert City, KY(Zone 7a)

I just popped in for a minute to check to see how Chele was doing, and if anything new had appeared in her life, and find a beautiful blessing from Dusty.

Always uplifting to visit here.

Luck to you, Chele....Hi and hugs to all...
Spring's on its way....

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

(((Sharon)))...good to "see" ya!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Ric i m sorry to hear of Weezingreens DH, she is a neat lady. Wow and so young at only 59 ! T&P for her and family.
Ric them are some pretty peices of floor
got to run T is on the skype and its ringing

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Veronica, I looked at my Vincas and noticed the cotyledons are starting to yellow, but the true leaves look healthy and dark green. I asked Ella (starlight1153) about it, and it sounds like that is normal for them. Does that sound like what yours are doing?

Dusty, glad you're enjoying the link. I've had the best time with it, trying this artist or that one, and discovering all these other artists with similar tags- its been a great way to discover music that is new to me. I especially love seeing the artist name right there when I hear something of interest.

Ric, I can't wait to see pics of the progression with the new floor. Its gorgeous! We really do need to clone you...only maybe we could leave off the smart a.. gene, LOL.

Janet, I love dulcimer music, both hammer and mountain...I have a love of string instruments in general. I typed John McCutcheon into lastfm and enjoyed some lovely stuff!

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